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Copy Pasting from MW-Prime

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One by one, the heroes use spell and weapon to assault the three remaining skeletons. And one by one, the skeletons topple to the ground, their unnatural unlives destroyed by force, by fury, and by magical might -- arcane and divine. All of a sudden, all is quiet. There is no immediate sign that you've been heard or that anyone is coming to investigate the noise your group fracas has generated. As the quartet regroups near the entrance, and in the absence of any immediate threats, they are able to assess the calmly assess the chamber for the first time. This large room is supported by four wide pillars of stone. The ceiling above arches in a dome nearly twenty feet high. The walls are lined with skeletons caked into the mud -- adult human bones mostly, but here and there smaller bones might be from halflings or perhaps children. Fifteenfoot-square pits sit to the east and west, each filled with a large heap of hundreds of bones. To the south, a crude hole has been gouged out of the wall, providing access to a tunnel that extends downwards into darkness. [fieldset=Game Mastery/Mechanical Stuff]Two of the three skeletons were destroyed, and the third's I could count on one hand. It made more sense to call it a win than to spend a week rolling to kill a half-undead skeleton. [U][B]NOTE: KNOWLEDGE RELIGION: DC 21 - Unbroken Moon[/B][/U] - I owe you the result of this roll. I haven't read far enough ahead for this to be useful yet. As such, I'll hold this in reserve until it becomes relevant. Basically, I owe you one.[/fieldset]

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