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Dalya Shadowripple -- Forest Gnome Sage Illusionist

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Just seeing what I could get.

Okay. If I go with my idea for a Forest Gnome Sage Illusionist, then my level 5 ability stats with an Ability Increase (DEX+1 and INT+1) at level 4 are as follows:

  • STR/15
  • DEX/18
  • CON/16
  • INT/20
  • WIS/15
  • CHA/15

And my PC's current Hit Dice would be 48. (Please excuse the extra rerolls. Once I figured it out, it all made sense.)

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Ability Scores
repeat(drop(reroll(5d6,1,below),lowest,2),7) 5,5,1,5,1,5,3,5,2,6,3,5,1,5,3,6,5,6,5,2,2,5,2,4,3,6,5,3,5,5,4,5,4,6,3,6,2,4
Hit Dice
reroll(4d6,2,below)+6 2,6,6,1,2,1,1,3,3
Level 2 Hit Dice Reroll
1d6 6
Level 5 Hit Dice Reroll
1d6 4
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Posted (edited)

DalyaShadowripplev5.webp.f3a4bf8dad846ecf9d20ad03122798f5.webpDalya Shadowripple


Name: Dalya Shadowripple

Race/Class: Forest Gnome Wizard (Illusionist)

Ability Scores: STR/15, DEX/18, CON/16, INT/20, WIS/15, CHA/15

HP: 48

Description: Standing in front of the full-length store mirror in Halgrove, young Dalya Shadowripple takes stock of her appearance. The 20-something assesses her face first. The forest gnome has big, beetle green eyes, which are continuously bright and cheerful. Her bushy mop of carrot-colored hair leaked out beneath her huge emerald-green witch’s hat. She has large, pointed ears protruding most obviously. Beneath her cute button nose her huge smile was punctuated by dimpled rosy-red cheeks.

As for her body, it is rather athletic for one of her kind, lightly muscled in a tomboy-ish fashion. Her well-worn woodland clothing covers her short frame well enough for someone who stands at 3’1” and weighs a sprightly 30 lbs.

Dalya next examines her tiny hands. Removing the gloves that she was trying on for size, she notes that her hands are shapely, delicate but dexterous… just like the rest of her.

Granted her voice is a little too high and squeaky for some people’s tastes. She can talk rather rapidly (again so typical of a gnomish ancestry) when excited about a subject. However, her vocabulary was sesquipedalian enough to allow her to express her thoughts precisely.

But, no, there was nothing to apologize for here. She was satisfied, so Dalya returns the gloves to the shop’s proprietor, smiles, and then leaves to head for the Drunken Huntsman, Halgrove’s local tavern, to catch up on the local gossip and hear any information about potential wondrous items and magic spells.

Personality: Dalya is a bibliophile who just happens to be a journeyman wizard who loves to learn new things. While her area of magical specialization lies in illusions, she is an expert in many other fields of knowledge besides matters arcane. Because of this, she makes her living as a freelance sage as well as a procurer of mystical artifacts.

She is a vegetarian and a teetotaler. In her off hours she likes to listen to music using her Wand of Conducting.

She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and a “can-do” philosophy. She also loves mysteries.

Background: Twenty-one years ago, a baby Forest Gnome was found by a poor but kindly halfling family of farmers in Dankmere on the outskirts of the town of Halgrove. Although they were a kind and loving couple, the halflings were unable to keep up with the child’s adventurous spirit, sharp wit, and burgeoning intelligence. Consequently, at the age of 14, the girl (who was christened Dalya Shadowripple by her stepparents) loaded up her backpack with some supplies and bade the halflings good-bye to search for her destiny.

After awhile she stumbled upon an abandoned underground library, which was the Magisterium of Gramayre. Founded by Gramayre the Magician seven centuries ago, she found all the information that she could want at the time by reading its vast collection of books. Each night for seven years she would study a book that materialized upon an ornate wooden lectern beneath a large painting of the old wizard. Whenever she struggled with an idea or a word, the painting would speak to her and help her to understand what she was reading.

By her seventh year in the Magisterium, she reckoned that she had read over 700 books. As a result, she became quite proficient in several disciplines as well as adept enough to declare herself a journeyman wizard with a specialization in illusions.

However, there was one book in all that time that she was forbidden to open, much less read. She couldn’t decipher the title of the tome, but the painting called it the Pandaemonicon. The wizard’s stern visage declared that the volume was not to be touched and that it was her duty to protect it at all times.

Of course, her curiosity was piqued.

One day she couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, so she tried to sneak the book out of its prominent place on the bookshelf beneath the painting. Big mistake! Once she did that, an invisible bell tolled, and the painting proclaimed that she had doomed the library. As the structure started falling apart around her, she grabbed what magic items that she could – a Hat of Wizardry, Tankard of Sobriety, Wand of Conducting, Stone of Good Luck, Arcane Grimoire (+1), and Bracers of Defense.

She also managed to rescue three books from the library before its self-destruction – The Codex Arcanorum (a book of arcane lore); The Book of Secrets (a blank book whose pages refuse to hold ink, chalk, graphite, or any other substance or marking); and the offending Pandaemonicon as well.

Armed with these items and her skills, she made her way to Halgrove where she found work as a magic consultant.


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@ittguy28, please forgive the length of the fluff. I’m afraid I got carried away.

Hopefully you will still consider my application for inclusion in your game. OOC what will be the posting rate that you will expect of your players?

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