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About This Game

This game will use the original 1974 edition of the D&D rules. It will start out dungeon delving but move on to utilize wilderness rules.

Game System

OD&D (Chainmail)

Detailed Description

Four hundred years ago a vile priest named Vexilis rose to dominate the forces of Chaos. He gathered evil men and hideous monsters into his legions and cut a blood soaked swath across the civilized lands. His forces paused at the edge of the Rolling Plains at the foot of the Dragonspire Mountains. There he constructed an unholy fortress call the Temple of Evil Chaos. He intended to create a stronghold to guard against defeat but the pause gave the civilized lands and the Church of Law time to regroup and organize. The Grand Army of Law slammed like a hammer into the dark stone of the Temple and it gave way under the pressure. When the forces of Law were done every stone had been scattered and every man and monster who could be found that fought under the flag of Chaos was brought down. So complete was victory that peace reigned for generations after, but Chaos is insidious. It has crawled back into the world, haunting dark places and making borderland roads unsafe to travel. The nations of the Rolling Plains have troubled each other with wars that have left even more land barren and open for the darkness to slither in.

The Village of Downhaven sits on the crossroads between nations. It has enjoyed the protection of Castle Wolfsburr that looks down on the village from the highest hill. House Valcourd has been able keep the area neutral in the recent troubles and out of harm's way as armies shift around the borders of Valcourd lands so that trade is not disrupted. The fields remain productive and the water clean. The few refugees that have come this way have not been burdensome. Everyone in the village had begun to believe that Downhaven was untouchable.

This assumption has been proven flawed over the last fortnight. Bandits attacked peddler train on the West Road. A refugee family disappeared from a camp a couple miles east of town. Strange baying sounds have been heard coming from the Brambles, a small marsh a short walk to the north. All of this was tolerable until Marna Goodspring, the town wise woman, disappeared and the strange hobnail tracks led straight to the Washnoran Falls. The folk of Downhaven have always known there were caves behind the falls, but there was never much reason to worry about them. Now they are worried.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Lionel asks, " hmm was the dam created by the village or someone else. If we break the dam will it give more water to the village or flood it"
  3. Barlo leads the group to the top of the trough, where it meets the falls. The trough runs out of a recess behind the falls. The mystery of why the trough is dry is answered as you reach the point where going any further would take you behind the falls. A couple feet from where the falls rush past the trough is blocked with a four foot tall mud and stone dam. The dam forms a giant pool in a cave behind the dam. Water runs over the edge adding back into the falls. The cavern raises up ten feet above the water level and goes back into darkness.
  4. Zyira said litle to the Elder, but assured him with body language and expression that she meant to ease his worries. When at last she and her companions made their way, she patted him on his shoulder. "We will see her returned." Not one to give too much hope to the desparate, she does not declare whether or not this is alive... just, that she will return home, and home will see her returned. Zyira grips her shield and spear as she proceeds with her companions, amber eyes scanning the area for any trouble... or, hiding places from which Goblinoids might attack adventurers such as herself and her companions.
  5. "Very well. Off we go." Barlo says as he starts moving up the trail. He will keep an eye out for any traps that might be set along the trough.
  6. Red Max nods silently and follows Barlo following the trail.
  7. Oh, jeez, I just saw that we got started. 🙀 This was Operator Error on my part!
  8. "Them there markings look like hobnail boots." Dugrule makes a weird sound then spits off to the side. "Goblins and Hobgoblins like to wear that type of boot" The old dwarf pulls out his dwarfish made sword and takes his shield off his back. "Better be on yer guard moving forward."
  9. Lionel inspects the path and comments, " well looks safe lets go."
  10. It doesn't take Barlo long to find the beginning of the path. There is a vertical split in the rock face that looks like a small crack from in front of the falls but once you are able to move in closer through the rabbit brush it is a four foot wide trough that the falls cut through the rock. The trough is about 6 foot deep and runs about halfway up the falls, around 100 feet up. The water has been diverted out of the trough for quite some time, the edges are well scratched with the passage of hobnail boots, the favored footware of goblinoids of all sizes.
  11. BW sorry for the delay I got my post up this morning, Hope all is well.
  12. Dugrule just snorted at the elder humans notion about an ambush site. "They better bring their A game if the critters aim to hurt us." the dwarf spits on the ground and rubs it in the dirt to make his point. "If she is alive we will bring her back."
  13. Lionel says, " we will do everything we can to rescue him. "
  14. thanks for the invite don;t know why the invite took mythweavers long to update me
  15. "We will get him back," Red Max says, referring to the missing elder. "And if an ambush comes, the creature will rue the day."
  16. BW, I am in South Florida, were going to Legand with our Grand kids that live in Georgia about 8 hours from us. I didn't expect the game to start so soon. It will be Monday before I can start. I may be able to post late Sunday night when I get home. Is my PC finished, did I do the encumbrance right?
  17. "I can sense the need for someone to comment about halflings and rabbit brush. So how about I just go have a look see." Barlo says unhitching his axe from his belt as he starts looking for a path into the brush.
  18. Don't forget the 350cn bonus for the 17 strength on encumbrance. That should put you at heavy foot movement.
  19. Your PC looks good to me, dont forget to list his PR I think 17 Str gives you +10%
  20. You answered the call of the village elders to find Marna Goodspring. The walk to the Washnoran Falls was a relatively short one. You now stand around the base of the falls looking up through the mist created by the crashing water. The village's elderly tracker, Thorn Ironwood told you how to find the trail that leads up to the falls. "A steep climb but simple enough. Just work your way through the rabbit brush on the left of the falls and you will find the path. Be wary, times have changed since I was last up there. If something is causing trouble they will have a good lookout spot well above you. Good place for an ambush." The grey-bearded huntsman warned. The wise woman's time is limited. Those who followed the trail were certain that it the tracks were not human. More likely the missing elder was kidnapped for eating rather than ransoming.
  21. All ought to be good! She is ready for review. Portraiture, saturated and filtered, came from one of those Artificial Intelligence robot programs -- MageSpace, to be exact. Let's she get accepted and see at least one Hit Die be grafted onto her before she gets any more artwork done.
  22. I'm willing - grudgingly! (the grudge lasts for about five seconds) - to shuffle things into a Magic-User, but I also like to look out for Clerics, having been one in the past. I tried my absolute best to recruit people over from Twitter, but it's all horses and water over there.
  23. This is the applications so far. Player: Red Max (human Fighter) dtspurrier (human Cleric) excior (dwarf Fighter) scary wizard (hal-felf Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User) Mhogrymm (halfling Thief) I have played in a couple of BW's odd games but I am way not versed in the mechanics however will this be a good mix of classes or do we need a thief ( Assuming I make it in the game?)
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