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Theo Beaumont


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Costumed Image

Name: Theodore "Theo" Beaumont

Alias: TBD

Age: 17

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Nationality: American

Species: Human

Civilian Image


Attributes (50)

















2 4 5 4 8 0 2 0


Saves (9)


Dodge Parry Fortitude Toughness Will
Agi (5) + 0 + 3 Fgt (8) + 0 + 0 Sta (4) + 0 + 2 Sta (4) + 0 + 0 Awe (2) + 0 + 4
8 8 6 4 6



Skills (32) & Advantages (9)


Skill Name Total Ability Rank Mods
Acrobatics 10 Agi 5  
Athletics 10 Str 8  
Close Combat 10 Fgt 2  
Deception 8 Pre 8  
Expertise (Streetwise) 4 Int 4  
Insight 8 Awe 6  
Intimidation 0 Pre 0  
Investigation 6 Int 6  
Perception 8 Awe 6  
Persuasion 4 Pre 4  
Ranged Combat 4 Dex 0  
Sleight of Hand 6 Dex 2  
Stealth 10 Agi 5  
Technology 4 Int 4  
Treatment - Int 0  
Vehicles 8 Dex 4  
Spare Skill Section        
Spare Skill Section        
Spare Skill Section        
Spare Skill Section        
Advantage Name & Rank


Daze (Deception)

Evasion 1

Fast Grab

Grabbing Finesse

Improved Hold

Power Attack

Set Up 1




Powers (00)






Theo was born the only son of Andrea Beaumont, inheritor of the Beaumont fortune and, in more recent years, the Beaumont business empire. The conglomerate is focused primarily on the logistics of shipping amongst various European countries, but has investments in everything from medicine to technology to construction. Such a diverse portfolio requires a keen sense of business acumen, as well as close oversight.

As such, Andrea traveled frequently for work, and she took little Theo with her. He quickly had visted more countries than he had spent years alive; that is still true today, in all likelihood. His mother never spoke of his father; Theo quickly learned to not press the issue. It was evidently a sore subject. He learned quiet a bit about Andrea's father, his grandfather, however, such as how he laid the foundations for their current success and that he was a good man.

As he grew older, his life settled down; Andrea felt that constant travel would hinder his development and make it harder to make friends. As he entered school, he held his own in intellectual pursuits, but truly excelled at physical ones. Much like his mother, Theo developed into a prodigious athlete, particularly in gymnastics and martial arts. His mother, ever the proud parent, encouraged these interests, providing him the best teachers and tutors that money could buy. He quickly became quite skilled; there was even talk of a potential Olympic career.

However, as he reached his teenage years, Theo began to rebel. It started in small ways, but quickly escalated. He spent a lot of time in the areas of cities that hadn't quite rebuilt after Darkseid's invasion; call it urban exploration, or maybe a fascination with how the less fortunate lived. But it quickly exposed him to a different sort of social element than he had experienced at his mother's side. And he started to fall in with a bad crowd at school, who were all too happy to make use of his skills and resources.

They were primarily affluent young people who, through a sense of disaffection and general teenage angst, decided that engaging in crime was the best use of their time. They proported to be part of a group that was protesting the lack of aid given to those trying to recover after the Apokolips War. From petty larceny to trespassing and vandalism, they meant to draw attention to those that much of higher society forgot. But things progressed from there, particularly given Theo's skills. The group broke into increasingly more secure places, to steal items of value as well as information to leverage against people in power.

Between his mother's financial and political connections, alongside his own skill at avoiding being caught, it seemed like trouble would never stick to him. But his relationship with his mother became strained; she could tell he was hiding things, but who was she to talk? She had things she was hiding, too.

Things escalated until they reached a breaking point; "borrowing" one of his mother's cars, they broke into a research lab under false pretenses. He had been told that the company owning the lab was responsible for the recent demolition of the ramshackle remains of a Parisian neighborhood to build luxury townhouses in it's place, with no regard for the people still trying to live there. The theft at the lab was supposed to show that this wouldn't be tolerated. Or, so Theo had been told.

As Theo and his associates made it inside the lab, it became clear to him that he had been lied to; this was made crystal clear when they reached the item they were supposed to steal, which seemed to be Apokoliptan in origin. As the group started arguing, it was revealed that the rather small-time gang had been tasked with this job as a means to prove themselves worthy of joining Intergang. They seemed to think that having access to Apokoliptan technology would give them the power to affect the change they wanted to see, and that Intergang was a perfectly fine place to get it. Theo was not interested in helping Intergang, as most right-thinking people aren't, and so the argument devolved into combat.

Theo was skilled, but skill only takes you so far. He was forced to retreat, but was eventually cornered by his erstwhile associates, intent on removing him as a loose end. He was rescued by a fellow vigilante, making use of smoke bombs and martial arts to incapacitate his assailants. He was then summarily dragged outside and thrown into the car.

It was during the drive home that his rescuer revealed herself to be Andrea, his mother. She didn't explain how she'd known he would be there, or how she had managed to defeat multiple armed goons single-handedly. But she did make it very clear that she was absolutely furious with him.

After a few weeks, a couple of favors being cashed in, and a lot of scolding, the invitation to join the Wayne School for the Exceptional arrived. And Andrea made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he was going.

Complications // Motivations

Motivation: Acceptance - The revelation that Theo's friends were not the people he thought they were has shaken him. He's looking for a peer group; his mother thinks he needs some role models. Maybe the Wayne School can provide both.

Motivation: Thrills - Theo is young, impulsive, and highly skilled. This is a recipe for some very poor decisions, from time to time.

Quirk: Family Tree - Theo's mother never talks about his father; to this day, he isn't sure who he is. He would go to great lengths to gain information.

Relationship: Theo is very close with his mother, Andrea Beaumont, though their relationship is currently rather strained.

Reputation: As mentioned, Theo is Andrea Beaumont's son. For those who know of Andrea's previous life, this colors their impression of him. Thankfully, the knowledge of Andrea's past "career" is rather limited.


A-Day B-Day
Math Science
History English
~Lunch~ ~Lunch~
Comp. Tech. Shop
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Took me longer than I had hoped, but finally have an application up.

I had mentioned having an idea that depended on a connection to an existing character, but this wasn't actually my initial idea. My first thought was a bit weirder, may have been harder to work with, and gave me quite a bit of trouble statting out. I couldn't get a version of the character I was happy with.

So, I started thinking of archetypes that didn't seem to have much coverage amongst the applications, and decided on more of a Crime Fighter vibe. Then, I had an idea. It's a bit of an involved idea; it may not work with what you're planning, for various obvious reasons. But once I had the idea, it was something I had to chase down. I'm actually pretty happy with how the mechanics worked out; I expected to run out of points much sooner.

The backstory is a little sparse, at least compared to my norm. Hopefully, you get the vibe I'm going for. Happy to answer questions or critiques; I just wanted to make sure I had something up by the deadline. I plan on getting pictures as soon as possible.

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Reaview (Fluff): Love the idea, sadly Salina Kyle is currently wed to Bruce Wayne and is on a beach somewhere making sure that neither of them gets into too much trouble.

Andrea Beaumont works. She's almost as skilled as batman and has a lot of talent in breaking and entering.

Roxanne "Roxy Rocket" Sutton is a bit of a stretch, but could also fit the trope.

Charise Carnes or Duela Dent (different characters) after some SERIOUS psychological aid could be valid.


Review (Crunch): Crunch is solid.
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Regarding the fluff, I'm not surprised that the Batman/Catwoman idea occurred to you; it's the way that would probably turn out, the existence of Diana Prince not withstanding. So I'm not surprised that it's something you've made canon. Happy to change to another option.

I honestly hadn't considered Andrea Beaumont, but thinking about that gave me an excuse to watch Mask of the Phantasm for the first time in many years, which I enjoyed greatly. I forgot that she survives at the end of the movie, letting this work very nicely. I'll make that switch, and change the backstory appropriately, along with the name. I may change the Expertise skill from Art to something more appropriate, as well.

I would prefer to keep the possibility that he's Bruce's son as part of the character, if you're amenable. I don't think rationalizing it would be very difficult; Beaumont returns to Gotham in the last days of the war, meets with Batman, helps on a mission, chips fall as they may, etc etc. The timeline gets a little strained, but I think it could work. Depending on events after the war, they could've also met then.

I could go either way as to whether he finds out his father's identity; he probably doesn't even suspect Wayne, unless he's looked into his mother's history. But their relationship wasn't exactly tabloid fodder. And his father may not even be Bruce. It's the possibility that I think would be interesting, especially given how many other members of the Bat Family are present running the school. I presume they could put the pieces together, even if my character can't. Complicates all of those relationships very nicely.

Regarding the crunch, I'm glad it passes muster. I'm pleasantly surprised how well it turned out; skill based characters tend to be very point hungry, but I suppose those extra 10pp above PL helped smooth that out. If he's accepted, I'm eager to see how he develops.

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The reason I went Batman/Catwoman and not Batman/Wonder Woman was because of Themyscira. Wonder Woman in my setting isn't going to leave her nation, nor abandon her role as monarch. Nor would she make her people feel like she was surrendering to 'the will of man' to have Bruce stand above any women on the island. In return, while I can easily see Bruce doing a give-and-take with any woman in his life, I don't see him submitting as a second-class citizen to the place his wife rules. Nor do I see him being willing to stay OFF the island if he felt the need was great. And that would be a rubbing point between Bruce and Diana in any relationship. Because Diana isn't going to betray her people, and Bruce won't let social conventions intervene with him doing what he feels he needs to do.

Selina on the other hand, is willing to do the give-and-take dance with Bruce. And in a time when Bruce is healing, she'd be a comforting presence who would keep him from making 'mistakes' (such as going to the Lazarus Pits and owing the League of Assassins a favor).


Please make the relevant updates to your character sheet/complications/fluff and I'll mark this as complete. Also, please find a character image you enjoy. You don't need a hero one yet, but I'd like to see a general idea of how you view your character.

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Those points are all fair, yeah. I agree that they'd all be factors that would complicate things quite a bit, and I do like Bruce and Selina together too. I just have a lot of affection for the DCAU, where there was always some good chemistry between Batman and Wonder Woman.

But there could also be some fun interactions between Andrea and Selina, if they ever have cause to meet. Between them and Talia, there are a lot of women who have a very specific bone to pick with Bruce Wayne, some of whom have kids involved. If Bruce and Selina ever show up in the campaign(which I figure is a distinct possibility), I'm curious how Selina would respond to my character.

I'll make the changes to the sheet/complications/fluff as discussed when I'm out of work tomorrow; ran out of time tonight. And I'm on the hunt for a picture. I plan on changing the first name as well; Lucas Beaumont doesn't flow quite as well, to me. But I hope to get all of the changes done tomorrow at once, rather than in bits and pieces.

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Alright, finally got the backstory adjusted to account for the change in parentage. It ended up resulting in more changes than I thought it would, but I'm pretty happy with it.

It took me a little while to figure out where the tension between Theo and Andrea would come from, that would make sending him to the Wayne School the best solution. Eventually, I realized: what does Andrea hate perhaps the most? Organized crime, probably. It's taken a lot from her. So, maybe Theo gets involved in that. And what's a way to intensify the risk, both to justify her reaction and to also bring in more complications to my character's life? Intergang, of course. The idea of some wealthy young people deciding to try to join Intergang as a way to gain more power and influence seemed like an interesting topic to delve into, in the wake of so much Apokoliptan technology being available after the war. Let me know what you think.

As for the extra credit assignment, here we go:

Up to 3 things you want to encounter/see (and why):

I'm interested in seeing the ways you've changed the DC Universe; references and Easter eggs aren't terribly interesting on their own, but your premise is. So I'm eager to explore it a little. What's Earth look like twenty years after a 5 year invasion from Apokolips? With the Justice Society forming, would a Legion of Doom follow suit? How many of those villains are now reluctant heroes after the war?

I always enjoy opportunities to help innocent people during super-fights. That can get worked into a fight in which we're the primary combatants, but given our experience, I feel like it'd be very possible that we get mobilized as "crowd control" during a larger Justice Society fight. The episode of JLU featuring Booster Gold is a favorite of mine; the potential for us to have our own adventure in the background of a larger fight, with that fight impacting our adventure in unforeseen ways, is very cool.

Keeping up momentum in PbP is important, but so is finding opportunities for quieter moments and slower character development, that would normally happen during table talk in an in-person game. Given the school setting, I'm interested in forming those sorts of relationships, too.

Up to 3 things you hope to avoid (and if you're comfortable, why):

The general MW guidelines will probably do a decent job as far as actual content warnings I'd want to avoid.

In regards to themes or plots, I don't know if I have any that I'd dislike enough to want to avoid. If I think of any, I'll let you know.

A classmate concept that would be fun to interact with, but not necessarily to play as (too weak, too strong, bad power set, etc):

Similar to rauhric's suggestion, I'll share the idea I was originally going to apply with, before realizing it was too similar to other's, power-wise. You are welcome to steal it if you want, but I share it mostly because I think it's a fun idea. I don't know if it would make a good NPC.

Booster Gold

The teenage son of Booster Gold, who traveled back from the 25th Century to hang out with his old man when he was still "cool". In his future, Booster was instrumental in defeating Darkseid and his army, and stayed in the 21st Century to help rebuild and guide the past into a prosperous future. He became a celebrated hero, picking up the mantle where Superman left off when he retired. He eventually went back into his future to secure the timeline against potential threats.

His son goes back in time with a stolen power-suit, but then is plagued with two versions of events in his memory. In one, he goes back in time after fighting with his dad, chafing under his restrictions and determined to make his own name as a hero alongside his father as a younger man. In the other, his father is a freedom fighter on a scorched planet, waging a futile war against Darkseid's forces, who manages to send his son back in time in a desperate attempt to save him from this dark future. Maybe he'll even be able to avert this fate.

He isn't sure which of these timelines will come to pass, and when he got here, Booster Gold is nowhere to be found. No one seems to have ever heard of him. Not only that, Ted Kord was the man his father told him to go to for help in that version of his memory, but he's dead in this version of the timeline. With only his future-tech and a battered Skeets drone, he has to figure out how to make sure a brighter future still comes to pass.

For an actual answer, I'm interested in if Atlantis or Themyscira have sent any students to the school. As others have mentioned, the idea of the Wayne School is something that, if successful, will influence the superpowered societies of the Earth for generations to come. Much like how someone like Amanda Waller would be very interested in this, if the superpowered national powers in the setting(and their leaders, Aquaman and Wonder Woman) know that, by proxy, Batman is starting this program, I can imagine they'd want their own representitives involved. Both to keep tabs on happenings, and to make sure their kingdoms have inroads to Earth's future protectors. Having diplomatic relations with the guardians of "Man's World"/the Surface World would be very useful for their own political aims.

Other than that, it could be fun if some established characters have had children who attend the school. Or, younger versions of existing characters. There're a lot of students at the school, meaning there's a lot of space to fill out. I'm still mad Young Justice never brought on a younger Kyle Rayner as a team member. However, it'd be very easy to go overboard with this, and crowd the school enough that our characters don't have anywhere to shine, which would be less than fun. But I'd trust that you'd find a nice balance between both possibilities.

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