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The Skudal Imperium


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The Skudal Imperium


Ruler: Rat King Cuairt I

Diplomacy: 5

Military: 5

Industry: 2

Faith: 1

Intrigue: 3


The Skudal Imperium

Capital Region: Aite Salach (244)

Starting Ruler: Rat King Cuairt I

Starting Technologies: Animal Husbandry, Tall Sails

Religion: Cult of Skudal


Aite Salach has three main regions: the Airfalbh Islands to the south, the sprawling plains of Reidh in the east, and the rugged mountainside hills known as Righ Dion. While Reidh is far and away the most useful sector of Aite Salach with an abundance of farms and ranches, the capital of Ladirtabh rests up against the mountains in the far west.


The Feadhaine are race of anthropomorphic rats, standing on average approximately a foot and a half tall. Living for an average of fifty years, the Feadhaine thrive in tightly packed cities with homes stacked up against hill and mountainsides running along rustic cobblestone paths. They are known for their general adaptability to harsh environments, varied diets, and, of course, their unrivaled intimidation and pure ferocity.


The Skudal Imperium stands strong as an absolute monarchy under the bloodline of the Fala-Loidne family, which has held the throne in the city of Ladirtabh for the past seven generations. Though all records prior to their rule have been destroyed by command of King Geansaidh IV seventy four years ago, oral tradition suggests that the Feadhaine have always inhabited the lands of Aite Salach as a primarily agrarian society, cementing their claim to these lands regardless of the mode of government currently in fashion.


Rat King Cuairt I has taken over after the tragic loss of his mother, Rat Queen Obhmarbh II, after a tragic accident involving suspiciously timed construction work on the throne room. There have been rumors that he ordered the construction with sinister goals in mind, but no one has stepped forward with official information, allowing Cuairt to step forward and take control of the Imperium alongside his husband, King Mion Darnafar. The pair is advised by the Council of Erbail, a league of thirteen nobles and elders from around the Imperium with specific expertise in essential areas of managing the country, including deacons of agriculture, military, and recreation, among others. Although the Council can enact laws and taxes without direct permission from the Rat King, he may veto any of their decisions or make his own without their input, effectively rendering them a publicity stunt with no real power.


("King" and "Queen" refer to the ruler by birthright, "King Mion" and "Queen Mion" refer to a secondary ruler by marriage. Both are equally superior to the Council of Erbail as written in the laws of the Imperium, though the true ruler has permission to veto the minor ruler. The minor ruler does not take over if the true ruler passes away unless there are no eligible heirs.)


Religion - WIP


Native Resource - Blasda Pumpkins - Nothing is tastier to a Feadhaine than sticking one's head into a plump pumpkin and gnawing at the myriad of seeds inside. Blasda Pumpkins, a special strain developed over many generations, are grown en masse throughout the Imperium year-round and come in a variety of colors. The most of valuable of these, the cinnabar red pumpkins, are known for their delightfully sweet seeds and gooey flesh that can be used in a variety of baked goods and drinks.

Required Resource - Wood - Aite Salach's hills and plains lack a significant amount of forest coverage, while the softer wood found naturally on the southern islands does not lend itself well to construction. In order for the Imperium to continue its rapid population growth, additional lumber must be acquired. It also comes in handy for keeping many a rat warm.

Starting Ruler

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Starting Ruler
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