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  1. The familiar acts on its own initiative. On your turn you could ready an action to attack on its turn (which would use your reaction) and it could grant you the Help action and thus advantage. It might do weird things with your bonus action since that would still have to be done on your turn.
  2. Ah. If you were referring to the spells and items introduced in those books then, yes, they're allowed.
  3. As far as I can tell Essence is correct and there is no official Ring of Protection +2. I don't really have a problem with creating one, but the Ring of Protection is already a rare item so this would very rare. You could take it as one of your free items. 5e does seem to have simplified the shield. If you want a buckler I'll allow it. Call it 5gp, +1 to AC, and it can be donned or doffed as easily as drawing or stowing a weapon. Not sure I want to mess with the tower shield.
  4. You can use it in combat, per its description you have to be holding one end though, so you'd have to have a hand free.
  5. It's a risk. Not specifically the "remove magic item" spell, but it's an object that isn't an integral part of your person, there's certainly always a possibility that it could somehow be taken from you. Theft or confiscation upon capture come to mind as mundane options and I'm sure there are non-mundane ones. Magic items can even be destroyed, it's just really hard. Edit: I found the question and noticed you specifically asked about losing it in battle. That doesn't seem particularly likely.
  6. I think I've answered the questions asked of me. If I've forgotten something, remind me. I didn't have much time today but I will try to do the outstanding price checks as well as get to a review or two tomorrow.
  7. I like Drakkenheim, I've even considered running it, but they do try to amp up their backgrounds a bit. Concentrationless Bless/Guidance for at least four people, even if it's a single use, possibly more than once a day, doesn't really feel in line with other background features. You can certainly use the rest of the background and substitute another feature. Or I'd let you forgo the bonus background feat and keep this feature along with another small bonus, maybe proficiency in Persuasion and Intimidation.
  8. 1. I'm allowing those backgrounds. Normally I don't but I'm trying something different that I saw and allowing a bonus feat (subject to some restrictions I spelled out in the creation rules) for those backgrounds that don't receive such a feature. Silvery Barbs is fine. 2. If you're talking about the options from Tasha's, you can use those. Off the top of my head I can't think of one that gives additional spells though, so are you thinking of something else? 3. Yes, that would be one way of enumerating it. 4. I'll try to get to price checks tomorrow.
  9. "I learned that there is a good deal more to flying a spelljammer than technical proficiency and that I do indeed think that it is a skill, perhaps it's better called an art, that I could become proficient at as well. I suppose I learned that the multiverse is weirder and more wonderful than I had imagined as well. And I received a reminder to think outside of the box: exoskeleton polish can be a hair-styling product, candy can be a medium for exchange, and a mop can be a deadly weapon." "As the recipient of the assault in the bunks, and of my teammates' aid, I too believe that this is a crew that I can and would want to work with. In addition to the incident in the dormitory, we came up with a plan to tackle the orientation task list and followed it until we deemed that a better plan was possible and we followed that." "Hm. Questions... Why did we get blue helmets for the Sky Dock? The obvious answer is that you wanted us to go to the Sky Dock, but the receptionist at Administration seemed to think it was unusual..."
  10. So thunder damage for the axe? I'll set the shield at 4500 gp. Which group raised Ishka? Why pick her and why would they think that it was a good idea? You said she doesn't regret the contract, does she want out of it or is she perhaps looking to renegotiate? Is it primarily the goblinoid type monsters that she sees the worth of and wants a voice for or does she include others? Devils? Will Ishka seek to lead the group? How will she react if her leadership is rejected?
  11. Looks good, the magic items are fine. I did set Cloak of Protection at 3000gp so you charged yourself 500gp too much there. You said that Thayer doesn't know why Payton signed the infernal contract but knows that he did. How does he feel about that? Does he believe that one could do that for a 'good' reason and believe his mentor had one? If not, or if he's unsure, how does that make him feel about journeying to Hell to rescue him? He's spent a fair amount of time fighting evil. How would he feel about being sent into Hell with individuals of evil alignment. If it happens, it probably will be the Conclave that makes the choice to do so. Will he trust their judgement?
  12. Gil's dagger slides in easily past the goblin's defenses and he falls over dead as it pierces his heart. The last remaining goblin turns and runs up the passage to the left but a moment later comes tumbling back down in a cascade of rock and dirt as part of the passage apparently gives way. Party Status Name AC HP Init PP Spell Slots Abilities HD Conditions 15 3/10 +3 14 n/a Rage (0/2) 1/1d12 Raging (1 min) 12/15 7/7 +2 10 1/2 Arcane Recovery (1/1) 1/1d6 Mage Armor (8h) 15 5/5 9/10 +2 11 2/2 1/1d8 none 16 3/10 +5 15 n/a 1/1d8 none 14 11/11 +3 16 n/a Misty Step (1/1); Silvery Barbs (1/1) 1/1d10 none 18 8/13 +2 14 n/a Second Wind (1/1) 1/1d10 none 15 9/9 +4 12 2/2 Bardic Inspiration (4/4); Healing Hands(1/1) 1/1d8 none Battle Status Init Block Combatants Notes 1 Amilee, Ander 2 Goblin Boss, Red Dot Goblin 3 Gil Gil Raging 4 Pink Dot Goblin, Green Dot Goblin > 5 Elberen, Eireann, Kit Healthy | Mildly Injured | Moderately Injured | Badly Injured | Critically Injured | Unconscious/Dead You're up!
  13. Light pretty much means you can use it for two weapon fighting. You can draw one weapon as part of your attack or move action, drawing a second takes an action. Drawing two at once is the province of the Dual-Wielder feat.
  14. Chaeek didn't really care terribly about what the hobgoblin officer was doing, nor plan to turn him in, at least without knowing a good deal more about what was going on, and looks at the law book a bit distastefully, though at least he didn't get a whole pile of bureaucratic manuals. Now if they were handing out tech manuals.... "Say, you don't have any manuals that detail the tech specs of these ships, do you?". It couldn't hurt to ask.... "We did receive a tasklist, this was our last stop. I guess that means we report back to the simulation deck?", he looks to the others for confirmation.
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