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About This Game

The sun is about to set when you finally see the first houses of Ragged Hollow. You walk through tidy lanes between the quaint cottages and blossoming gardens... which seem surprisingly deserted. But as you approach the west end of the town, you hear a muffled rumor, then shouts and exclamations: all the inhabitants are gathered in front of the elegant white Temple of Halcyon. To everyone’s amazement, the high building is now awash in waves of golden light, forming an impenetrable dome.

Game System

Old School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy



Detailed Description

The Halloo

In Ragged Hollow, as in most towns and villages in the region, the Halloo is that period of freedom and insouciance that separates youth from maturity. When the time comes, young men and women take up their walking sticks and set out from a few weeks to a full year. They walk along the roads and trails and stop at inns or camp in the meadows. They earn the money they need to keep going by doing odd jobs for farmers and craftsmen. This is a fondly remembered time, during which strong friendships are made with strangers and other hallooers. They then return home to the life their parents led before them. “All too soon the Halloo ends and the youth is over”.

Character Creation

  • Roll 4d6 drop the lowest. Assign in any order
  • Race-is-class or Race and Class; either is fine
    • If you even want to reflavor a race-is-class as another race that's fine
      • example: Elf is a Magus and Infravision is "Magus-sight"
    • No Drow
  • Carcass Crawler - any of the new classes/races with these exceptions.
    • CC#1 No Hephaestans; Combat Talents allowed
    • CC#2 No Phase Elfs; Item-Based Encumbrance and Quick Equipment used
    • CC#3 No Dragonborns nor Tieflings; Items for the expanded equipment list are available.
  • Max hit points at first level
  • Starting Money use Quick Equipment rules from CC#2
  • No bonus XP for Prime Requisite Modifiers to XP
  • A "Hook" will be randomly assigned to each PC
  • No alignment languages
  • Deities that we know about so far
    • Halcyon/Freya (Lawful) - Fertility, Death and Rebirth, Procreation, the Harvest, Battle
    • Jamboor (Neutrality) - Angel of Knowledge, Magic, and Death; He Who Hears the Secrets of the Dead
    • Solanus (Lawful) - Angel of the Sun and Healing
    • Da-Jin (Chaos) - Lord of Death, Lord of the Burning Skull
    • Rel (Neutrality) - Patron Saint of thieves; associated with thievery, banditry, swindling, gambling, deception, backstabbing, ale, beer, luck, and gems and gold gained by means stealthy and nefarious.
    • Gideon/Vanitthu (Lawful) - angel of the Steadfast Guard, The Gatekeeper.
    • others - feel free to make up your own or pull from another setting. Halcyon is from the adventure; Jamboor thru Da-Jin are from The Lost City of Barakus, Rel is from Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.
  • Inform me of a nightmare your character has had, or still does.
  • If using the "Adjust Ability Scores" option, you may only subtract from an ability score once.

Death and Dying (from Hyperborea)

When a person, animal, or monster is reduced to 0 hp or less, death transpires as follows:

  • Beasts/Humanoids/Monsters: Dead at 0 hp
  • Common (0th level) NPCs: Dead at −3 hp
  • PCs/NPCs: Dead at −10 hp

Upon being reduced to 0 hp or less, the following guidelines apply to PCs and NPCs:

  • 0 hp: The character is unconscious. Spirits (brandy, gin, rum, whiskey, etc.) can revive one to consciousness, allowing him or her to talk and move slowly, but fighting or casting spells is not possible.
  • −1 to −3 hp: The character is seriously injured, though relatively stable. −4 to −9 hp: The character is in critical condition and suffers convulsions and/or blood loss at a rate of 1 hp per round, unless properly stabilized by an ally (e.g., binding wounds, resuscitation, sorcerous healing).
  • −10 hp: The character is dead, though the referee might allow a dying hero to open their eyes and utter a brief, final sentence before passing.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Hook - You have had a nagging headache for a few weeks. You remember having the same episode in your childhood, and that only the old witch of Gloam Wood could get rid of it.
  3. Wobgom - Gargantua (1) ArmorChainmail Armor AC = 5 DEX +1 to AC AC: 4 | HP: 12/12 (d10) | AttributesStr 18 (+3) Int 9 Wis 11 Dex 13 (+1) Con 16 (+2) Cha 11 | Speed, Saves, ATKsSpeed: 60’ (20’) Saves D 8 W 9 P 10 D 13 S 12 THAC0 = 19 Polearm +3 (1d10+3) Brace, Melee, Slow, Two-Handed Shortsword +3 (1d6+3 ) Melee Crossbow +1 (1d6) Missile (5’–80’ / 81’–160’ / 161’–240’), Reload, Slow, Two-handed | Class AbilitiesTwo-handed Weapons: A gargantua can wield two-handed melee weapons with one hand. Open Doors: Open doors one level higher than normal. Throw Rocks: Can throw rocks for 1d6 damage. Range: 50/100/150. | LanguagesCommon | Special EffectsNone | "Why pretty witch lady turn Wobgom's brother to toad? Say funny, magic-y words and turn him back. Now!" "Please?" "What if Wobgom smash bandit man and give you gold-y coins?" OOC
  4. I submitted mine privately (the "Nothing to see here" post)
  5. PS Did folks submit the recurring dream requested in the Overview (Inform me of a nightmare your character has had, or still does.) by private text or was that dropped or ...? Just curious as I didn't see any mention in the apps.
  6. Lucia Abate - Cleric (1) ArmorBanded AC = 4 Shield => +1 AC: 3 [16] | HP: 6/6 (d6) | AttributesStr: 10 (+0 to melee attack rolls/damage, 2-in-6 to open doors) Int: 9 (Native, literate) Wis: 13 (+1 to magic saves) Dex: 9 (+0 to AC, missile attack rolls, and initiative) Con: 10 (+0 to hit points) Cha: 14 (+1 to NPC reactions; 5 retainers max; loyalty 8) | Speed, Saves, ATKsSpeed: 60’ (20’) Saves D 11 W 12 P 14 D 16 S 15 +1 vs Spells for WIS THAC0 = 19 [+0] mace (+0;1d6); sling + 20 stones (1d4; 40' range increments, +1; +0; -1) | Class AbilitiesClerics can invoke the power of their deity to repel undead monsters encountered. To turn the undead, the player rolls 2d6. The referee then consults the table opposite, comparing the roll against the HD of the type of undead monsters targeted. Successful Turning If the turning attempt succeeds, the player must roll 2d6 again to determine the number of HD affected (turned or destroyed). Turned undead: Will leave the area, if possible, and will not harm or make contact with the cleric. Destroyed undead (result of D): Are instantly and permanently annihilated. Excess: Rolled Hit Dice that are not sufficient to affect a monster are wasted. Minimum effect: At least one undead monster will always be affected on a successful turning. Mixed groups: If turn undead is used against a mixed group of undead monsters of different types, those with the lowest HD are affected first. | SpellsNone yet | LanguagesCommon | Special EffectsNone currently | Text color OOC
  7. Name: Lucia Abate (Loo-CHEE-ah Ah-BAH-tay) Race/Class (level): Human/Cleric (1) Alignment/Deity: Lawful/Solanus (Angel of the Sun & Healing) Attributes: Str: 10 (+0 to melee attack rolls/damage, 2-in-6 to open doors) Int: 9 <= 11 (Native, literate) Wis: 13 <= 12 (+1 to magic saves) Dex: 9 (+0 to AC, missile attack rolls, and initiative) Con: 10 (+0 to hit points) Cha: 14 (+1 to NPC reactions; 5 retainers max; loyalty 8) Saves: Death: 11, Wand: 12, Paralysis: 14, Breath: 16, Spell: 15 Spells: Level 1: none Max Undead Level Turning (requires 11+ on 2d6): 2* Hit Points: 6; Armor Class: 3[16] (banded + shield) THAC0: 19 [+0] Weapons: mace (1d6); sling (1d4; 40' range increments) Dungeoneering Abilites: Listening at Doors: 1-in-6 Searching: 1-in-6 Gold: 3.00 (g.sc) after purchases, see below Equipment: Basic: backpack; belt pouch; tinder box; 2 torches; waterskin; 6 iron rations, 5 => 3 gp. Armor: banded mail; shield Weapons: mace (1d6); sling + 20 stones (1d4; 40' range increments) Holy Symbol: of Solanus (presumably wooden) Adventuring: crowbar; small sack Purchased: bedroll (1); candles x10 (1). Languages: Common (literate)
  8. Avandriela - Elf Magic-User (1) ArmorNo armor, no dexterity bonus. AC: 9 | HP: 4/4 (1d4) | AttributesStr 7 Int 15 Wis 9 Dex 9 Con 10 Cha 9 | Speed, Saves, ATKsSpeed: 90’ (30’) Death: 13, Wand: 14, Paralysis: 13, Breath: 16, Spell: 15 THAC0 = 19 Dagger +1 melee, +0 missile (5’–10’ / 11’–20’ / 21’–30’) | Magic-User AbilitiesArcane Magic Spell Book: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sleep | Elf Abilities Detect Secret Doors: 2-in-6 Listening at Doors: 2-in-6 Immunity to Ghoul Paralysis Infravision 60' | LanguagesCommon | Special EffectsBlessings of Rel; +1 to next Open Locks attempt | Ava presses her head into her backpack as she finishes adjusting the straps. Her studies lay aside, open and untouched for days. This everlasting ache has made everything an annoyance. "Old witch, I hope you haven't moved. I need this to be worth it."
  9. Bramzann finds a quiet corner, lights his pipe and studies the treasure map with wild vigor. Bramzann carefully folds the map and taps out the pipe on the heel of his boot. Upon his broad rippling shoulders, he hoists his pack and departs towards Ragged Hollow.
  10. "Oi, Da! Yer too damned old fer chasin' sheep!" Hack groaned, looking the letter from Ma over again. The Wailing Hills?! Are ye tryin' ta git yerself kilt, Da?
  11. I think I actually got it right 😂 (Image is the Blazehammer Clan Emblem)
  12. Hack - Dwarf Fighter (1) Armor AC: 16 (Banded Mail and Shield) HP: 9 (d8+1) Attributes: 16, 9, 9 ,11, 14, 9 Speed Saves 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 ATKs +2, - | Weapons: Warhammer 1d6, Silver Dagger 1d4, Crossbow 1d6 Gear: Backpack, pouch, tinder box, 6 torches, waterskin, 5 Iron Rations, 4gp Class Abilities Combat Mastery: Fighters can use all types of weapons and armor Stronghold: At higher levels, Hack can build a castle or stronghold and control the surrounding lands Leadership: Upon reaching 9th level, Hack may be granted a noble title and land, becoming a Baron Dwarf Abilities Detect Construction: Hack has a 2-in-6 chance of detecting new construction, sliding walls, or sloping passages when searching Detect Room Traps: Due to his expertise with construction, Hack has a 2-in-6 chance of detecting non-magical room traps when searching Languages: Alignment, Common, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold "That still only counts as one!" div widget
  13. Pepik - Thief (1) ArmorLeather AC = 12 DEX +1 to AC AC: 13 | HP: 5/5 (d4+1) | AttributesStr 13 (+1) Int 9 Wis 8 (-1) Dex 15 (+1) Con 15 (+1) Cha 13 (+1) | Speed, Saves, ATKsSpeed: 90’ (30’) Saves D 13 W 14 P 13 D 16 S 15 -1 vs Spells Attack bonus 0 Sword 1d8 (+1 STR) Shor bow 1d6 (+1 DEX) (5’–50’ / 51’–100’ / 101’–150’) | Class AbilitiesBackstab: Att. from behind, +4 to hit and double damage. Read Lanuages: (level 4) Scroll Use: (level 10) | Thief Abilities - Climb sheer surfaces (87%) - Find or remove treasure traps (10%) - Hear noise (1-2) - Hide in shadows (10%) - Move silently (20%) - Open locks (15%) - Pick pockets (20%) | LanguagesCommon | Special EffectsBlessings of Rel; +1 to next Open Locks attempt | "Oh lucky me, hope we will get to Gloam Wood’s soon and give this unusual gift a chance." OOC I am loving this hook. Thanks for rolling it for me. :-)
  14. To save redundant rolls, I added hooks to those who hadn't rolled yet.
  15. In a letter from your Ol'Ma, you learned that your Ol'Pa has disappeared while chasing one of his sheep that escaped to the Wailing Hills. Your help is needed.
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