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Dros Caldrani, Melee Occultist


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Name : Dros Caldrani
Race : Thinblood Half-Elf
Gender : Male
Age : 28
Alignment : Neutral
Class : Occultist (Haunt Collector)



Slightly grayer than one would normally expect a half-elf to be, Dros prefers to go about as heavily armored as possible, to the point that one might well get the impression that if he could sleep in his full armor, he probably would. Standing slightly taller than 6', he carries both a polearm and a heavy shield with surprisingly easy grace and the air of someone who knows how to use them.


Tending toward being quiet and reserved, Dros nevertheless appears to possess a ready smile, often coming across as being relatively friendly. Despite a willingness to chat with almost anyone, he tends to keep mum on more sensitive or personal topics, rarely talking about himself in any real detail unless he needs to. When working with others, he trusts them to do their job, just as he strives to do his.


Born in Sekamina to a somewhat rebellious middle class drow, Dros' childhood was less than pleasant. Thinbloods were disregarded even when they were the children of Matrons and 'important' humans, oft treated as a taboo topic. Knowing that his eventual fate was likely a poor one should he stay among the demon worshipping drow, Dros spent much of his childhood training in preparation to leave. When he came of age, he seized the chance, claiming that he had to 'earn' his place in the hallowed underground halls of Sekamina, and that he would set off to do so, and not return until he had. Of course, failing to do so wasn't much of an issue as he never intended to return to begin with.

Making his way to the surface of Golarion, he crossed the Inner Sea, heading to lands that were supposedly the birthplace of his father. All he'd had to go off of was the man's name though, and the research he'd conducted in his youth, but that was enough to point him in the direction of Osirion. It was as good a destination as any, and he arrived in Wati just in time for the excitement of the Necropolis being opened.


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