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You are a member of the Low Council, a guild of thieves and rogues with tendrils throughout the city of Tremont. A new guild has moved into Tremont, the last safe harbor between the Capital and the pirate filled waters of the Sea of Storms that threatens the very existence of the Low Council. The Low Council is already lost (Or will be by the end of the introduction section), do you have what it takes to force those responsible to face retribution?

Have you ever wanted to play a game in the style of Ocean’s 11? The Italian Job? Mission Impossible? This is the game for you.  I am looking to recruit 4-6 players to play out this adventure. I will be using Here’s to Crime a 5e conversion of the play & flashback mechanic from Blades in the Dark. This will be a heavy RP & skill check focused game with some combat built in because…D&D.

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  2. Surge Strongtide Race: Shifter (Wildhunt) Class: Barbarian (Beast) Background: Sailor/Pirate
  3. i have a concept for a barbarian or fighter type, lets see some rolls
  4. Revised the application. 1. Copper is now male, a couple of years older. 2. Tweaked skill proficiencies and expertise skills to better fit the character concept (Fixer) and his suitability for the campaign premise. 3. Tweaked personality to make him a little more street and a little more Ferris Buellerish--and a little more suitable for the campaign premise. 4. Tweaked backstory given that he's male. 5. Tweaked Statblock format to bring it more in line with typical D&D stat blocks and make it easier to read and quickly find key information.
  5. I think she's ready for review. You can find her sheet by clicking her name at the top of the thread, or I don't know that much about 5e, but I rolled pretty well for stats, so that must count for something, and I think this rogue/bard build reasonably represents a swashbuckling captain. I'm open to advice or whatevers, though. Her backstory got away from me, so I put it in a spoiler and added more digestible bullet points.
  6. Tried to copy, then tried to write it. They didn't even give me fun stats when I finally got it working, nothing at a fun low, just stuff at below average, and only one stat at a high... Going to probably end up with 27 point buy.
  7. Scratched Key Dao Genie Vessel Description: An old, scratched iron key, seemingly ordinary but with faint, almost imperceptible runes etched along its length. Backstory: Ursula found this key in an abandoned building, its true nature was revealed only to her. It became the vessel for her bond with the Dao Genie. Symbolism: The key represents potential and access to hidden powers. Its mundane appearance allows it to blend seamlessly with her other thief tools, which hang in a pouch around her neck, hidden under her clothes, armour and robe. Pyrokin wildfire spirit Appearance: A dragon-like spirit with scales of molten obsidian and flames flickering between them. Its breath is a jet of fire. Wildfire Spirit Small elemental Armour Class 13 (natural armour) Hit Points: 30 (5 + five times your druid level) Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover) STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 14 (+2) 13 (+1) 15 (+2) 11 (+0) Damage Immunities fire Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, grappled, prone, restrained Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 12 Languages understands the languages you speak Actions Flame Seed. Ranged Weapon Attack: your spell attack modifier to hit, range 60 ft., one target you can see. Hit: 1d6 + 3 fire damage. Fiery Teleportation. The spirit and each willing creature of your choice within 5 feet of it teleport up to 15 feet to unoccupied spaces you can see. Then each creature within 5 feet of the space that the spirit left must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take 1d6 + 3 fire damage.
  8. Magic Items: Robe of Useful Items uncommon, wonderous magic item This robe has cloth patches of various shapes and colours covering it. While wearing the robe, you can use an action to detach one of the patches, causing it to become the object or creature it represents. Once the last patch is removed, the robe becomes an ordinary garment. The robe has two of each of the following patches: Dagger Bullseye lantern (filled and lit) Steel mirror 10-foot pole Hempen rope (50 feet, coiled) Sack In addition, the robe has 4d4 other patches. Pit (a cube 10 feet on a side), which you can place on the ground within 10 feet of you x2 Rowboat (12 feet long) x2 Wooden ladder (24 feet long) x3 A riding horse with saddlebags x2 Silver coffer (1 foot long, 6 inches wide and deep) worth 500 gp x2 Bag of 100 gp Ruby of the War Mage common, wonderous magic item (requires attunement by a spellcaster) attached to her shortsword, covered by an old leather pouch and tied off.
  9. Ursula "The Spider" Druid (wildfire) 5/ Warlock (Dao Genie) 1 Hp: 33/33 | Ac: 16 | Init +2 Percep: 23 | Invest: 15 | Insight: 18 Ursula "The Spider" "The wild is always present, even when most choose not to see it. Men are just another predator, and cities are nothing but their brood pits and hunting grounds. When predators grow too numerous for the prey to support, they starve, flee, or kill each other off. And when they do, the stone jungles will find more robust creatures to nourish. Brilliant adaptations to glorious new ways of life will spring from the ashes of the old order, like fresh saplings after a wildfire." To the normal citizens of Tremont, she's just some crazy dwarf woman who likes to sleep on unwatched roofs. It never occurs to them that all the access doors are still locked. Her favourite haunts are the roofs of run-down tenements or the cellars of abandoned warehouses, and she never uses the same lair two nights in a row. A middle-aged dwarven woman coated in bird droppings and moss walks the rooftops and sewers unseen as she seeks out poor and injured rats, spiders, beetles, and pigeons. She speaks to them, cares for them, and nurses them back to health. Her eyes are everywhere. After a while, people don't even notice them. The enlightened know that you never go looking for her. You just find a dark alley and tell a rat, pigeon, or spider your problem. If she decides to help you, she already knows where to find you. She knows everything that happens in this town. And if she knows something she doesn't like, the cellar can only keep you safe for so long. Ursula's Background and Ties to the Low Council Ursula’s life before joining the gang is lost, all the past is forgiven and forgotten. When she tore herself free of the shallow dirt grave after having been buried alive, that is when her new life started. Ursula was wronged. As a young woman, a singer/performer of some renown, she was courted by the noblest of men and women. Some wanted only to hear her sing and play, while others coveted her in more carnal ways. It was one such noble and his friends who used and abused her, then had his men take her out into the city's wastelands to have her killed. The officer sent to kill her failed to do the job properly, merely smashing her head and body with rocks, thinking the injuries would finish the job. But she survived and thrived, becoming more feral. She sought out the officer and eviscerated him months later while he was patrolling. Ursula prowled the city streets, attacking and killing perpetrators whenever she came across a woman being assaulted. These killings caught the attention of the Red Claws, a Low Council's gang, that appreciated her passion for destroying prominent members of civilized society and being able to get in and out of locations without notice. It was here she found a new home. She still hunts the lands for those who attack women, tends to the animals that live with her, and enjoys their company over people. However, if you are patient and talk to the animals, she may come to watch you and help you with your problems, if she finds you worthy. Her temper has eased over the years, and now she trains others in the arts she has picked up, performing rites and rituals as well as telling stories around the fires of the Red Claws and those who find themselves on the bottom of civilization. She shares what knowledge and food she has, fostering a sense of community among the outcasts. Ursula's Personality Ursula is shrewd and pragmatic, often coming across as a bit cold and sometimes violent. She has a temper, but if you stay true to your own nature, she can be quite loyal and less aloof. She prefers the company of animals and those who respect nature. Ursula is highly learned and perceptive, with a keen understanding of the motivations of others.
  10. "Everything you've heard about me... It's all true." Appearance Height: 5'11" | Weight: 170# | Complexion: Polished Jet | Eyes: Dazzling Emeralds | Hair: Black Silk Lysandra Kade is a statuesque half-elf. She has well developed shoulders, small biceps, faint abs, and an athletic build that speaks to her life at sea. Her skin is a flawless, deep ebony that shines in the sunlight. Her sleek, black hair falls straight and smooth to the nape of her neck, the occasional salty sea breeze whipping the hair away from her striking, angular face. Her eyes, a vivid emerald green, are sharp and perceptive, honed by years of navigating treacherous waters, both literal and figurative. Calloused hands speak to her hard work and that she is no idle captain who directs from the safety of her captain's cabin; she knows every inch of her ship, the hands of a woman who can feel the mood of the sea through the ships wheel. She wears a loose white tunic, the neckline plunging as far as it can before disappearing into the emerald colored silk sash that acts as a makeshift belt of sorts. The tunic is complemented by loose red trousers that billow slightly with the wind. Her overall attire is simple, but a bold splash of daring and color in the dismal city. Personality Lys is gregarious, forward, decisive, courageous, and boastful; a strong leader to her crew. She is not one to rush to violence, and prefers to use diplomacy, subterfuge, deception, and seduction to get her way. She is not beyond intimidation, but recognizes that burnt bridges can't be rebuilt, so she prefers a softer approach. She has a powerful, forceful personality and is a good liar. She is profit-focused, and does not shy away from cargo of questionable legality, but make no mistake: she is no pirate. She runs her ship to the same standards of the highest navies, demanding nothing short of perfection from her men. Her keen ears are always listening for opportunities to make a tidy profit. A daredevil and a gambler, she's always open to a spicy wager. Lys values freedom above most else, though she is fiercely loyal to her crew and the Ebon Tide. It takes little to no provocation to goad Lys into telling any and all in earshot about her many adventures. Background Early Life and Departure: Born in l'Archipel de Pélican: A cluster of semi-tropical islands at the world's edge, marked by a simple, subsistence lifestyle. Childhood Influences: Fascinated by the occasional foreign ships and their sailors' tales, which stirred her longing for adventure beyond her mundane surroundings. Decision to Leave: At twelve, she disguises herself as a boy and secures a spot on the cargo ship Farsight, bound for Tidecrest, using her skills to convince the captain of her usefulness. Arrival in Tidecrest and New Beginnings: First Impressions: Overwhelmed by Tidecrest’s grandeur compared to her island, with its towering stone structures and luxuries. Driven by Ambition: The opulence ignites a desire for wealth and a better life, shifting her aspirations towards personal gain. Survival Skills: Quickly adapts, developing street smarts necessary for city life; turns to thievery as a means to an end while aiming to return to the sea. Path to Becoming a Sailor: The Windrunner: Drawn to the two-masted brig Windrunner, intrigued by its ebony wood and the stories of its voyages. Meeting Captain Kara Grimbash: Makes a bold proposal to learn all aspects of ship life in exchange for work. Rapid Learning and Integration: Learns various skills quickly, becoming a versatile member of the crew despite some resistance due to her bypassing traditional hierarchies. Key Adventure and Discovery: Serenity Cove: Sneaks out to explore and meets Talin, an aquatic elf, leading to a discovery of a sunken temple and the Star of the Depths. The Star of the Depths: Acquires a mysterious and powerful amulet, known for its connection to sea deities and storied past of bringing fortune and doom. Secret Deal and Ascension: Trades the amulet with Captain Grimbash for the Windrunner, securing her position as captain amid controversy. Transition to Leadership: Captain of the Windrunner: Faces challenges as the new captain, dealing with crew dissent but ultimately solidifying her command. Future Aspirations: Continues to navigate the complex waters of maritime trade and smuggling, driven by her relentless pursuit of success and adventure. Renaming and Refurbishing the Ship: Renaming the Windrunner: Lys renames her ship the Ebon Tide, reflecting her intention to reveal and embrace the ship’s true nature. Restoration: Removes the faux-oak paint to showcase the ship's rare ebony wood construction. She pledges to maintain the ship’s appearance in its natural state. Visual Changes: Replaces the white sails with deep red ones, ensuring the Ebon Tide is unmistakable and striking at sea. Adding a Third Mast: Several years later, Lys invests in adding a third mast, enhancing the ship’s renowned speed with the help of druids and dwarven shipwrights. Strategic Navigation and Smuggling: Utilizing the Ship’s Design: Exploits the Ebon Tide’s shallow draft and agile handling to navigate risky waters that other ships cannot, opening unique trade and smuggling routes. Selective Cargo: Focuses on transporting high-value, low-volume items, often on tight schedules, making smuggling a lucrative part of her operations. Reputation: Establishes a reputation as a reliable and professional captain, known for her effectiveness and connections in both the underworld and official circles. Continued Life of Crime: Persistent Thievery: Despite her success, Lys continues to engage in pickpocketing and purse-cutting in port towns, driven more by thrill and habit than need. Daring Heists: Accrued a reputation for several bold heists, reflecting her daring nature and refusal to fully abandon her roots as a thief. Affinity for Tremont: Grows to appreciate Tremont, drawn to its well-organized criminal elements and the governance of the city by the council of six crime lords. Crisis in Tremont: Impounding of the Ebon Tide: Faces a major setback when the Ebon Tide is inexplicably impounded by dock authorities, disrupting her operations. Search for Answers: Struggles to find explanations or solutions, hinting at larger conspiracies or challenges affecting the criminal and maritime networks in Tremont. Backstory Lysandra Kade was born on l'Archipel de Pélican, a dead end group of semitropical islands at the end of the world. The free-spirited girl always felt stifled by her tiny homeland, everyone living a simple life of bare subsistence. The islands were lush and fertile, but had little to draw the eye of the larger world, which was obsessed with metal and jewels. The only bit of exactment the young girl ever had was when the occasional foreign ship that tied up to the ramshackle dock on the main island, Île du Verger. Usually whalers or fishing vessels that had come afoul of unfavorable winds and stopped in the l'Archipel de Pélican looking for fresh water and food, but their sailors had interesting tales nonetheless. The young girl cherished these stories, imagining herself as the intrepid heroine, an ephemeral break from farming and fishing. Seeing no real future for herself in the archipelago, Lys hatched a plan to escape. At twelve, she disguised herself as a boy and talked her way onto the Farsight, a small cargo ship out of Tidecrest, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thalassar. An unseasonably long monsoon had blown the ship out to l'Archipel de Pélican, and the ship briefly stopped at Île du Verger to resupply and repair their sails. The captain was hesitant, but Lys had enough experience in mending canvas and splicing line to convince him she would not be a burden, though her insistence that she only wanted transportation to a larger port, and not pay, may have been what won the old sailor over. While the difficulty of ship life was compounded for a girl trying to hide her gender on the cramped vessel, she was used to hard work and her excitement for the future kept her spirits up despite the brutal conditions. Three months later, the Farsight docked at Tidecrest. Lysandra was awestruck by the size of the city and, to her, the wonders held within. l'Archipel de Pélican had no stone structures, not even stone foundations, but Tidecrest had towers, cathedrals, and castles hundreds of feet high, made of stone, decorated with stunning stained glass windows. She though she was prepared for the sights from the stories of the sailors, but Tidecrest was beyond anything she could imagine. She swiftly dismissed herself from the Farsight and, barefoot and broke, explored the wonderous sights of the city. Attracted by the tall stone buildings and stained glass, Lys made her way to hightown, where the rich folk live. Manicured mansion grounds, fancy storefronts stuffed with extravagant jewels, noble ladies pulled in magnificent carriages by huge white stallions, luxuries she'd hardly dreamed of. Her awe was quickly replaced by something else. Lys grew up in a small, agrarian society. The immense wealth on display in Tidecrest planted a seed in Lys; she wanted her own piece of the pie. She had always longed for adventure, but only adventure for the sake of adventure. But now, she saw adventure on the high seas as the path to her own personal fortune. Though young and sheltered, Lys was not naïve or stupid. The street smarts for a girl to survive alone in the city came swiftly to Lys. She had a sharp mind, a quick wit, and faster hands. A bad harvest back home for a single family could have the entire tribe struggling through the rest of the year, but here they just threw food away! A pickpocket and cutpurse was born on the streets of Tidecrest, and never once did she feel shame or regret from stealing from the rich cityfolk. She was good at it, but thieving was only a means to an end, to subsist until she could find her way on to another ship. After a few months, Lys attention was drawn to a two masted brig that came into port. The brig was painted to mimic oak, but Lys could see streaks of black under the chipped and scratched paint, the natural veneer of the ebony wood underneath peeking through. Chatting up some of the dockhands, she came to find out the the ship was the Windrunner, a well-known cargo ship captained by the half orc Kara Grimbash. According to the dockhand, a weathered leonin, the Windrunner hauled all manner of exotic goods across all the oceans of the world, and she did it swiftly. This was exactly what Lys was looking for. A legendary(ish) ship! Tall, broad-shouldered, and with scars crisscrossing her sea-green skin, Captain Grimbash was not difficult to pick out amongst the crew on the deck of her ship, and Lys laid in ambush, eagerly waiting for the captain to leave her ship. Towards sunset, after the ship had been unloaded, Kara did leave her ship, and Lys pounced. Lys' offer to captain Grimbash was much the same as her offer to the captain of the Farsight. She wanted to work on a ship, but more importantly, she wanted to learn. She would take reduced pay in exchange for the opportunity to learn all the workings of the ship, without having to work her way up and through the normal ranks. The Windrunner was a mercantile vessel, but Kara ran her like a like a navy vessel, with much import put on seniority and experience. Grimbash thought it was a ridiculous proposal, but Grimbash had an affinity for girls and agreed to take Lys on and teach her as long as she also fulfilled some more personal requests from the captain. Lysandra had always been a fast learner, and almost supernaturally skilled at anything she tried. Displaying stamina belying her small frame, she took any extra shifts she could on the Tide, from shadowing officers to working the lowliest maintenance positions. Navigation and charts, repairs under way, cooking on board a ship, the officer rolls, finances, logistics. She even picked up some swordsmanship and a few handy magical tricks. Her appetite for knowledge was voracious. Once she learned to read, she would she would spend any spare time she had in port to visit the libraries or monasteries where books are kept. She helped herself (carefully) to any books they transported, endlessly seeking to learn any and everything she can. She was popular with the crew despite her on board education stepping on the toes of seniority, rank, and experience that were normally held fast to on a ship. She could not hide that she was a girl for very long, and though the crew of the Windrunner was well behaved, captain Grimbash aggressively reminded her crew that Lys 'belonged' to her. One peaceful night, some six years after Lys had joined the Windrunner, the ship was anchored up in a placid lagoon, aptly named Serenity Cove. Renowned for its crystal clear waters and untouched greenery, the cove is a popular stopover for ships passing by the island. It is rumored by old sailors to be blessed by an ancient sea goddess who grants protection to those who respect its tranquility. Eager to get out and stretch legs, Lys waited until most of the crew was asleep, then dove overboard. Neither the water nor the darkness balked the aquatic half elf, and the swim to shore was easy for her. She relaxed in the soft grass under a palm tree, nude save for the diving knife strapped to her ankle, watching the stars intermittently pop in and out of view as a gentle breeze flowed through the trees. She hears the sound of someone leaving the water and pulls herself into a sitting position, back against the tree. Lys does not recognize the man walking towards her from the shore, aside from his obvious heritage as a fellow aquatic elf. With one hand, she subtly reaches down to her ankle, unfastening the knife, making it ready to draw, though she assumes he would not have left the water so noisily if he meant her harm. He spread his arms, showing his hands to be empty in a universal gesture of non-threat, and introduced himself as Talin, a local of sorts. Lys could see from the gills on his neck and webbed fingers that he was more sea elf than human. After a brief chat, Talin made two propositions to Lys: one more flirtatious, and one to show her something 'amazing' if she agreed to the previous proposition. She did not really trust him, but found him quite handsome regardless, so took him up on his offer. They took their liaison just far enough into the jungle to hide from prying eyes and Lys fulfilled the first part of their bargain. It was enjoyable enough, though hard to relax with a stranger in a dark forest. After, Talin led her to a sinkhole at the center of the island, filled with - oddly enough - fresh water. They dove in, and Lys followed the sea elf through the narrow, roughly circular tunnels that wound deep under the island, Talin leading her to convenient pockets of air along the way. Eventually, they came into a vast underwater cavern which, by Lys' best guess, was well below the level of the ocean floor. Swimming further into the cavern, an ancient, sunken temple of algae covered stone loomed out of the darkness. The sea elf did not need to breath air, but she did, and the shock of this temple so far below the island nearly caused Lys to gasp, which surely would have led to her death. She centered herself and continued towards the structure. The architecture of it was vaguely familiar, though she could not place it at the moment. She had probably seen it in a book somewhere. Venturing into the temple, Lys finds the large main room, vaulted ceilings held up by pillars carved with symbols or images she could not make out through the algae growing on them. Some kind of alter sat at the center of the room, and Talin gestures, calling her over to it. Lys has to stifle another fatal gasp when she sees what lies on the table. While her vision in this sunless place is monochromatic, she can still recognize the gold and jewels that rest on the alter, silt and algae failing to fully conceal their lustrous shine. The opportunistic Lys begins to frantically grab up the treasures, silently bemoaning her lack of any way to carry more, but the sea elf is quick to stop her. She glares at him, wondering why he bothered to bring her all this way and showed her these treasures if she was not allowed to take any. He gestures again, holding up one finger. With her breath running out, she quickly scanned the table. One particular artifact caught her eye, not for its extravagance, but its relative plainness compared to the gold and huge, carved jewels. An amulet around two inches in diameter, shaped like a five pointed star that appeared to be made not from metal but some kind of stone. She quickly grabs the star amulet and swims for the last air pocket at the entrance to the cavern. Back on the surface, with the aid of the clear moonlight, Lys finally lets out a gasp as she recognizes the amulet she holds. It is made of shimmering blue coral, something not found in earthly seas. Wiping away a crust of grime and barnacles, she reveals the flawless, trilliant cut sapphire than makes up the heart of the amulet. Even in steady light the sapphire scintillates and sparkles, water seemingly moving endlessly about within the gem. From her studies of deep sea cultures and religions, she knows she holds the Star of the Depths. Each of its five points represents and aspect of the sea - waves, tides, depths, currents, and the horizon. Ostensibly made by a sea god, it was believed to be lost during a great storm that sank a legendary ship known as the Mistral Harbinger. Since then, it has passed through many hands, each owner meeting an unexplainable fate, often tied to the sea's whims. The amulet is said to bring great fortune but at a potentially steep price, as the sea does not give its gifts freely. She sneaks the treasure onto the Windrunner and hides it amongst her things, formulating a plan. The Windrunner's captain was reaching the upper fringe of middle age and was looking to retire to a less demanding life. Her crew did not know this, but Lys did. Lys offered the captain a trade: the Star for the Wind. Kara was enraged by her tryst with the sea elf and her failure to report the discovery of the treasure trove to her, but she quickly calmed, recognizing that the artifact would bring her more than enough to leave the sea and do whatever she wished for ten lifetimes. And so a deal was made. As the Windrunner was unloaded at her next destination, this time in Tremont, captain Grimbash announced her retirement and Lys' new position as full owner of the Windrunner. While Lys was popular, this decision was not with many of the crew, and more than a few quit in protest. Ultimately the Windrunner was a private vessel, and captain Grimbash could dispose of the ship as she pleased. The first order of business for captain Kade was to reveal the Windrunner's full glory. She renamed her the Ebon Tide and and had the faux-oak paint stripped from the ship. Kara had the ship painted to look like oak because the ebony wood the ship was made from was rare, expensive, hard to source, and difficult to work into planking for ships, and she did not want the Windrunner to have patchwork spots of normal oak peppering the hull of the ship when proper ebony wood could not be found or afforded. Lys promised the Ebon Tide that she would never hide her beautiful flesh beneath hideous paint again. She also had the white sails changed to a deep, rich red. Another major cost, but Lys wanted her ship to be recognized the moment she came over the horizon. The final major purchase, which came several years later, was to have a third mast added to the ship, an endeavor which took a great effort from druids and dwarven shipwrights to accomplish, but this addition made the ship that was already known for her speed even faster. Lys was an ambitious captain. Fully aware of the Tide's characteristics, she took full advantage of the ships uniquely shallow draft and snappy steering to take treacherous, rocky passes and narrow, shallow rivers that no other ship her size would attempt. Because the Tide's shallow draft meant she could not haul as much as other ships her size, Lys has to be picky with cargo, prioritizing low volume, high value cargo that needed to be transported on a tight schedule. This naturally made smuggling very small but very valuable items a tempting way to pad the finances. Lys already knew some unscrupulous characters in the major ports around the world, but her familiarity with the businesses of questionable legality. Captain Lys and the Ebon Tide had a reputation for no nonsense reliability, consummate professionals that know their way around both the criminal underbelly of the cities and the stuffy bureaucrats. Despite the profitability of the ship, Lys could not bring herself to stop picking pockets and cutting purses in town. A number of daring heists were attributed to her, even is she had little to gain from stealing jewels and coin. As a woman who rules over her ship with an iron fist, she came to like Tremont rather well, due to the high level of organization to the criminal element of the city thanks to the council of six crime lords that run the less scrupulous aspects of the city. On this day, there is something wrong in Tremont. The Ebon Tide has been impounded by dock authorities with no explanation, and captain Kade is having no luck finding answers... For the time being, her crew have scattered throughout the city, keeping their heads low. Friends The Table First Chairman – Dargon One-Eye: Ex pirate with a good understanding of delegation and choosing the right people for any given job. He is a charismatic father figure who genuinely cares for his little guild and enacts strict rules with strict punishments for breaking them. Lys respects Dargon for his leadership and vision for the guild. She views him as a mentor figure, someone who embodies the cunning and strength she aspires to. Due to his past as a pirate and his skill in delegation, Lys often seeks his advice on handling her crew and navigating the political waters of Tremont. Second Chair – Slade the Red: Slade was a thief that rose from the urchins of Tremont through the ranks. Slade was one of the best burglars and ran the roof runners who would rob the warehouses and merchant homes alike. Slade and Lys share a mutual respect born of their rise from humble beginnings. Slade appreciates Lys’s audacity and cleverness, seeing a bit of his younger self in her. They collaborate on operations that require a combination of stealth and seafaring prowess, and Lys has learned much about the art of burglary and stealth from Slade’s tutelage. Third Chair – Hammar: Hammar is a dwarf missing his nose. He was also a fair handed enforcer, he ran the collectors, the group of rogues who collected tribute and protection money from various merchants and shipping companies Lys's dealings with Hammar are strictly professional. She is not a fan of the work he does, but she appreciates that he has the honor to rob people in broad daylight. She understands the importance of his role and ensures that her activities do not interfere with his operations. On occasion, Lys provides Hammar with transport for high-value protection runs, leveraging her fast ship and reliable crew. Fourth Chair – Silk: Silk runes the flop houses and brothels and is very protective of her girls. Brothels usually welcome a ship coming in to port. Lys holds her sailors to strict behavioral standards, and Silk appreciates that she does not have to worry about her employees in the hands of crewmen from the Ebon Tide. Lys can be less well behaved than her men, but she never takes things too far and tips well. Fifth Chair – Glandar Tapper: Glandar runs the taverns of Tremont keeping the taps flowing The taverns also appreciate when ships come to port. Glandar and Lys often find themselves at the same social gatherings, and their relationship is cordial but distant. Lys tends to overdo it when she starts drinking, but her men keep their wits about them and are far less prone to drunken brawling than other sailors... or their own captain. Sixth Chair – Lord Gamar: A young lord and merchant in Tremont, Lord Gamar was the bridge between the guild and the merchants and the one who controls all the fencing operations throughout Tremont. Lys views Lord Gamar with a mixture of suspicion and necessity. As a bridge between the guild and the legitimate merchants, Gamar is someone Lys must deal with carefully. She relies on him for information about merchant movements and potential lucrative cargo but remains wary of his ambitions and loyalties. The Ship Thalia Greenthorn - Wood Elf, First Mate Thalia is known for her exceptional navigational skills and a keen eye for detail. Her elven heritage grants her excellent night vision, which is invaluable during nighttime maneuvers or in foggy conditions. Jorik Hammerfall - Dwarf, Quartermaster Jorik manages the supplies and armory of the ship. His gruff demeanor belies a meticulous organizer who ensures that the Ebon Tide is always well-provisioned and that every piece of equipment is in top condition. One of the officers that have been on the Tide longer than Lys. Mira Windcatcher - Half-Genasi, Sailing Master With her air genasi mother’s influence, Mira has a natural affinity with the wind, making her an exceptional sailing master. She can read the subtlest shifts in the wind and weather, guiding the Ebon Tide swiftly through treacherous waters. Eldon Thistletop - Gnome, Chief Engineer Eldon is responsible for the maintenance of the ship’s physical and magical components. His inventive nature and engineering prowess ensure that the Ebon Tide stays ahead with innovations and repairs. Nora "Knuckles" Brine - Half-Orc, Boatswain Nora oversees the deck crew and is responsible for the maintenance of the ship's exterior and rigging. Strong and commanding, she ensures discipline and efficiency among the deckhands. Varis Nightbreeze - Dark Elf, Navigator A deft navigator and strategist, Varis’s background from the underdark gives him a unique perspective on navigation by stars and subterranean currents, helping the ship chart unconventional courses. Lila Bardswell - Human, Ship's Bard Lila’s music not only boosts morale but also serves as a coded communication method during missions. Her songs and stories keep the crew entertained and spirits high. Another officer who has been on the ship longer than Lys. She is responsible for much of Lys' education, including the magical tricks she knows, and taught the girl how to be diplomatic and that sometimes a softer touch can get you further than a blade. Others Tobin Quickfingers - Human, Fence and Information Broker Background: A well-connected fence known for his ability to find buyers for any goods, Tobin also serves as an information broker, his networks sprawling across the criminal underworld of Tremont. Relationship with Lys: Lys often relies on Tobin to move high-value items discreetly. His information network is invaluable to her, helping her stay one step ahead of the law and competition. Elara Moonshadow - Elf, Rogue and Former Thief Background: A sharp and agile elf who has transitioned from thievery to running a network of spies for the Low Table. She is known for her stealth and skill with a bow. Relationship with Lys: Elara and Lys share a past rooted in small-time crime, and now Elara provides Lys with intelligence on the comings and goings in Tremont, especially movements that could impact her business. Garrick the Bold - Dwarf, Mercenary Leader Background: Leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Iron Shields, who are often hired for protection or enforcement jobs throughout the city. Relationship with Lys: Garrick’s mercenaries provide muscle for Lys when she needs extra security for her shipments. Mina Silvergale - Human, Shipwright Background: A talented shipwright known for her innovative designs and skill in repairing ships much faster than her peers. Relationship with Lys: Mina is responsible for much of the maintenance and upgrading of the Ebon Tide. Lys trusts her completely to keep the ship in top condition. Vincent Marrow - Half-Vampire, Nightclub Owner Background: Owner of The Midnight Veil, a popular nightclub that serves as a neutral ground for negotiations between various factions of Tremont's underworld. Relationship with Lys: Vincent provides a safe space for Lys to conduct discreet meetings. His establishment is under Lys's protection, and in return, he offers her information about the city’s nightlife and its secrets. Sister Alia - Human, Cleric of a Thieves' God Background: A cleric who runs a small shrine that doubles as a sanctuary for criminals seeking redemption or divine guidance in their nefarious activities. Relationship with Lys: Lys occasionally seeks Alia’s counsel for spiritual guidance, especially when her actions weigh heavily on her conscience. Which isn't often, but Aila has a nice voice.
  11. Mechanics Alignment: LE Proficiency Bonus: +3 INIT: +2 AC: 18 HD: 4d10, 2d8 HP: 56/56+10 (Fighter 1) +12 (Fighter 2 and 3) + 5 (Cleric 1) + 6 (Ranger 1) + 5 (Rogue 1) +18 (Con 17) STR: 18 (+4) [+8] DEX: 13 (+1) [+2] CON: 17 (+3) [+7] INT: 11 (+0) [+1] WIS: 16 (+3) [+4] CHA: 15 (+2) [+3] Speed: 30ft Passive Perception: 14 Darkvision: 120ft Skills +2 Acrobatics (Dex) +7 Animal Handling (Wis) Folk Hero +1 Arcana (Int) +8 Athletics (Str) Fighter +9 Deception (Cha) Rogue; Expertise +1 History (Int) +10 Insight (Wis) Fighter; Canny +3 Intimidation (Cha) +1 Investigation (Int) +4 Medicine (Wis) +1 Nature (Int) +4 Perception (Wis) +3 Performance (Cha) +6 Persuasion (Cha) Implement of Peace +1 Religion (Int) +8 Sleight of Hand (Dex) Ranger; Expertise +2 Stealth (Dex) +7 Survival (Wis) Folk Hero Armor: light, medium, and heavy armors, shields Weapons: simple and martial weapons Tools: Calligrapher's Supplies, Smith's Tools, Thieves' Tools, Vehicles (Land) Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Giant, Gnomish, Orc, Thieves' Cant Human Folk Hero Features: Rustic HospitalitySince you come from the ranks of the common folk, you fit in among them with ease. You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other commoners, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you. | Free Feat: Heavy Armor MasterYou can use your armor to deflect strikes that would kill others. You gain the following benefits: - Increase your Strength score by 1, to a maximum of 20. - While you are wearing heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage that you take from nonmagical attacks is reduced by 3. Fighter Features: Fighting Style: Blind FightingYou adopt a particular style of fighting as your specialty. Choose one of the following options. You can't take the same Fighting Style option more than once, even if you get to choose again. Blind Fighting You have blindsight with a range of 10 feet. Within that range, you can effectively see anything that isn't behind total cover, even if you're blinded or in darkness. Moreover, you can see an invisible creature within that range, unless the creature successfully hides from you. | Second WindYou have a limited well of stamina that you can draw on to protect yourself from harm. On your turn, you can use a bonus action to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + your fighter level (3). Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again. | Action SurgeStarting at 2nd level, you can push yourself beyond your normal limits for a moment. On your turn, you can take one additional action. Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again. Starting at 17th level, you can use it twice before a rest, but only once on the same turn. | Rune Knight: Bonus ProficienciesYou gain proficiency with smith's tools, and you learn to speak, read, and write Giant. | Rune Carver: Cloud and StoneYou can use magic runes to enhance your gear. You learn two runes of your choice, from among the runes described below, and each time you gain a level in this class, you can replace one rune you know with a different one from this feature. Whenever you finish a long rest, you can touch a number of objects equal to the number of runes you know, and you inscribe a different rune onto each of the objects. To be eligible, an object must be a weapon, a suit of armor, a shield, a piece of jewelry, or something else you can wear or hold in a hand. Your rune remains on an object until you finish a long rest, and an object can bear only one of your runes at a time. Cloud Rune This rune emulates the deceptive magic used by some cloud giants. While wearing or carrying an object inscribed with this rune, you have advantage on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks and Charisma (Deception) checks. In addition, when you or a creature you can see within 30 feet of you is hit by an attack roll, you can use your reaction to invoke the rune and choose a different creature within 30 feet of you, other than the attacker. The chosen creature becomes the target of the attack, using the same roll. This magic can transfer the attack's effects regardless of the attack's range. Once you invoke this rune, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest. Stone Rune This rune's magic channels the judiciousness associated with stone giants. While wearing or carrying an object inscribed with this rune, you have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks, and you have darkvision out to a range of 120 feet. In addition, when a creature you can see ends its turn within 30 feet of you, you can use your reaction to invoke the rune and force the creature to make a Wisdom saving throw. Unless the save succeeds, the creature is charmed by you for 1 minute. While charmed in this way, the creature has a speed of 0 and is incapacitated, descending into a dreamy stupor. The creature repeats the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success. Once you invoke this rune, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest. | Giant's MightYou have learned how to imbue yourself with the might of giants. As a bonus action, you magically gain the following benefits, which last for 1 minute: - If you are smaller than Large, you become Large, along with anything you are wearing. If you lack the room to become Large, your size doesn't change. - You have advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws. - Once on each of your turns, one of your attacks with a weapon or an unarmed strike can deal an extra 1d6 damage to a target on a hit. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses of it when you finish a long rest. Cleric Features: SpellcastingSpellcasting As a conduit for divine power, you can cast cleric spells. See chapter 10 for the general rules of spellcasting and chapter 11 for a selection of cleric spells. Cantrips At 1st level, you know three cantrips of your choice from the cleric spell list. You learn additional cleric cantrips of your choice at higher levels, as shown in the Cantrips Known column of the Cleric table. Preparing and Casting Spells The Cleric table shows how many spell slots you have to cast your cleric spells of 1st level and higher. To cast one of these spells, you must expend a slot of the spell's level or higher. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a long rest. You prepare the list of cleric spells that are available for you to cast, choosing from the cleric spell list. When you do so, choose a number of cleric spells equal to your Wisdom modifier + your cleric level (minimum of one spell). The spells must be of a level for which you have spell slots. For example, if you are a 3rd-level cleric, you have four 1st-level and two 2nd-level spell slots. With a Wisdom of 16, your list of prepared spells can include six spells of 1st or 2nd level, in any combination. If you prepare the 1st-level spell cure wounds, you can cast it using a 1st-level or 2nd-level slot. Casting the spell doesn't remove it from your list of prepared spells. You can change your list of prepared spells when you finish a long rest. Preparing a new list of cleric spells requires time spent in prayer and meditation: at least 1 minute per spell level for each spell on your list. Spellcasting Ability Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your cleric spells. The power of your spells comes from your devotion to your deity. You use your Wisdom whenever a cleric spell refers to your spellcasting ability. In addition, you use your Wisdom modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a cleric spell you cast and when making an attack roll with one. Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier Ritual Casting You can cast a cleric spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and you have the spell prepared. Spellcasting Focus You can use a holy symbol as a spellcasting focus for your cleric spells. | Peace Domain SpellsEach domain has a list of spells—its domain spells—that you gain at the cleric levels noted in the domain description. Once you gain a domain spell, you always have it prepared, and it doesn't count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you have a domain spell that doesn't appear on the cleric spell list, the spell is nonetheless a cleric spell for you. Cleric Level Spells 1st heroism, sanctuary | Implement of PeaceYou gain proficiency in the Insight, Performance, or Persuasion skill (your choice). Persuasion | Emboldening BondYou can forge an empowering bond among people who are at peace with one another. As an action, you choose a number of willing creatures within 30 feet of you (this can include yourself) equal to your proficiency bonus. You create a magical bond among them for 10 minutes or until you use this feature again. While any bonded creature is within 30 feet of another, the creature can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw it makes. Each creature can add the d4 no more than once per turn. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. Ranger Features: Favored FoeWhen you hit a creature with an attack roll, you can call on your mystical bond with nature to mark the target as your favored enemy for 1 minute or until you lose your concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell). The first time on each of your turns that you hit the favored enemy and deal damage to it, including when you mark it, you can increase that damage by 1d4. You can use this feature to mark a favored enemy a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. This feature's extra damage increases when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d6 at 6th level and to 1d8 at 14th level. | Deft ExplorerYou are an unsurpassed explorer and survivor, both in the wilderness and in dealing with others on your travels. You gain the Canny benefit below, and you gain an additional benefit below when you reach 6th level and 10th level in this class. Canny Choose one of your skill proficiencies. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses the chosen skill. Insight You can also speak, read, and write two additional languages of your choice. Dwarvish, Gnomish Rogue Features: ExpertiseAt 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves' tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies. Sleight of Hand, Deception At 6th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with thieves' tools) to gain this benefit. | Sneak AttackBeginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe's distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon. You don't need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn't incapacitated, and you don't have disadvantage on the attack roll. The amount of the extra damage increases as you gain levels in this class, as shown in the Sneak Attack column of the Rogue table. | Thieves' CantDuring your rogue training you learned thieves' cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves' cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a message than it does to speak the same idea plainly. In addition, you understand a set of secret signs and symbols used to convey short, simple messages, such as whether an area is dangerous or the territory of a thieves' guild, whether loot is nearby, or whether the people in an area are easy marks or will provide a safe house for thieves on the run. Attacks Mundane Unarmed 5 ft Bludgeoning +7 to-hit 1 Handaxe 5, (20 / 60) ft Slashing light, thrown +7 to-hit 1d6+4 Magical Sacred Flame 60 ft Radiant No benefit from cover DC 14 Dex save 2d8 Magic Items: Smoldering Plate ArmorCommon Wisps of harmless, odorless smoke rise from this armor while it is worn. Stone of Good LuckUncommon While this polished agate is on your person, you gain a +1 bonus to ability checks and saving throws. Attuned: 1Stone of Good Luck/3 Gear Currency: 124 gp Worn Gear: Black and Red Kerchief (Amulet to Mask) Common Clothes Smoldering Plate Armor Carried Gear: Backpack Handaxe, 4 Luckstone Portable Ram Shovel Inside Backpack: Block and Tackle, 2 Calligrapher's Supplies Chalk, 5 Crowbar Hammer Flour, 3 Potion of Healing, 2 Piton, 10 Signal Whistle, 6 Tinderbox Torch, 10 Rations, 10 Rope (Hemp), 50ft Rope (Silk), 100ft Smith's Tools Steel Mirror, 2 Waterskin Spell Save DC: 14 Spell Attack Bonus: +6 Spell Slots 1st [_][_] Cantrips Mending, Sacred Flame, Thaumaturgy Prepare 4 1. Bane, Bless, Detect Poison and Disease, Heroism*, Purify Food and Drink, Sanctuary* Ability Scores 16 +1 +1 12 +1 16 +1 10 +1 15 +1 14 +1 Human Heavy Armor Master Starting Gold Amulet 5gp Block and Tackle 2 2gp Calligrapher's Supplies 10gp Chalk 5 0.05gp Common Clothes 0.5gp Dungeoneer's Pack 12gp Flour 3 0.15gp Handaxe 4 20gp Portable Ram 4gp Shovel 2gp Signal Whistle 6 0.3gp Silk Rope 2 20gp Smith's Tools 20gp Steel Mirror 2 10gp 106gp
  12. Antoine "Tiny Tony" Le Petit "If you're up against a smart opponent, make him think himself to death." . Background Ask anyone and they'll say they've always known Antoine as a quiet old man driving the gentry around, lent around by the opulent for his services, merely a pawn in the game of the rich and luxurious. Some of the older folks might remember that he fought in the war, the revolution that came to their shores. That is finished, done, and over, but it has molded him into the man he is today. In his retirement, he was given the runaround by Lord Gamar. He was tasked to find and bring home the only remaining heiress of a chemical empire. And retrieve her he did, but only on the terms of the heiress and the lord. To see someone in their element, he is beyond impressed. [First name to Arabic Moon]He earned his begrudging respect. Whether he felt some sort of kinship to the pair, or he felt the excitement of his youth, he himself is unsure. What matters is a newfound purpose ignited within him. Antoine became more and more entangled in their escapades, his heart swelling with unprecedented emotions as he eagerly sought to be a part of their next adventure. Description Tall and battle-hardened, and yet he feels unassuming. He is an old man with old proclivities. He likes his chair comfortable, his steps numerable, and his trappings practical. His hair is short, light, and thinning. His skin is pale, almost translucent, as if they will slough off at the slightest of touches. Beneath his work clothes, he hides a body sculpted by hardship, muscles taut and lean, a map of wounds telling tales of struggle. His eyes, when observed up close, are devoid of warmth or spark. Like pools of water holding smooth stones at their depths, they reflect a vacant, milky gaze that pierces through all who dare meet it. He admits. He is not driven by ideology or loyalty but by his own interests and desires. He believes he is as resourceful and well-prepared as he is because of it. He is single-minded in the pursuit of happiness, harboring a deep-seated frustration against those who would not 'apply' themselves. He is bitter at those who have not found their lives' calling. Amoral and professional, he is detached from his work and the people it affects. He need not be swayed by moral considerations. The grand scheme of things is a burden he gladly passes on to others, his focus narrowed on the things within his grasp. A cog in a machine, he operates with ruthless efficiency, deaf to the cries of those caught in his path. [He is a very simple machine doing a very simple thing.] Title . Time is a precious resource that I must spend wisely. I speak rarely but mean every word I say. Redemption. I will train all the harder to make up for the doubt I entertained when I was younger. Unity. Working together, we can overcome all obstacles, even the most seemingly insurmountable ones. Deals are sacrosanct. I never go back on my word. I. Will. Finish. The. Job. I find civilian life difficult and struggle to say the right thing in social situations. I no longer enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Food is but ashes and bile in my throat. Show this Hide this . .
  13. Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to have a discussion with the selected players about a good posting rate for the group. I doubt it would go higher, it can certainly go lower. Though too low and it kills the game.
  14. Hi I just wanted to double check what you said in the Discord chat about posting rate. Are you looking for 3-5 posts from each player per week? I'm asking as I feel that would be a stretch for me and I don't want to overcommit myself. I don't want you guys to be hampered by my commitments to RL and other games.
  15. Would half-orc be considered an uncommon race in this setting?
  16. Hm. I figured DNDB would be able to generate a statblock. That ... doesn't seem to be the case =(
  17. Preface: Long ago, a clan of goblins found a cave that was more or less a 'promised land': It was large and spacious, had plentiful ressources, both ores for crafting and sources of food, and it was easily defensible. The goblins moved in, and times were good. For awhile. Turns out, perhaps due to a chaotic nature, goblins aren't great at long term planning. The clan grew, and eventually they ran out of space, and food became scarce. Now, they were in trouble: Below them was drow territory, above them dwarf. They'd have to relocate, or somehow establish relations with their natural enemies. A long debate followed, and it was decided to approach the dwarves. Dwarves may not like goblins much, but neither do drow, and drow are scary spider worshippers. However, the dwarves weren't having any. When an envoy was sent to negotiate for food, the poor goblin was killed. Desperate, the goblins settled for a more direct approach: Invasion. And miraculuously, they won, drove out the dwarves, and for a while, things were good again. But the dwarves went to their allies, the surface kingdom topside. Eventually, the dwarves returned with two regiments of the king's infantry. The goblins were slaughtered. Rakash's fate: When the humans and dwarves attacked, one young and curious goblin was outside, playing. He hid, and watched in horror as an insurmountable force invaded his home. He waited, tried to sneak in, but eventually knew the truth anyhow: He was alone. Desperate and lonely and hungry, he settled on a plan: He'd travel to the nearby human town of Tremont, and there he'd try to make his way among the tall folk. Trapped seemingly forever below the vast, gaping maw of the void above, with the blazing terror of the sun always basting down. In Tremont, Rakash joined the Low Council, serving loyally in whatever capacity might be required. However, he dreams of more. To his mind, nothing would be finer than finding a sweet gnome girl to marry, and raise a clutch of gnoblins (half-gnome/half-goblin, obviously), and running a legitimate business as cover for his very own thieves guild. He dreams of having his own lair, in some ruined old tower, filled with diabolical traps and piles of treasure.
  18. Alright. Despite rogues really only needing dex, I think I'd rather use point buy, resulting in this . I'll post backstory and so on ... let's call it 'forthwith'.
  19. Sure, I know - I mean, at least now I do. I kinda knew you can roll in the text field itself, but then I couldn't make it work in the dice roller. Turns out it only works in the .. table entry one.
  20. Added a relatively vague/general account of Silk, and Copper's relationship with Silk. It's in the section labeled "Backstory: People and Places." Let me know if any of it is unworkable.
  21. Basic Info Name: Leia (AKA, Leia the Broken, Previously known as "Zephyr") Race: Half-elf (aquatic TBD) Class: Sorcerer (Storm) Alignment: Chaotic good-ish, but not above a bit a thievery Religion: Minor faith in the god of sailors/oceans Background: Sailor (slightly customize) Description Leia has dark hair, almost raven black, which contrasts strikingly with her light blue eyes and pale skin. She must have been beautiful. But, that was before the "accident". Now, her face and body hold the ruin of what happened to her. Her nose must have been broken (and then set poorly) and there is jagged scar which traces across her face and slips under the edge of her collar to her chest. Her shoulders lay uneven to the world and there is an awkward hitch, a limp, to her step. She often wears a mask, or deep hood, to hide her face. Personality Leia has never said the same thing twice when asked about what happened to her. She once said she was trampled by a horse, another time it was an attack by a pack of dogs. A lie from her lips sounds so close to truth that she can be hard to get close to. However, when she pins you with her electric gaze, you want to believe. Whatever happened to her, she is now full of steely determination. She tends to be reserved, but can evidence changable moods. A dark moment can fall quickly to joy and then back again. She has a fondness for music, both her own and that of others. She envies beauty and is a defender of the weak. Her speech is like her beauty, broken. She is intelligent and surprisingly well-read, but she has spent years aboard a ship and has a habit of speaking, well, like a sailor. History As soon as the half-elf showed signs of power over sky, she was enticed, through the lure of adventure and riches, by Captain Ferris to leave her seaside home and join his crew. She had been a capricious teenager and her morals were soft enough that they did not break on finding out the Captain was a smuggler of stolen goods out of Tremont. On the ship, she was called "Zephyr". Her role was unique. She didn't hoist sails or tie knots, but she would use her powers to assist the crew in their tasks. She was also useful in a fight or on shore when receiving or selling goods. Given her talents, her position held some privilege and she had many hours to fill on the ship. She spent them reading and playing her flute. After a sucessful job, she often played for the crew as they soaked up their winnings with ale and song. As she grew more powerful and more valuable to the Captain, she was taken into his inner council and learned that the ship was to start smuggling people, slaves. It would be much more "lucrative", she was told. It was then that she found her limit. She rebelled against the Captain and was severely beaten for it. She was thrown off the stern into the ocean as dead. But, she wasn't dead. It's a soft blur now, but battered and bloody, she made it to shore. Was it purely the will to live? Was it a boon from a god? Was it luck? Was the wind's kindness? She's not sure. Recent Days Broken, alone and not wanting to involve her first family, Leia sought out Dargon One-Eye who, perhaps from some kinship of the sea, helped her. He gave her time, space and a safe place to recover. She's now healed, but not whole. Her body is ruined shell. Still, she is indebted to the First Chairman of The Low Table and would do much to repay him. And how does she feel about the Captain and his ship, The Blue Scythe? She does not hide from them. If they find her, so be it. She will hide her face, but not her existence and a taste of revenge would be sweet. Build thoughts Initial stats: 6, 8, 12, 17, 11, 16 (by 6th level: 6, 8, 12, 18, 12, 20) Feat: Skilled: Nature, Investigation, Performance Race: Half-elf * +2 cha, +1 int, +1 wis * darkvision * advantage agains charm & cannot be put to sleep * languages: common, elven + orc Background: Sailor (modified) Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception Tool Proficiencies: Flute (swapped for Nav tools), vehicles (water) Equipment: * Belaying pin (club) * 50 feet of silk rope * Flute (swapping for above) * a lucky charm: a gold plated button, torn from the waistcoat of the Captain as she was beaten * a set of common clothes * a pouch containing 10gp Class: Sorcerer Hit Dice: 1d6 HP: 32 Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows Saving Throws: Constitution, Charisma Skills: Arcana, Deception Equipment * staff (used for walking only, no proficiency) * an arcane focus : a compass whose needle spins constantly while she carries it (on a chain around her neck) * an explorer's pack * two daggers one dagger (typically unused) Spellcasting: 5 cantrips / 7 spells (tbd)// cantrips gust mage hand message shocking grasp thunderclap // 1 mage armor catapult shield // 2 invisibility enhance ability // 3 gaseous form lightning bolt / slots: 4/3/3 Font of Magic: 6 sorcery points Metamagic: extended spell and seeking spell Ability score (4th level): +2 cha Origin: Storm Wind speaker *speak Primordial, understood by Aquan, Auran, Ignan, and Terran Tempestuous Magic * may fly 10ft as bonus action upon casting a spell (1+) with no aoo Heart of the Storm * resist lightning and thunder damage * may causes creatures of your choice that you can see within 10 feet of you to take lightning or thunder damage (choose each time this ability activates) equal to half your sorcerer level upon casting a spell (+1) Storm guide * If it is raining, you can use an action to cause the rain to stop falling in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on you. You can end this effect as a bonus action. * If it is windy, you can use a bonus action each round to choose the direction that the wind blows in a 100-foot-radius sphere centered on you. The wind blows in that direction until the end of your next turn. This feature doesn't alter the speed of the wind. Magic items: * healing potions (2) * bag of holding (she's so weak!) * masquerade tattoo (each sailor of the inner council was given such a tattoo - it is necessarily a tattoo of the ship's emblem, a blue scythe, and she generally carries it just below her left collarbone) Other items: * Explorer pack: Includes a backpack, (replace with "satchel") a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it. * caltrops (1gp) * playing cards (5sp) * 118gp (a "loan" from Dargon to help get her started)
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