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R.J. of Langston


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Character Sheet


Gonna withdraw. It's uh, I can't figure out how to write an app that's like, application-y, nothing really fits in any framework I'm trying to figure out? Thought I could piece something together since I've got all the important bits like voice and thematics and history and everything set pretty strongly in my head, but it's been a week and it structurally still reads messy and hard to follow. Not formatting-wise, don't mind if it's ugly, but it's too fractural or clashes weird or I'm caught up on some minor word quibbling or I can't describe this in a distant objective sense so I'd have to showcase it in-character if I want to get the idea across but a vignette doesn't fit with the rest of it so it's just, it's all argh. Hopefully your stuff goes to plan and works out better than you're expecting, this game seems like it already has a lot going on besides all the mechanical tricks most of the discussion's focused on, so gonna wish you good luck with that!

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Argh, okay. Posting this to get the numbers on your table, since it's close enough to the deadline I'd rather get the time to iron out some issues even if it's messy. Had most of the mechanics sorted out for like, a week now, things seem settled enough that I'm probably not going to make drastic changes (some options are left open cause I'm not sure what to add, figure it's better to keep it flexible for now), but ah, having trouble trying to clean up the backstory, it's too long in the wrong places and thin in others and unsure how to balance it out. It's hard for me to write stuff down in a void like this.

So, right. Mechanics. More Spheres focused of a character, talent selection's a bit eclectic, but generally focused around moving a lot and shooting a lot, with some options for running into melee or sniping (the split focus is mostly cause she's had to take different approaches to combat over the years; now she's capable enough to use them all together-ish). Can also nab one extra talent at a time with her Assassin's EdgeAssassin’s Edge (Ex): At 5th level, the deadly assassin broadens her abilities, always having the right skill for the job. As a move action, the deadly assassin may grant herself the benefit of any one combat talent she does not possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute per class level. The deadly assassin must possess that talent’s base sphere and meet any prerequisites (if a legendary talent). The deadly assassin may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her practitioner modifier. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack. If the deadly assassin uses this ability against before the previous duration has expired, it replaces the previous use. This replaces rogue’s edge. ability, though I'm mostly using it as an excuse to set up all her bases now and worry less about spreading her too thin.

RJ's probably good as a driver like, 30% of the time? Think her abilities should mesh well with using the tank as a melee weapon, with the sneak attacks and counterpunches on charges, so she'd be a good whenever you're aiming to slam into stuff at high speeds or do weird maneuvers in a fight. But uh, that's about it for that, think in ideal circumstances you wouldn't be so close to your targets, so she'd probably be messing with something else during the time, like providing supporting fire. Dunno if some of the maneuvers she'll be able to pull can cause stress to the tank too.

Don't think she's got anything special as a Commander or Loader or Engineer, though those roles have easier access to the hatches/outside world, unlike Driver, so she could be okay there (Driver doesn't have nearby hatches, just the machine gun, right)? Gunner might be good if the tank's in position to get a sneak attack off somehow. Maybe if there's a Stealthy driver or something. Can probably use her intimidating abilities through the gun, might use one of her free feats to get Shatter Defenses so she can sneak attack through that, but unsure if Duel of WillsDuel Of Wills (demoralization) [Youxia HB]
Whenever you roll initiative or as a swift action, you may expend martial focus to target a creature within medium range (100 feet + 10 feet per rank in Intimidate). That creature must succeed at a Will save or take a -1 penalty to Armor Class and Will saves for a number of rounds equal to your practitioner modifier. For the duration of the penalty, the creature counts as demoralized for the purpose of your Gladiator talents. For every 4 ranks in Intimidate you possess, the penalties increase by -1. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.
works with non-sphere stuff, since it doesn't technically inflict the shakened condition, just one that lets you use demoralization abilities as if it were shakened. And Shatter Defenses is a feat, not a demoralization talent, so... yeah.
EDIT: Err, just remembered, you can't sneak attack beyond 30ft, so the main gun wouldn't benefit unless she's blasting her targets point-blank. Same with Intimidate's base demoralization, but I'm assuming you can use the gun to demoralize foes at longer distances than 30ft. So uh, guess Fatal Thrusts can still work at longer ranges (since she's got a talent for that), but might be better for her to try and stick with the ramming and slamming tricks instead >.>

This is tentative, but for Athletics sphere talents that require you to be adjacent with a target during movement, is it easy for something as large as a tank to do this? Somewhat worried that they aren't going to be useful, since it operates on a much bigger scale than 5ft squares so there'd be a tight margin where they can work.

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10 hours ago, Niblooey said:

This is tentative, but for Athletics sphere talents that require you to be adjacent with a target during movement, is it easy for something as large as a tank to do this? Somewhat worried that they aren't going to be useful, since it operates on a much bigger scale than 5ft squares so there'd be a tight margin where they can work.

I felt like there might have been questions asked above this one, but I'm not quite sure. Re-ask if you need something else addressed.

As far as athletic talents, there are a few that specify adjacent to an enemy, but most actually seem to activate on moving through an opponent's threatened space. The kind of things you'll be going toe-to-toe with in the tank are going to be huge/gargantuan/colossal/++ so their threatened area will be significantly wider than being adjacent, and those talents will activate. Many of those things are going to be big monsters that want to close to melee range, so yeah, those kinds of talents will be useful. For ones that operate off adjacent, if it makes sense for them to also operate off of threatened area, I would likely allow that. It will be a situational basis.

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