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Level 11-20 campaign through the Nine Hells to free those you care for from Asmodeus' machinations. Posting rate 2-3 times per week. Will use Roll20 for battles and possibly some exploration. Taking 4-6 characters. Application period ends 11:59 pm EST on 12/10/23.

Game System

D&D 5e



Detailed Description

Welcome to the Nine Hells

Asmodeus. A conniving master of many schemes, and the Lord of the Nine Hells. You knew that he often plotted to corrupt and win souls through the use of infernal contracts. You never thought that you would be one of his targets.

Now, you live with the loss. A hollowness where your soul should be or the fierce grief-ache of a stolen family member. If Asmodeus could not convince you yourself to sign a contract, he went after those closest to you.

Since then, you have been searching desperately for a way to recover what you lost....


  1. What's new in this game
  2. I for one, wouldn't be suprised if HELL froze over and all current travel contracts have been cancelled... with no refunds !
  3. They had gone to IHop and was mistaken for an international spy and have set off on a Jet-setting Adventure where they are going to save the Magna Carta from a Mongol Conspiracy to bring back Gengis Khan to restore the price of Tea to pre-East Indian Trading Company prices and find love with an ambiguously foreign spy.
  4. Maybe the eyeballkid is going through all the awesome applications... or got sucked into HELL ?
  5. Appearance and Personality Adventure Hook The Oathbreaker (Betrayal) Character History
  6. nearly done... Just need to finalize starting gear, and do some proof reading.... complete, if selected I shall finalise a few small items of gear.
  7. yeah... could be planning the beginning of the game... early short listing etc... there's heaps a DM does behind the scenes. I'll save a glass of eggnog 🎅
  8. To add to I would also point out, a few things have been added to the magic item pricing. Things I asked for, as an example, he never specifically said he priced them. But they were added to the list at some point. I'm not sure how to see when it was edited, but it was clearly edited somewhere after 11/24 when I requested the price check. I'm not saying it to call you out, or to call the GM out. Things happen. I'm just saying, being gone for a week is not unheard of. Especially around the holidays.
  9. I'm in another game that they're running, and they have been nothing but perfect there but has also been gone there too. And considering they put in a lot of time, effort and I think even money (I'm pretty sure they're using official module assets purchased inside Roll20), I'm certain something has just come up on their end and that they'll be back. Though I also do agree on the magic item pricing until after thing. Definitely something to be done during a pre-game "Session 0" sort of thing.
  10. Vicaste Do'rett "" BASICS Gender: Female Race: Half-Drow Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Twilight Cleric/Circle of Stars Druid Background: Background Feature: Languages: Common, Elvish, Drowic, Druidic Passive Perception/Investigation: Passive Insight: HP: Hit Dice: AC: Size: Medium Speed: 30 ft. Abilities & Skills Proficiency Bonus: +2 STR 8 (+0) DEX 13 (+0) CON 14 (+0) INT 13 (+0) WIS 15 (+0) CHA 12 (+0) +0 Saves +0 Saves +0 Saves +0 Saves +0 Saves +0 Saves +0 Athletics +1 Acrobatics +1 Sleight of Hand +1 Stealth (Expert) +1 Arcana +1 History +1 Investigation +1 Nature +1 Religion +6 Animal Handling +6 Insight +4 Medicine +6 Perception +6 Survival +1 Deception +1 Intimidation +1 Performance +1 Persuasion Proficiencies Languages Class Feats Race & Feats Armor: Weapons: Tools: Common Attacks Weapon To Hit Damage Type/(Range) Money Copper: 0 Silver: 0 Gold: 5 Platinum: 0 (15 Coins * .02 lbs. = 0.30 lbs. Total Weight) Encumbrance Weight: lbs. Status: Unencumbered Penalty: None Equipment Readied Equipped Items: ( lbs.) Armor ( lbs.) Weapons ( lbs.) Readied Items ( lbs.) Equipment Stored Stored Items: ( lbs.) In Backpack * Includes 5 lbs. for backpack Strapped To Backpack Magic Items Magic Items: (0.0 lbs.) Non-Attuned (0.0 lbs.) Attuned 0/3 (0.0 lbs.) Character Overview Appearance History Background SCAG: Personality Trait(s): Ideal: Bond: Flaw: Images Wild Shapes Extras
  11. Eggnog all round ! 🎅 And those little spiced minced fruit pies... with a dollop of cream.
  12. With the GM silent for a little over a week, this game might end up as a false start. It happens, and no judgement as we never know what's going on beyond the forum. My two cents if is able to swing back, to maybe skip the magic item pricing until after character selections as it'll be easier to sort through the number crunching with a smaller group.
  13. Only 3 weeks til Christmas... is it time to start drinking Eggnog ? 🎅
  14. I believe he's referring to the map tool. Many games use only the map there. It's about time we have something similar here, for our convenience. Nothing fancy. Just in-built.
  15. Oh yeah, Zeek could have a room upstairs even... filled with weird icons of beholderkind and maps of the underdark... and lots of candles. In addition to a small wine bar... known only to his closest friends. To everyone else in the city, he passes himself off as a follower of Myrkul. Complete with a Scythe carrying Spirit of Death that lurks around with him sometimes at night in the back streets. Zeek would actively encourage any expeditions and provide valueable intel to hunt down Lolth worshippers near the surface in the Underdark... particularly Drow priestesses.
  16. Well as my warforged is a "Grieving Widow" (the biggest air quotes around that LOL) I doubt she's doing any dating. But Waterdeep does have the Crawling Spider, a Drow-themed tavern. He could totally socialize their and be "under cover". Maybe even have a part time job there to hide out in. Lol
  17. Going to stick with a Shadow-touched Drow Warlock who can transform into a Shadow Daemon !!! He's full of pride, being the chosen one and all... goes insane sometimes after communing with some alien extra terrestrial being... and likes fine elvish wine. Soooo... Not ALWAYS evil... just Chaotic... tries to supress the evil inside him and remains Neutral where possible... HATES Drow females with a vengeance !!! Any takers for speed dating ... or drinking buddies after a hard day communing with an Outer Plane ? Yes he's wears a Skull helm (he has a long straw), it serves him better than revealing he's a Drow in public... and he is a snappy dresser in dark silken fine clothes and a hooded cloak, often gazes into a small silver hand mirror when he is alone. Waterdeep would be a locale, there's a Drow exit point in that vicinity... nice place to visit the local night scene... amd have Chaotic fun ! Also... he shares the same Charisma as the more popular Paladin types... tall, dark, handsome... witty... and dangerously appealing. HAS been known to disappear when the City Watch appear...
  18. I suppose I went super generic too. No specific places named, just a generalization. But, yes... there are a LOT of apps :p
  19. That's a lot of apps to go through! Lol Though I might have some time tomorrow night. Anyone from Waterdeep? Lol
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