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Free Harbor

Free Harbor is now the city built upon the ruins of [REDACTED].  That city was dismantled stone-by stone and used to build a new city, though the statue to Wushall remains.  Currently ran by Aephren and his spouse Elladra, with the first child born in these lands, Free Harbor has been turned into a camoflauged fort with a pallisade, glacis, and roof - helped in large part by coordination from the Order of the Dragon and the Elvish Druid Iahalae.

Additional members of note:  Landen Talvendirk, "Old Man" Hinson, the halfling Tilly Frizzen, Brother Langdon, and Lieutenant Riall

As far as skilled / unskilled labor goes, this settlement is the result of the torn and tattered remnants of the first expedition meeting the remnants of the second expedition in their moment of rebellion against Captain Lily Stoddert, who seems to now be ferrying refugees from Drokvia to the remnants of New Haven. (Those latest deposited are en route to Awesdale after interception by your own group.)

I do not believe I ever put a firm number on how many NPCs there actually are here, but intuitively it feels like about 50, mostly unskilled. You might use the additional members of note as "Skilled" labor.

Fortifications are robust, housing is adequate for the current population, port facilities are marginal at best, food storage is adequate for the current population. I use current population very deliberately, as I think most can intuit that the Spring is going to bring a surge of people with their own goals and ideals.



The following occupations are included amongst the crew landed.  This list is not exhaustive, as any future party members will need to pull from this pool:

  • Laborers (10)
  • Soldiers (10)
  • Cooper (1)
  • Blacksmith (1)
  • Carpenter (1)
  • Cobbler (1)
  • Sailors (10)
  • Surveyor (1)
  • Cartographer (1)
  • Merchants (3)
  • Hunters / Trappers (5)
  • Farmers (3)
  • Naturalist (1)
  • Miller (1)

Current notable NPCs: John Hurley - Militia Captain



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