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TTRPG Newbie Dropping In!

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Hello everyone, rimestock here! You can call me rime for short. I'm someone who got his TTRPG introduction via Dimension 20, although I didn't really seriously consider playing them myself until very recently because I find playing face-to-face, whether in-person or through video calls, a bit nerve-wracking 😅 I'm fortunate that play-by-post exists, haha.

So I don't really have much, if any, playing experience, save for the few times I've dabbled with solo RPGs (Apothecaria mostly, and I did wanna try out Starforged as well but I haven't gotten around it yet). The main system I've been wanting to play was Pathfinder 2e, because I'm really enjoying Golarion (and Starfinder's Pact Worlds as well) as a setting, not to mention the game mechanics look fun. But I'm very much willing to try other systems as well!

I guess that's a good enough introduction? In any case, looking forward to playing and creating stories with everyone! 😆

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