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Tutorial for copying/pasting quoted post on Myth-Weavers Baldr


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Tutorial for copying/pasting quoted post on Myth-Weavers Baldr


1. Find a post that you need to copy and edit for your own purposes or desire to use their post as a template for your own.

2. At the bottom of that post hit the "quote" button to quote it in a new post.

3. When you hover over the quote with your mouse a small box like in the picture below will be seen in the top left corner of the quote.


4. While holding the CTRL key, right click that square and it will give you some more options as in the below picture.  Select remove quote but keep contents and it will remove the quote from around the quoted post.


5. Once that is done click on the button that says "Source" in the editor menu.  This will open up a box with a bunch of code in it. Copy the contents of this box by selecting it all with your mouse and hit copy.

6. Open up a new message wherever you desire the contents to be copied to, click the "Source" button in the new message and paste the code you got from the quoted message into the code box. Click Ok.

6. Your new message should now look exactly like what you copied, and you can edit it normally at this time.

7. Save message when done.

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