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Remy Dragomir


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Name: Ser Remy Dragomir (Of Greenwood)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Gemstone: Topaz (Intended)

Notable Features: Ashen-Black Short Hair and crystal runes down her arms and back.


Remy Dragomir is a tall, slender woman with modest endowment and ashen-black hair. Her body is toned from a tomboyish youth and later combat training and while her musculature is masked beneath apparel, any amount of skinship will reveal her hard work and efforts. Rarely wearing any form of makeup or perfume and never one for dresses or skirts, Ser Remy is oft mistaken for an effeminate man (a detail she herself doesn't seem to mind). She favours comfortable slacks and jerkins, preferring function to form in most all situations. Rare are the days she is ever dolled up as one would expect of a noblewoman knightess, and each of those moments are always at the hands of her mother or siblings.


Born in 547 F.B to Ser Remmington Dragomir and Lady Ydrale Dragomir in the holding of Violdale, Remy Dragomir was the second child of what was to later become four siblings. The eldest is her sister Rayne followed by herself and then her younger brother Raubert and their youngest sister Ryuubi. The penchant for R-based names is a known trait among her family for the sole reason that their mother adores the sound of R's.


Remy's father claimed significant fame as a Knight in his youth, having slain a great number of demons in very dramatic displays, earning him and thus their family the title and lands they now enjoy. Remy's mother was a powerhouse in her own right, though one more towards politics and social matters, earning herself the title of The Enchantress Ydrale (though it is oft besmirched by her envious rivals as The Witch Ydrale). Theirs was a courtship that could fill many a bard's purse, but to keep this bit from being wholly about them, it will be said that they worked heard for eachother's affections and are quite madly in love.


Remy's eldest sister has inherited her mother's masterful wit and social mannerisms (alongside her lovely proportions). Her younger brother is already quite tall and looking to be following in her father's footsteps for physique and skill with the sword. Remy herself however finds herself leaning more towards her father's traits than her mother's. She is quite tall for a woman, slim like her mother but devoid of the... youthful developments her mother and elder sister have enjoyed. Enamoured by her father's tales of adventure and glory she was quick to take to seeking out her own legends, much to the chagrin of the housemaids and landsmen of their estate. She listened earnestly to the lessons of courtly etiquette and the womanly tips her mother tried to pass along, but this would never be the life she would live and the whole family (if not the whole region) was very aware. As such, her parents had her pack her things and move to their summer-home in Greenbrook at the young age of thirteen, where she would reside until the present day.


This is not to say she was abandoned by her family, mind. Her mother and father visited often, spending much of the warm season there with the entire family. However, it would be remiss to think that her personal habits of climbing trees and exploring the woodlands would not damage the reputation of her family; a fact she was all too aware of. Her sister was of the age where she was moving into the political arena, off to score alliances and allegiances among the wealthy elite, all while positioning herself for a political marriage that she would hopefully control. To have her younger tomboy sibling smearing metaphorical mud on the hem of her silks was a set-back to be certain, and as thus Remy herself chose the exile to Greenbrook (though for equal measures duty and desire for adventure). Though, in no small amount of irony, Remy's proportions and mannerisms have found significant appeal among the young women in her area, somehow managing to flip that princely switch in their hearts.


Returning to the woman this backstory is for, Remy spent a great deal of her time exploring the lands of her home estate and Greenbrook alike, brazenly climbing near every tree, boulder and bluff she could find and lighting every corner of every cave, nook and cranny she'd come across. She has been bitten and stung by near every insect she'd neared, sustained or poisoned by near every mystery food she'd found and stricken with an uncountable number of rain and chill induced cold a child could manage. And after she'd returned every time she would tell her parents what she'd found and learned in great detail leaving nothing out, eyes glimmering in youthful joy even as the scratches and bumps built up on her frame (not that her mother or handmaids would let them remain, ever treating her with tonic, tincture and technology). Though her greatest love was the journey to the new and previously unseen, the thrill of hunting was her next favoured to be certain. She joined the boys on their hunts for game, even managing to claim a hare or deer on occasion happily presenting them to her parents (though her mother did faint at the sight of her daughter soaked in the blood of a fresh kill). Having moderate skill with the blade, she was quick to master the bow, favouring it over more potent firearms for its silence and striking power. This is not to say she disregarded firearms, but the sensation of drawing the bowstring, lining the shot, the cutting of the air and the pull and flex in her hand as the arrow was loosed. She compared it to communion with the divine, a certain moment of absolute connection between herself and the world around her. Perhaps then it is understandable why she continued with the bow into her training and favoured it so highly in the trials before her submersion in the crystalline waters.


Lastly we must speak on matters of her greater inspiration and desire for knighthood. Sufficed to say, her father's tales of knightly valour and adventurous escapades were a major driving force, but one must never underestimate the PR wing of the Order of the Lion. The iconic knights in their glistening armour, traveling the world righting wrongs and protecting the innocent! Ever on watch to protect your home, your lands, your beloved family! Begin your training today and stand alongside us in service to the Kingdom! She was "doomed" the moment she saw the first broadcast. She hopes to enlist among the lions herself, making her family and the kingdom proud and safe!

Family Details

Ser Remmington Dragomir (Father - Knight) - Remy's father and source of her motivation to become a knight. An upstanding man of honour with a notable military history. He himself is a Knight of the Flame, though he does not begrudge Remy's desire to seek a different path. He is a tall man of 6'5" with a muscular physique, short ashen hair and stately goatee. He favours a longsword but is adept with most melee weaponry alongside throwing axes. He himself is somewhat weak on the political front but his beloved wife (with whom he is in an eternal honeymoon with) makes up for his deficiencies therein. He is a loving, doting father, an active hunter and a military man through and through. It has been said that were anything to stand before him obstructing either his quest or his family that there would be nothing left but ash and sorrow.

Lady Ydrale Dragomir (Mother - Socialite) - Remy's mother and famed beauty of the realm. Gifted with an hourglass figure and appreciable assets doubtlessly intended for child-rearing, the Lady Ydrale was the target of a great many courtiers. To each she gave a quest and each would either give up at its audacity or fail in obscurity. All save her now-husband Ser Remmington. The exact details of his quest are lost to the rumour and exaggeration but somewhere within are tales of scaling a mountain covered in demons to obtain a flower which blooms only at midnight once every second new moon of winter and returning while it still held its petals and frozen dew, all without the aid of a vehicle. How true that is remains a mystery but none question it aloud for fear of angering the Lady herself. After all, this is the man she chose to wed; he must have accomplished the impossible, no? Lady Ydrale plays the strict mother in public but cannot help but spoil her children at home. She treats them to lovely clothes, expensive sweets and will often interfere with any physical training for fear of them getting the smallest injury (though her husband eventually wins out there in the end). It was with great internal conflict that she sent Remy to Greenbrook while Rayne began her "political career" and more than twice has she tried to hurry off to visit her distant daughter.

Rayne Dragomir (Eldest Sister - 1st Child) - A lovely young woman to be sure with a clever mind to back up her beautiful body. Two years Remy's elder, Rayne has taken up the political trade under her mother's tutelage and is quite the quick learner. She is well-adept in courtly graces and spends most of her time in Strael strengthening bonds with active (and potential) allied families. She and Remy have a somewhat unique relationship. There are a number who believe the pair dislike eachother given the conversational duelling that they are oft seen engaging in, but this ire is surface-level at best. They are actually quite close and each envy the other's strengths as they are quite opposite one another. Rayne is very appreciative that Remy cared enough about her future to choose a sort of exile at the summer-home in Greenbrook and while she does miss her sister, the pair write one another quite actively, preferring letters to more traditional communication for the sake of archival. Rayne does have a bit of a sinister side however; should anyone speak ill of her family in her presence, regardless of the level of sleight, Rayne will make note and begin plans to "punish" this person's insolence in some social, detached manner that leaves her free of suspicion. More than one foolish loudmouth has fallen victim to Rayne's malice and more will likely follow.

Raubert Dragomir - (Younger Brother - Second Child) - Raubert is now fourteen years old and already a good ways into his growth spurt. Quickly gaining height and muscle he is well on his way to reaching the physicality of their father and as such, recieves personal training from him on the regular as father-son bonding. Like his father, he favours a blade and is expected to join the Knights of the Flame when he completes his training in a few years' time. His two elder sisters are quick to join their mother in spoiling him, though he views this more as annoying familial teasing than anything. He has declared Remy his rival, both due to her entering the knighthood before him alongside her apparent charm over the local maidens. A bit awkward thanks to the throes of puberty, he is ever envious over how some women seem to swoon over her sister's mannerisms and eagerly awaits the day they will turn their eyes his way instead. Despite his declaration and envy, he does love his sister and would die to protect her (as a good man should).

Ryuubi Dragomir - (Youngest Sister - Third Child) - Ryuubi is a young six years old now and while her future course is uncertain, she seems to take after her eldest sister the most. Ever the precocious child, she is wholly aware of the power that being the youngest wields and makes no end of trouble for her elder siblings, escaping blame more often than not by turning the power of her innocent eyes on their mother. Even with these antics the whole family dotes on her heavily; a fact she takes great advantage of.


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Initiative: +10.  Attack Bonus: +4.  Effect Bonus: +4.  Defense: +6.  Resistance: +2.  Stamina: 135.



Deception: +0.  Expertise: +10.  Insight: +0.  Intimidation: +0.  Investigation: +0.

Mobility: +10.  Perception: +5.  Persuasion: +10.  Stealth: +5.  Technology: +0.


Proficiencies: Crystal Lore, Demons, Knights, Nobility, Politics, Survival, 4 open.



Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Attractive 2, Benefit 3 (Status 2 [Nobility], Wealth 1), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Equipment 1 (Modern Smartphone), Equipment 0 (Carries various mundane weapons with no mechanical effects), Improved Aim, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Expertise).



Descriptor Focus: Descriptor Specialist.


Dragonwood Bow: Enhanced Topaz Archer Array 8 (Easily Removable) {8-3}.


Topaz Archer: 8-point, 4-slot Dynamic Array {8+7}.


Knight of the Gale (½ of 4 slots): Multiple Effects.


Combat Training [Physical] [Bludgeoning or By Weapon]: Damage 4 [4].

Remy is a capable fighter with basically any weapon she can get her hands on, or unarmed.


Ranged Combat Training: Range 4 (120’/250’/500’) [4].

Remy is skilled with ranged weapons, and even lacking a ranged weapon can buffet her foes from afar with blasts of wind.


Hoverglide: Speed 6 (1,800’), Feature 1 (Hovers about a foot off the ground, ignoring ground-based terrain features), Movement 1 (Trackless [Visual]; Fast, Quirk [Only over hard ground; loose ground still leaves a trail since it gets blown around]) [8].

Remy can use focused currents of air to hold her up off the ground and propel her at high speeds.


Propel: Movement 2 (Leaping; Fast) [4].

Remy can use a sudden burst of wind to launch her through the air for (relatively) short distances, though at her current level of skill she can’t remain airborne long term or freely change direction while airborne.


Barrage: Damage gains Multiattack [4].

Remy can use wind-blessed speed to attack with a flurry of blows or a rapid-fire volley of arrows.


Aeromancy [Material] [Wind]: Strength 4 (Shapeable Area) [8].

Remy can conjure winds to lift, move, bind, or push multiple targets.  She can affect any contiguous area shape she wishes as long as it fits entirely into either a cube 30’ on a side, or a 60’x15’x15’ box.


Archery (½ of 4 slots): Multiple Effects, requires Dragonwood Bow.


Piercing Shot: Damage gains Penetrating, Line Area [8].

Putting her full strength behind dragonsteel-tipped arrows, Remy can fire a shot that can puncture armor or pierce clean through multiple targets in a 250’ long line.


Aerokinetic Aim: Damage gains Reliable 2 [8].

Remy can use the wind to adjust the flight path of her arrows, improving both accuracy and precision.


Aerokinetic Guidance: Damage gains Unavoidable 2 [8].

Remy can use the wind to guide her arrows to her targets, making her shots basically impossible to entirely avoid, although sufficiently elusive foes might at least be able to get away with merely a grazing hit.


Called Shot [Physical/Physiological] [Bleed, Disruption, or Malfunction]: Weaken Resistance 4 (Broad, Brutal, Limited [Full Action]) [8].

By taking additional time to aim, Remy can shoot a particular point on a target’s body, causing additional damage and impairing them in various ways.  While this attack defaults to Weakening Resistance, Remy can Weaken any single chosen basic trait (Attack, Defense, Effect, Resistance, Powers, or Skills) if she activates the Broad extra.



Stats 16 + Skills 10 + Advantages 14 + Powers 20 = 60 PP (PL 4)


Princely Knightess [Quirk] - As Remy grew out of her frogs and fireflies stage and matured from her family's tutelage into a respectable woman, a unique mixture came forth. Remy's penchant for slacks and boots over heels and dresses gave her a more masculine attire and look in general. Her preference for shorter hair could also have her mistaken as an effeminate man from a distance. Add to this her knightly demeanor and noble mannerisms and she is quite the perfect prince for any princess. As such, she enchants the hearts of women far more than the hearts of men and often causes ripples as a result.


Knightly Oath [Honour/Responsibility] - Remy takes the knight's oath very seriously and intends to act as one of her station should. Knights are the shield of the people and the sword of the kingdom and oath is what prevents rust from weakening those roles.


Noblesse Oblige [Motivation/Responsibility] - As a noble, Remy has a responsibility to act with generosity and nobility towards those less privileged than herself. While this comes in mild conflict with keeping herself to a higher stature, Remy takes this task with great seriousness and will always help support the weak and impoverished when she is able. While this is often in-line with the knight's creed, there are some areas where it differs.


Where Adventure Calls! [Motivation] - Remy has always had a strong amount of wanderlust. She craves new environments, new challenges and adventures, new sights to see and things to experience. While she has always wished to be a Knight it's hard to say whether her it was her want for adventure that drew her to the knighthood or her knight worship draws her to seek adventure.


Familial Obligations [Responsibility] - Perhaps a tangent to the already layered responsibilities of being both a Knight and a Noble, Remy has to keep in mind the well-being of her family and the name they bear. A Knight's Duty is to the Kingdom; A Noble's Duty is to their Family. Though she would never dream of there being a conflict, having three lines of strict codes to follow makes for a complicated web to adhere to.


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  • Remy was very outgoing and tomboyish when she was younger, being that kid who came home dirty/scratched up every time from climbing trees and hopping creeks and stuff. As she grew older and more refined, she didn't really stop exploring and adventuring but she did get better at coming home more respectable.
  • Remy adores the knightly code of conduct. She would always stand up for those being bullied and go looking for lost items, rescue cats from trees and find lost sheep, all that good stuff. As she got older, she still went about doing these things but the level of lordly dignity had grown, which was what started that Princely Misconception around her.
  • Josef and Remy are diametrically opposed in attitude. Unaware that Josef would actively avoid her due to his misconceptions of her reasoning and his complicated family drama about the knighthood, she sought out her family's advice wherein her sister inferred that Josef had a crush on her. "Boys his age don't know what to do when they like a girl, so they get shy and hide". As a result if Remy ever spots Josef, she will always greet him and try to be extra nice to him, being sure not to chase after him if he flees. "A Dragomir woman does not chase; she is chased. You will hurt his pride if you go after him."
  • Remy sees Heather as her best friend. Remy would bring her along on nearly every adventure and Heather would hype up everything they did, making for some of the wildest stories in the village for certain.
  • As Remy matured, her family's tutelage reigned in her careless and wild demeanor. She still adored adventure but she'd take measures to avoid mud puddles and slick creek slopes so as to stay cleaner, washing up more often to keep the sweat away, using better (albeit unscented) soaps to keep her skin and hair clean and healthy. Her penchant for slacks and boots over dresses and heels when combined with her more refined mannerisms and knightly attitude were what started the peculiar case of flustered women's adoration for the young squire.
  • Remy isn't overly fond of the noble mannerisms and seemingly silly rituals for everything. She knows all of it, as she would never wish to shame her family with ignorance, but the idea that you cannot use a salad fork for meat as well or that you need to always bow with your right hand lower than the left and no more than 29 degrees of arch in the back is just too senseless. However, she is a Dragomir and she will do as she must as a noble. But, if ever she is lacking the proper cutlery, she will - and without complaint - use what's available for her meal times. And if there are no other nobles about, her speech will generally turn more casual.


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