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Conan The Roleplaying game 2nd edition


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4 hours ago, Neopopulas said:

Barbarians of Lemuria is amazing. With this Axe I Hack is another good one. I'd play either.

I'd play a conan as well but having to get and learn a new system, no matter how easy, is a barrier.

This is the d20 version if you know how to only 3.0/3.5 you know how to play this lol

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25 minutes ago, roryb said:

Perhaps it’s enough to know 3.x, but I don’t have a budget of money or time to get Conan. Hopefully, someone can come along and save the day? I concur with @Neopopulas that By This Axe is another good one.

that is a new one for me BoL is a very cool game though

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