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Shadowtrot OOC


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Shadowtrot OOC

Shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never cut a deal with a dragon.


Ruleset: Starfinder. [SRD Link]

Shadowtrot Player's Handbook


The Shadowtrotter Team

Gale Wings
Envoy Pegasus Mare [played by: BlueHamsterBean]

Mechanic Earthpony Stallion [played by: Miltonian]

Solarian Unicorn Mare [played by: TonberryKing]

Operator Bat Pony Stallion [played by: igordragonian12]

Zathura "Zee" Reis
Mystic Zebra Mare [NPC]


The old forum OOC is attached to this post as a text file for archiving purposes. All OOC questions and chatter can go here. You are now free to plot against the Gamemaster openly.


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2 hours ago, igordragonian12 said:

I think Deepwood has lost his right to vote.


I hope the new forum wouldnt stay like this.

Oh god

Well, Deepwood never loses his rights to vote on the next job. It does seem like there's a leaning towards contacting the detective.


I like a few things about the new forum, and hate other parts. We can multiquote now, which is good. It's a little harder to navigate, which is bad.


2 hours ago, igordragonian12 said:

So timeline wise..

Do we roleplay the date thing or skip to morning?

Just to see ai get it

I'll give you the choice if you want to toke play it out in a side thread or to just make a quick post summary of the events.

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About Deepwood's "idealogy" a bit inspired from a "principle" of mine (and my wife)-

If we pay for something, we HAVE to enjoy it wrther we like it or not.


I remember.. I think on our second date ever, we have ordered a dessert we never tasted before.

It was disgusting. For both of us- but we have finished it anyway, becauae we paid for it.


Deepwood is on the specturm of such idealogy.


Me, would probably have ordered the most minimum possible just to be polite, if at all.


But it just funny to play out this kind of ideals

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