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Stavard, carpenter's mate


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Stavard, Carpenter's Mate.

Stavard, Carpenter's Mate


The sea, a fount of nourishment and dreams for countless generations. Some were born to be fishermen, reaping from the unknowable depths their daily sustenance, others seek it for glory, fame, or fortune, while the unlucky are pressed to it out of desperation or coercion. Stavard was a humble carpenter's apprentice working on interior woodwork in a noble's house. Somebody, be it a servant or visiting aristocrat, made off with some of the Lord's finest jewelry, and blame soon enough fell on our hapless woodworker. Fortunately, the local constabulary lacked even the surfeit of evidence to send a commoner to the gallows. To save face, and to prevent Stavard from meeting an extrajudicial demise, the lawmen decided to throw him on the next ship leaving port as an ordinary seaman. Fortunately, ships being made of wood, a carpenter was in high demand, and thus his naval career was more pleasant than one might expect for someone of dubious criminal path. Stavard learned to fight, to seal leaks with oakum, to gauge the strength of timbers that could bear a cannon, and to engage in all the daily drudgery that kept a ship afloat, healthy, and making headway. He kept out of the way of the skipper, Josiah Ross, as befitting one of the foremast lads. The master carpenter, Mr. Lamb, did enjoy the privileges of the gunroom, but not so his lowly lackeys. When Fortune weighed anchor offshore, Stavard was volunteered to go with the shore party. And so his adventure continued...


Stats and Skills


stat score mod
STR 14 +1
DEX 8 0
CON 12 0
INT 14 +1
WIS 9 0
CHA 11 0



Skill Mod
Stab 2
Sail 0
Exert 1
Craft 1
Connect 0


Eva: 12

Mental: 13

Phys: 12

Luck: 13



Class: Warrior

Foci: Armsmaster I, Artisan I, Whirlwind Assault I

Hobby skill: Stab (to stab-1)

Background Skills: Sail-0, Connect-0, Exert-0

HP: 9/14

System strain: 12/12

BAB: +3

Weapon Attack: Warhammer +7/1d8+6+2(fire) 7/AC18 // Light Spear +6/1d6+5 30/60 range, 7/AC 13 // Dagger: +6/1d4+5 6/AC15 S,T,PM

AC: 15 from Pieced Armor (14), +1 from shield

Encumberance, readied: 1 from war hammer, 1 from light spear, 2 from pieced armor, 1 from shield (5/7)

total: 2 from pieced, 2 from spear x2, 1 from handaxe, 1  from dagger, 1 from shield, 1 from backpack, 1 for tinderbox/torches (9/14)


note that "roll" is hit dice at lvl 1 🙂

image from https://www.si.edu/object/william-dunlop-brackenridge:siris_sic_11399

repeat(3d6,5) 3,3,3,1,1,5,6,1,5,4,4,5,5,3,1
last stat
3d6 4,4,3
grow1 sailor
1d6 4
grow2 sailor
1d6 5
learn1 sailor
1d8 2
1d6+2 1
lvl2 hitdice 2d6+4
2d6+4 5,2
lvl 3 hitdice 3d6+6
3d6+6 3,2,3
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scratch work goes here (probably ends up spoilered)

STR 9 DEX 7 CON 12 INT 13 WIS 9 CHA 11

change STR to 14


STR 14 DEX 7 CON 12 INT 13 WIS 9 CHA 11


Let's make a SAILOR

Race: Real Human Bean

Class: Full Warrior


grow 4 means +2 mental

grow 5 means Exert

learn 2 means Connect


STR 14 DEX 7 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 9 CHA 12


Foci (tentative)

Armsmaster I

Artisan I


Free skill: Stab (getting to Stab I) (what kind of man has stabbing as a hobby...?)

Rolled one on the hit dice ruh oh


Stab with str: +3 (1 BAB, 1 stab, 1 str). Dmg: +3 (1 from warrior level/2 round up, 1 from STR, 1 from stab via armsmaster)

Eva: 13

Mental: 14

Phys: 13

Luck: 14


Armored Warrior. Swap short sword for 2x light spear (neutral on silver)

advancement to lvl 2

11hp rolled

-1 all saves

+1 BAB

3 skill points

1/3 Raise DEX to 8 (remove -1 penalty)

3/3 Raise EXERT skill to 1 from 0


Pick a new FOCI: Whirlwind Assault (STAB to 2): Gain Stab as a bonus skill. Once per scene, as an On Turn action, apply your Shock damage to all foes within melee range, assuming they’re susceptible to your Shock.

Attack to hit: 2 (BAB) + 2 (STAB) + 1 (STR) = +5

Attack dmg: weapon dice + 2 (STAB,armsmaster) + 1 (STR) + 1 (killing blow) = wpn+4

Shock dmg: weapon shock + 2 (STAB, armsmaster) + 1 (killing blow) + 1 (STR) = wpn+4




lvl 3

-1 all saves. +1 BAB. +3 skill points. (all to do). Killing blow to 2 from 1.

14hp rolled : 3d6+6+CON hitpoints

two skill points on CRAFT save the remainder


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