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Tatiana "Tanya" Brzinsky


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Status: done (partial sheet)


  Female uniformed soldier aiming a pistol.



Name: Tatiana Gabriela "Tanya" Brzinsky
Class: Scholar 6 // Commander 1 / Conscript 5
Primary Roles: Face, Scout
Secondary Roles: Commander, Field Medic, Driver, Engineer


As a fourth-generation Tanker, Tanya above all else wants to make her family proud. She is brave but sensible, willing to take risks for a worthwhile cause, but cautious about taking on more than the Tank can handle. Generations of family history instilled in her the need for loyalty and cooperation among the crew.



Tanya's great-grandfather was one of the original tankers, José Manuel Gonzales, commander of the Defiant, an Indomitable-class main battle tank. At the time, his aunt, Brigadier-General Anna-Maria Gonzales, was in charge of the experimental division that included the battalion of state-of-the-art main battle tanks, the 1-AX series. She was a lead-from-the-front sort, and was in the field when the Apocalypse struck, on the Indomitable (1-AX B1). It was her leadership that kept seven of the gargantuan machines going for the first few weeks. She worked out the first tactical manual for dealing with the new dangers – the first line of which was avoid kaiju at all costs. When 1-AX B1 was destroyed, she moved her command to her nephew's machine. As military discipline softened into professional camaraderie, some of the tankers began to call her "Tia Gonzales," and the epithet came to apply to the tank she rode.

Like many legendary figures and vessels, The Tank came to be known by many names. One tanker with a sense of humor, upon installing the huge speakers that still adorn the vehicle, spray painted "Boom Box" on the turret. It has remained, and specifically when speaking of the turret, many in The Crew will refer to it as such ("Raiders at 11-o'clock. Jones, get your ass in the Boom Box and give 'em a present"). The words are so prominent, the turret such an important part of the tank, that the name carries its own weight. Observers sometimes think it's the tank's name, and crew who like the attitude of the moniker sometimes use it with outsiders. The original name "Defiant" is still stenciled on one side of the barrel, faded over the years and then re-stenciled at times to keep up traditions and remember origins. Sometimes The Crew will still use it as a call sign when interacting with unknown parties over a wider band radio, for it carries a certain heroic gravitas. Crew tend to develop their own pet names and nicknames for it as well. Some call it Beast, Tyrant, Boomer, Aegis, Big Growly, or Thrice-Damned-Hunk-of-Junk followed by less polite expletives.

Family tradition says José retired about twenty years after the Apocalypse; he and his wife helped start a small community of survivors. Her grandmother joined B3 at nineteen and stayed with it for about ten years before retiring in a moderately safe and somewhat prosperous town called Mount Carson to marry Pavel Brzinsky and raise another generation. Her father started a family there, but left with the Tank shortly after Tanya turned four. He was on the crew for most of her life, returning only intermittently every year or two, but during his brief visits he filled her ears with tales of the Tank and the crew's exploits.


Tanya adored her absent father, and wanted to be "just like him." She knew the crew would face an unpredictable array of dangers, and there was no way of knowing what position might become open and when, so she practiced a wide variety of skills to prepare her for whatever might be available. She read every book in Mount Carson's modest library, practiced gymnastics, learned to shoot and make ammunition, and dyed and sewed her own camouflage uniform, based on the few tattered remnants her family preserved of her great-grandfather's own.


When her father retired, he was skeptical of Tanya's application to take his place, reminding her of all the family stories about the Tank's history and the difficulties her line had faced. Eventually he relented and put in a good word with his crewmates; they took her on, and she has been part of The Crew for the last eleven years.

Commentary on timelineIf Tia's history is canon, then the least time since the apocalypse is 20 years (Jose's tenure) plus 20 (time until her grandmother started on the Tank if she were his eldest child) plus 11 (earliest her father could have been born) plus at least 18 (time until he could have married) plus 30 (Tanya's age +1).. total 99. It can easily be stretched out by having Tanya's ancestors, and herself, be later children.


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DM Summary

Talent count (24)

Explicit talents: 17 = 4 (tradition) +2 (gestalt equipment) +0 (Commander) + 5 (conscript) +3 (scholar) + 3 (conscript bonus talents)

Scholar's Knack (Studied Technique):  6 = 3/knack * 2 (1 from favoured class bonus, 1 from Scholar level 6)

Unused feats used for Extra Combat Talent: 3/3 = 2/(3-1) (unused conscript bonus feats) + 1/(6-5) (unused general feats)

Talent total: 26 = 17 (explicit) + 6 (Studied Technique) + 3/3 unused feats

Talents by sphere (25/26 total)

  • Alchemy (Formula package, free sphere, 0)
  • Athletics (Run package, 2) : sphere, Expanded Training (climb, swim)
  • Equipment (4) : Firearms Proficiency, Expert Reloading, Unarmored Training, Huntsman Training
  • Gladiator (5) : sphere, Exemplar, Self Confidence, Master of Fear, Motivational Audience
  • Scout (free sphere, 4) : Great Senses, Find the Gap, Identify Rhythms, Discern Surface Thoughts
  • Warleader (free sphere, 10) : Coordinated Reflexes, Focusing Cry, Focusing Tactics, Fortifying Phalanx, Frightful Roar, Harangue. Inspiring Speech, Projecting Voice, Protective Warning, Triumph
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Abl Pts Score 
Str -2   6 = 8 -2 (origin) 
Dex 10  18 = 16 +2 (origin) 
Con  0  10 
Int 10  16
Wis  7  18 = 15 +1 (lv 4) +2 (oath lv 6) 
Cha  5  18 = 14 +2 (origin) +2 (oath lv 4) 




  • combat: Reactionary (+2 trait bonus to initiative)
  • regional: Diplomat (+1 trait to Diplomacy, Sense Motive)
  • social: Seeker (+1 trait bonus on Perception)


Favoured Class Bonus (Scholar, with Fast Learner): +1/6 scholar's knack, +1 skill point



  • Scholar: Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Dex), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (all) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Use Magic Device (Cha)
  • Conscript: Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Knowledge (local) (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), 3 others: Acrobatics, Drive, Ride
  • Skills from Talents:
    • Alchemy (sphere and 0 talents, so 5/10+ ranks): Craft (alchemy)
    • Athletics (sphere and 1+ talents, so 6/10+ ranks): Acrobatics, Climb, Swim
    • Scout (sphere and 2+ talents, so 6/15+ ranks): Stealth , Perception
  • Adventuring Skills:
    • Skill points per level: 15 = 8 + 3 (int) + 1 (favoured class: Scholar) +1 (human) +2 (skillful)
    • Max'd Skills (14) : Bluff, Craft (mechanical), Diplomacy, Drive, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (dungeoneering, engineering, local, nature, wastes), Sense Motive, Survival, Use Technology
    • 1 rank (4) : Disable Device, Escape Artist, Disguise, Ride
    • 2 rank: more linguistics
  • Background Skills (2x6=12 pt):
    • 5 ranks: Profession (soldier)
    • 1 rank (7) Appraise, Knowledge (history, geography, leaders, religion), Linguistics (+2 from Adventuring skills), Perform (song)



  • Baseline: Size: Medium; Speed: 30'; Type: humanoid (human)
  • Ability Score mods: +2 to two, -2 to one.
  • Potent: Essence: Gift of Fortune (+1 origin bonus to saves)
  • Auxiliary:  Darkvision 60'
  • Auxiliary: First to Battle (+2 origin bonus to initiative)
  • Auxiliary: Skirt Death (+5 origin to Con roll to stabilize; +level to Con to determine negative hit point total before dying)
  • Utility: Keen Senses (+2 origin bonus to Perception; low-light vision)



  • Points: 10 = 2 + level (6) + 2 (Oath of Honor: Tank Code)
  • Desirable boons in decreasing order (cost, total)

Martial Tradition: Tank Soldier

  • Equipment: Firearms Proficiency, Expert Reloading
  • Barrage or Sniper sphere
  • Variable: One talent from Barrage or Sniper



Adventuring Gear Fund $1,137.90
Kept on Person  
Long-Range Tactical Shotgun $1,000.00
Bandolier (7/8 objects) $0.50
..Rechargeable Battery x1 $100.00
..Pistol Ammo (50) x2 $20.00
..Shotgun Ammo (50) x2 $30.00
..Beanbag Ammo (50) x1 $50.00
..Rubber Slugs (50) x1 $50.00
Backpack, Masterwork $50.00
Soldier’s uniform $1.00
..Automatic Pistol $750.00
..MW Binoculars $200.00
Kept in Tank  
Bedroll $0.10
Blanket $0.50
Tent, Small $10.00
Rechargeable Battery x3 $300.00
Pistol Ammo (50) x8 $80.00
Shotgun Ammo (50) x8 $120.00
Beanbag Ammo (50) x4 $200.00
Rubber Slugs (50) x4 $200.00
MW Night Vision Goggles $700.00
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Level-by-Level Build

See message 2 for talent list (so far none have level dependencies).

Level Scholar Commander 1 / Conscript 5 Feat
1 Careful packer, combat training, medical training, problem solver Combat training, commander, lingering commands Fast LearnerHuman lv 1..., Persuasive
2 Flashbangs, scholar’s knack (Academic Knowledge), talent (?) Bonus feat (Improved Initiative), bonus talent (?), combat specializations, combat training, talent (?) Gunsmithing
3 Material imposition (Lodestone) Bonus feat (Extra Combat Talent), talent (?) Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
4 Scholar’s knack (Trick Arrows), talent (?) Bonus talent (?), talent (?) Alertness
5 Advanced medical training, material imposition (Thermite) Bonus feat (Extra Combat Talent), talent (?) Extra Combat Talent
6 Scholar’s knack (Studied Technique), talent (?) Bonus talent (?), talent (?) Extra Combat Talent



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HP 60 = 6*10 (Conscript)


  • Unarmored Training +3+2 (akin to deflection bonus in when it is usable)
  • Shielded Form +1 deflection
  • Inhuman Resilience +1 natural armor

Initiative +8 = +2 (trait) +2 (origin) +4 (improved initiative)

Skills bonus sources:

  • +2 untyped int, wis, cha skill checks (Fate: cups motif)
  • +scholar/2 = +3 to knowledge checks (scholar knack: academic knowledge)
  • +2 origin bonus perception (keen senses)

Specific skill bonuses:

  • Craft (mechanical) : +2 (cups) 
  • Diplomacy: +13 = +2 (Persuasive) +2 (cups) +3 (skill focus) +1 (trait) +2+6/2 (skill superiority)
  • Drive +2 One With The Machine
  • Intimidate: +9 = +2 (Persuasive) +2 (cups) +2+6/2 (skill superiority)
  • Knowledge +5 = +3 (academic knowledge) +2 (cups)
  • Perception +7 = +2 (origin) +2 (cups) +2 (Alertness) +1 (trait)
  • Sense Motive +5 = +2 (cups) +2 (Alertness) +1 (trait)

Weight Limits

  • Carrying capacity (based on Int 16 and Careful Packing) : Light 76 / Medium 153 / Max 230
  • Stuff based on actual strength: Overhead 60 / Off Ground 120 / Push-Drag 300
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A lot of Scholar's Knacks feel too magical for this campaign, but I just noticed Studied Technique, which gives combat talents. Thus a General Feat can get Extra Scholar's Knack, which can get three talents. I was feeling very cramped in terms of numbers of talents I wanted, and this "hack" lets me be more flexible. So now I'm looking through general feats to find whether any of my remaining 5 (after level 1 Alertness) are essential to my idea of the character, and will use the rest for Studied Technique.

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Scholar's Knacks, and by extension the Extra Scholar's Knack, are definitely worth spending a feat on. But, do note that the Extra Scholar's Knack feat requires level 7 before you can get it, and level 15 before you can get it a second time. There is also the FCB option for 1/8th a Scholar's Knack, which is rather worth it in my mind but won't be actively helpful for another couple of levels.

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I missed the level restrictions; thanks! But at low levels the extra talents from regular Scholar's Knack class features are enormously valuable. I'll definitely use the level 6 knack that way, and maybe even the level 4.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Status update: I've been having fun working on this application, and still do want to finish it, but my time has gone into work crises (yes, more than one this past week) and working on my own 3.5e campaign.


Question: How much background detail are you looking for? I've been having trouble getting my head around the fluff for Tanya, which might be a bad sign.

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You don't need a whole short story or anything. In fact I'm a big fan of brevity when folks can manage to do so and still convey a strong sense of a character, what their motivations are, how they might respond to certain situations. A few paragraphs would suffice. 


This is not what I'm requiring or anything, but occasionally when I'm trying to think through some characterization I'll go to the 10 minute background to get some good bullet points for my character, some quirks, and how they relate to their world. You could always try that to get yourself started, then flesh it out over the next week a bit before you submit.


I've also been intending to add a small piece of intro narrative, to set the scene before play begins. Looks out for that as well, maybe it'll give you something to react to.

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I finished her mechanics and have a brief background, but no equipment and no character sheet. I will work on the equipment first, then the sheet trying to prioritize "the essential bits"

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Attempt at a posting template that looks not too bad on both phone and desktop.


Tatiana "Tanya" Brzinsky
  front-view-female-soldier-with-gun-uniform-black-smoky-wall_140725-153356.jpg?size=626&ext=jpg Tanya replied "The worst thing you could say to me is 'your great-grandfather would be disappointed.'"
OOCAnything out of character,


Description of mechanics with link to dice rolls post.


Tatiana "Tanya" Brzinsky
Female Human Scholar // Conscript, Level 6, Init 12, HP 60/60, Speed 30
AC 21, Touch 20, Flat-footed 17, CMD 23, Fort 7, Ref 11, Will 11, CMB +3, Base Attack Bonus 5
Automatic Pistol +9 / +4 (1d6, x2)
Long Range Tactical Shotgun +9 / +4 (1d10, 18-20x2)
(+4 Dex, +6 Deflect, +1 Natural)
Abilities Str 6, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 18
Condition Martial Focus
Low-light vision; Darkvision 60'; Skirt Death; Run x5 speed



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One small change I'd like you to make on your background @dalamb: Tanya's family hailing from Greenwood might introduce some complications. I would request that either A) you make it a different town (and I would probably still try to have it show up on the journey), or B) have it be that most of her remaining or immediate family left there around the time she did when she joined the tank. Basically I don't really want someone to have a connection that is both strong and recent (the most likely would have contrived to contact Tanya much more directly if so). It could still be her childhood home and maybe some extended family there, something like that.

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No problem. Done, and I added a little more about her preparing to be a Tanker.


And, just for grins, I tried to edit a statblock to change bbcode to HTML:


Tatiana "Tanya" Brzinsky
Female Human Scholar // Conscript, Level 6, Init 4, HP 60/60, Speed 30
AC 21, Touch 20, Flat-footed 17, CMD 24, Fort 7, Ref 11, Will 11, CMB +4, Base Attack Bonus 6
Automatic Pistol +9 / +4 (1d6, x2)
Assault Rifle +9 / +4 (1d10, 19-20x2)
(+4 Dex, +1 Natural, +6 Deflect)
Abilities Str 6, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 14
Condition Martial Focus
Low-light vision


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