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Hey everyone, I decided to go back and start summarizing the adventure for newer folks. It's just the major beats and it's a quite a bit but this is the first bit. The part involved with leaving the Sol system.  Will add more summaries as time allows. 

Chapter 1-3 Summary

Initial cast: From opening thread
Jake “Crash” Hunter: (pilot)
Enoch Pendergast: Ship Doctor
Kara “Sparrow” Lewis: Security
Bandit Jackman: ??
Zora Williams: Engineering and communications
Ozen: Security
The Meeting: Mars Flight
Group got a free trip on a luxury Redeye ship from Earth to Mars. They spent 1 month recreating before finally being invited to a fancy on-ship restaurant by a representative of their employer. They are informed that a No fly zone was instituted on the Dark side of Mars for a year. Representative is 1st Officer James “Flick” Hunt. He revealed that they have been hired by Captain T. He explains that the no fly zone includes the location in which he has parked the ship and they need a plan to get to it. Everyone present signed a 5 year contract.  Flick reveals that there is a massive interstellar ring capable of getting them “out of the system” Bandit interrupts this meeting by being late and in the middle of an altercation. 

The group hatches a plan to deal with getting the ship which involves getting a drilling machine and enlisting  out of work people with cybernetic augmentation. They make plans to contact these people once they reach Mars. 

The Meeting II: Mars 
Thread: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=391281
Characters Introduced in this section:
 Kar-Tesh: Navigator
Dr. Samuals: Medical expert
The group arrives on Mars an Flick takes them via Limo to a Mansion apparently owned by Captain T. They meet the Captain whose wearing an extremely expensive suit and they momentarily feel a sense of power and awe emanating from him.  Captain snatches Enoch’s personal device from him out of irritation of not being paid attention to. 
Initial dialogue "Yes i am Captain T, you may call me Captain, Sir, Cap or Captain T. I am a no nonsense kind of being who expects orders to be followed and things to get done. I believe in learning yourself, and as such i have left my name a mystery. There will be clues i leave on my name and background, those of you that figure these out will be rewarded with extra perks while travelling with me. Once we get to the ship far more interesting things will be able to be researched. I believe keeping an active mind keeps a crew learning and improving. So your rooms are upstairs, unpack your things, do what you have to do and come back down when ready to start to work.To answer your question Enoch, its easy to massive wealth and power in these mortal realms with hard work and intelligence, but how many of you can say you were first humans to visit Alpha Centauri, that is where we are off to."

He has a strange accent and seems slightly unused to technological terms. He challenges the potential crew to discover his background and his name. He explains that when the Jump Gate is ready in 2 months he wants their ship to be the first thing through it. 

After some time refreshing themselves and a bit of exploring, the group comes back down stairs to find the Captain speaking with Kar-Tesh, who is native of Mars. After some time of investigating and fleshing out the details of the plan with the Captain the Cops arrive to arrest Bandit Jackman (who it turns out is an imposter )but discover that he is dead! Dr Samual arrives as well and essentially takes his place. The Captain chastises Flick for letting an  Imposter slip through and Dr. Samuel introduces himself. The group heads out to see if they can recruit the cyborgs. The Captain makes it clear that they won’t be offering them a ride and that he considers blackmail to be the simplest solution. 

Chapter 2: Plan A
While looking for the Cyborgs, Enoch finds that police are after them due to one going berserk while on Earth. Enoch also finds info on the radio frequency of the drones guarding the dark side of Mars against trespassing. The group moves to a rougher area on Mars for their search and while searching for info the group notices some  criminal types eyeing up their rides but they manage to dissuade them without violence breaking out. However, a massive fire fight involving the cops with quite a few casualties interrupts the groups search for the cyborgs and the group is recalled by Flick due to the rapidly increasing risk. 

Chapter 2: Plan B
The captain reveals that he used the cyborgs as a scapegoat in order to get the miliary and local police force tied up in order to allow for easier access to the no fly zone.  The group infiltrates the no fly zone via an appropriated helicopter, however they are intercepted by security and in the group bailed via jetpack. Unfortunately, Flick did not make it and was killed in the attempt. 
The group regroups and makes it the ship. 
End of Chapter
Lost Crewmates: Flick.
Chapter 3:  The Ship and To the Stars we go! 
Thread: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=394856
Crew makes it into the ship and discover that it is far more advanced than anything that they’ve seen before. They are subjected to massive data influx when interfacing with the ship. Some passed out but those that managed to deal with it were granted info o the specs of the ship. After a night’s rest the Captain instructs the crew to assign themselves a station and to elect a 1st Officer. The Captain reveals that each station requires a code and each person receives the code for their position. Everyone familiarized themselves with their station and they were set to reconvene at 0700. Day 2 started with more training, Enoch attempts to increase efficiency of using the stations. The training is interrupted by alarms going off. Captain speaks of a being showing up that would be displeased with his plan, this turns out to be Thor. Kar-tesh is granted 1st officer status due to impressing the captain.  
The crew flees with the captain taking his personal fighter out to cause a distraction. The ship manages to make it through the ring but Thor’s Hammer smashes into the Medbay killing Dr. Samuels. The crew makes it to Alpha Centauri. 
End of Chapter 3: 
Lost Crewmates: Dr. Samuels.

Chapter 4-6  Summary (WIP)

Chapter 4: Killjoy Pickup


Thread: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=399966

Character Introductions this chapter

Deacon: Security

The crew is made aware that Samuels is dead and the Captain asks everyone to tell Kar-Tesh about their views on death and what arrangements they want in case of their deaths. Captain gives the crew a favorable review of their conduct leaving the Sol system and the crew agrees to take shares of the profit rather than a base salary. The Captain says that they need to pick up another crew member and the crew jumps to “the Quad” in the J Star Cluster [Kill Joys]. XO Kar-Tesh takes an away team to the surface of one of the systems moon to meet the new crew members in a bazaar. Away team consists of Kar-Tesh, Willow, and Kara with Enoch’s drones accompanying them. After some tension at the dock and some hasty translating from Kara they move to the Bazaar and meet Deacon. However, soon after they meet the Wandering Soul senses the arrival of a military ship and a 3 man kill squad is deployed after them (likely looking for Deacon). After failing to sneak away the away team and Deacon run and gun until getting picked up after the Wandering Soul disables the military ship.

End Chapter 4


Chapter 5: The Hub Nowhere

Character introductions this chapter

Farhvan: Field Medic

The crew jumps to the hub Nowhere [Guardians of the Galaxy] to gather supplies and to see if there are any jobs the crew could pull off. The Captain cautions against bringing weapons as fighting would be unwise for the fledgling crew.  The crew ventures forth seeking to trade some of the late Doc Samuel's gear for supplies and a means of communication. Meanwhile the Captain goes to meet with the Collector for unspecified reasons.    In short order the crew comes across Farhvan, who agrees to serve as a guide in exchange for a ride off of the station. 

During their shopping a disturbance hits the market and the crew goes to investigate. They soon discover that a zombie outbreak has hit the station and while the crew attempts to save some civilians they soon end up running for it. Eventually The Doctor [Doctor Who] comes to their aid and helps them back to the Wandering soul. Upon arriving they find the Captain as well as the Collector both safe in the ship.The Doctor asks for help in stopping the outbreak but the Captain turns him down. In the ensuing chaos Kar-Tesh misunderstands an order from the Captain and is relieved of his command as XO. The Doctor with the help of some superpowered beings manages to  stop the outbreak and the Captain calls for a meeting. 


End of Chapter 5 


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