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About This Game

In a world cleaved from nothing by the power of the legendary blades a small band of reckless, hopeful, foolish individuals known as "Adventurers" set forth to unlock the secrets of the past, protect the fragile peace of the frontier, and bring to the light ancient darkness to finally banish it from the world.

Game System




Detailed Description

A World Born from a Sword



Have you ever longed for adventure?

Challenging the unknown, with courage that laughs at danger. Surviving desperate situations and battles to the death.

But people who have experienced such great adventures in the real world are exceedingly rare. All the more reason why people seek adventure in novels,comics, cartoons and movies, where they can empathize with the main characters, be excited and thrilled, and thus satisfy their desire for adventure.

But this book allows you to simulate such exciting adventures.

It is true that video games can also deliver simulated experiences, and allow you to enjoy many hours of great fun. However, that fun is limited. Someday,the story will end, and you will run out of things to do.

However, the possibilities enclosed in this book are unlimited. In this small book, endless adventures and stories are hidden.

This is a rulebook for what is called a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. This game does not need a computer or console system. All you need is some friends, paper and pen, a couple of dice, and infinite imagination.

This game involves talking to each other. Players control characters they have made, respond to the information provided by a referee known as the Game Master, and act with freedom.

For instance, the Game Master can tell the players: "Enemies have appeared in front of your characters."

Will they cross swords with the enemies, or solve the situation through words? If they fight, will they face them in the front line, or hide in the back?

Through the strength of creativity and expression of the players and GM, the possibilities are endless. The stories created along with your friends, the live feeling brought forth by conversation, and above all the many varied adventures where you can be the main character will make a strong impression and leave you with a surprising sense of freshness.

Sword World 2.0 (SW2.0 from now on) is a fantasy RPG set in the "sword world" of the same name. It is a world without electricity, cars, planes, or cell phones, an ancient world brimming with danger. But this is a world where magic exists. Gods are real. There are mysteries, ruins where vast treasures lie, and many threats and monsters.

And above all, a myriad adventures!

You will become an adventurer, travelling through this Sword World filled with mystery and danger, literally throwing yourself into adventure.

In this game, you are the protagonist. The character you create is yours alone. Through conversation with the Game Master, the story progresses, the world expands, and your sword, magic, courage and wisdom will weave a magnificent tale.

Now, let us go to this world of adventure! Spread your infinite wings of imagination, for it is time to weave your own tale!

Welcome to the world of adventure!

Build a grand legend with your own hands!


What to Expect

I am personally new to Sword World, its lore, and its mechanics.  As such this is a learning game for both me as your GM and for you as the player.  In other words, expect this to be a tad bit sloppy!

You can find a translated version of the rules and setting here:


Only the races and classes existing in these links can be used. I know there are house rules out there that allow for the use of the beast races, but I want to keep this as close to as intended as possible. So please don't ask to be a Lamia Ranger/Scout, I will say no.

Posting will be 1 to 2 times a week by me, I wish I could do more but I know from personal experience that I'll get easily overwhelmed with anything more.  I will attempt to post on the same days ... I just don't know when those are yet.

In the Files tab you will also find pdfs of the fan translations as well as a fillable character sheet.  Please use this character sheet when creating your characters (you can also use a sample character template in the pdf versions of the books but I ask you to transfer everything to one of the character sheets)  and submit that sheet as a pdf to the character sheet page.

Adventure Information

The adventure will take place in the Procelsia region using the "Procelsia, A secret History" adventure scenario. SwordWorld2.0-ProcelsiaASecretHistoryCover.png.6c41e9a2def56685d36a60e6fc9c32f5.png 

A Brief History  (From a Secret History)

The most distinctive feature of the Procelsia region is the large number of dragons living there that are considered rare elsewhere. Here, humanoids and dragons coexist together, with dragons being the symbol of power and land. Dragon Knights who ride the dragons can claim territories in Procelsia. Dragon Knights are similar to nobility, and the dragon's strength determines its position across Dragon Knights. This is due in part to dragon worship, the belief that the soil is fertile, plants thrive, and people are wealthy and prosperous because of the magnificent dragons that inhabit these lands. In other parts of the world, this might be dismissed as superstition, but in Procelsia, the land will die and become desolate after the death of the dragon, the guardian of the land. At least, this is what all people in this region believe in. Because there has been little or no influx of Magitech Civilization, there are archaic buildings throughout the region, which can be characterized by a lack of magitech in this region. The Procelsia region is ruled and governed by a single state, the Procelsia Empire, from which it takes its name. However, the imperial authority has already become a shadow of its former self, and the region is currently divided and ruled by grand duchies and principalities. In many cases, the duchies are in rivalry with each other, creating a situation similar to that of the Warring States period (The Warring States period was an era in ancient Chinese history characterized by warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation). Currently, the Procelsia region has lost its control over the sea and the surrounding waters due to the barbarous occupation of the island of Rane in the center of the archipelago. As a result, the north and south sides of the region are separated, and truly little communication takes place between them.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. I announced yesterday on the Discord that I need to close the game. Unfortunately changes in my job (nothing bad but I apparently have done too good of a job and am getting promoted whether I like it or not so my days of being anonymous IT goon #5 are over) and my home life (my wife also was promoted - but she was looking for it - and will be home less) have left me currently with very little time.   I do apologize to everyone but it was getting hard with all these changes to even maintain the very sluggish once a week I was managing to post.
  3. Elias Elias does a slightly exaggerated bow at Zavoz as he introduces himself and listens intently as he explains the functionning of the place. "Huh, no I've never been any of these! Ah, this might be the first time since I've ever been in a communal area. Back at my home estate, I had an entire section all to myself-" He's interrupted by by Franset, and raises a curious eyebrow at the two leaving towards the stairwell as he scratches his head in confusion "Odd..." he turns to the others "Does any of you know where they're going? Or who Loren is? Is he a hero too?" There's some sparkles in his eyes at the prospect of not only having saved someone, but that someone turned out to e the daughter of a prominent hero! Wow, this adventuring is already going great!
  4. IC The old dwarf's eyes light up as the group tells him of their invitations. "Well, look you lot!" He says looking the group over with an expert eye. "Already here and through the music of fate already mingling with one another. Well, I'm Zavoz its good to meet you lot." He strokes his grand beard and nodes. "Good, good." After a few moments of bemused beard stroking the old dwarf points to a double door near the desk. "That way back there is where the adventurers who stay with us go, there are a few barracks like rooms," he looks everyone over. "Any of you serve in a town guard, militia, king's men? Well, it's like that. Common area is out here it works as a meeting hall, pub, and eatery, so everything you'll be needing is in the guild ... but outside the rooms, it ain't fr ..." "Excuse me," Franset interrupts. "You said you were Zavoz?" "Aye, girl, I am." Zavoz says stroking his beard. "And you?"  "I am Franset, daughter of Loren." The old dwarf's eyes go wide and he sputters for a moment before ushering the girl to a stairwell. Soon they are both gone leaving your group to their own devices.   OOC Okay guys you are free to explore or what have you, I will try my best throughout the week to respond to posts as this part is more individualized. If nothing happens or everyone is done, I will move on to the next day to continue the adventure.   Either way, everyone give yourselves 500 xp.  
  5. Juro Fo "Indeed we have. Here is my letter of invitation, quite clearly addressed to one Juro Fo. That would be me." And with appropriate casualness Juro pulls out his invitation, then eyes it as it seems to have gotten slightly rumpled during the trip. And there is a bright orange stain prominently placed on it that draws the eye.
  6. "Why, we've been offered a membership, good sir! Pardon the gawking; it is my first time in the big city and I have been long on the road to get here."   "Ilduril is my name," he adds, handing the man his invitation letter. He introduces his companions.
  7. IC The girl looks at the group, weighing her options, she looks back into the darkness of the deeper alley and biting her lip, turns and nods her fiery head. "Alright,." she says with false confidence. "I put myself in your hands." With that she places her hand across her chest and making a slight bow, introduces herself. "I am Franset, daughter of Loren." She peeks up toward the group, judging there reactions than moves on. "I thank you for you offer and will gladly take your guidance to our destination." Together with Franset the party moves on hoping to reach The Faraway Thunder before sunset. Thankful the rest of the journey is rather boring, with Franset herself offering the only entertainment as she marvels at the stalls, food, and other trappings of a busy Port City in a way not even the most innocent of rural bumpkins would have. Soon enough the group reaches The Faraway Thunder. A bell chimes as they enter to find a large hall that seems more like a tavern than an Adventurer's Guild Hall. stairs lead off to a second floor with many rooms that thanks to a balcony that rings the hall overlook the hall itself. In one corner an overly large and intricate stone fireplace has a massive and warm fire already burning, a few worn leather arm chairs surrounding it. From a desk across from the door an old dwarf clears his throat. "Well, are you all here to gawk or is there business you have with the Guild."   "
  8. Tayrmus Riasgu He came to a quick stop as the men took to running away from them. His sword swiftly being sheathed once more. Head shaking just a little as he cast a gaze to the others and their attire. Finding it rather incredulous they would attempt to intimidate them when blood caused them to flee upon first seeing it. Head shaking as he turned back towards the others and the young lady they had helped.
  9. Juro Fo Juro smooths out his mustache and grins, "Your luck continues to improve then, we are headed that way ourselves. Why don't you come with us, we know the way." He points off in the vaguely correct direction, after a quick reorientation, to avoid the previous incident of pointing in the wrong way for a moment.  
  10. Okay, I think I finally got notifications figured out and I should now be alerted when you guys post. That and I'll be personally checking daily for now on. Modern tech 🤬
  11. IC The quiet background noise of the city returns as the thugs disappear deep into the gloom of the narrow alleys. All in all the entire encounter was less than a minute. Looking at you all the young fiery haired girl, nods. "I am fine, good Elf." She looks at the rest of the group and offers her thanks in turn to each. "I am sorry to have dragged you all into my misfortunes but am also glad that you were." Pushing off the wall, she looks left and right before sighing deeply and slumping her shoulders. "Would any of you know how to find The Faraway Thunder Adventurer's Guild?" She let's out another puff of air. "I was supposed to be accompanied by my Governess but she is apparently more lost than me." She looks up at the sky. "Oh and it's getting late, I'm going to miss my appointment."  
  12. Tayrmus Riasgu He came to a quick stop as the men took to running away from them. His sword swiftly being sheathed once more. Head shaking just a little as he cast a gaze to the others and their attire. Finding it rather incredulous they would attempt to intimidate them when blood caused them to flee upon first seeing it. Head shaking as he turned back towards the others and the young lady they had helped.
  13. "Let them go," Ilduril adds, shouldering his bow. "We've done what we set out to do."   "Are you alright, Miss? Is there somewhere we can escort you?"
  14. Juro Fo "I say we let them go, a brief squabble is all this was. A chase through the streets to inflict a sterner lesson will just attract more attention... and we are the strangers in town here." And with that Juro stretches a bit, cracks a few knuckles and relaxes.
  15. Elias Elias looks at the fleeing bandits, before turning to the others, eyes still sparkling. "It appears they are running away! Should we give pursuit, companions?"
  16. Juro easily evades the clumsy dagger strike as the thug over extends himself. "Leave it, man!" Catlin screeches pulling at his friend's tunic with a bloody hand. "Lets beat it. With that the last two thugs attempt to run away. That will be round 1. If you decide to not let them get away please state your combat actions. If you do, assume they are beating feet away from you all as fast as they can, promises of "revenge" and "watch your backs!" echoing off the alley walls.
  17. I was just waiting on coreal's roll before posting again. We've been moving slowly in this game, and it really wasn't much of a wait.
  18. I'll put my evasion roll here....   sorry about the delay, I have no idea how I missed the post update and the need for a roll.  I'd even looked in to see if there was anything new just yesterday. 😞  
  19. Wanted to check in with everyone to make sure all good so far.  Any questions, concerns,.etc?
  20. OOC @hakootoko thug 2 and 3 are in the rear with slings. I am going to take the liberty this time around to calculate the damage this round (if any). From now on, please go ahead and roll both. I have watched and that is GMs giving away some information. As such the natural eva. of the Thugs is 10. So only Hakootoko hit this round. IC players Catlin is momentarily distracted by the girl's attempt to dart away and is taken by utter surprise when an arrow buries itself into his arm.  Meanwhile Juro Fo darts forward attempting KO the thug. Unfortunately for Juro the young ruffian barely manages to get his guard up in time blocking the knuckle sandwich. Tayrmus also take the opportunity to strike out at Catlin but his swordstrike misses as the thug scurries backwards after Ilduril's arrow strikes him. IC NPC Catlin winces in pain as he stumbles back from Tayrmus' blade, his dagger dropping from his pierced arm as scarlet blood soaks through his tunic.  "Oh f---" he wails as he brings up his other hand to his hand to the wound.  Behind him the group can hear the two slingbarers drop their weapons and begin to run away.  Only the first thug, the one who managed to dodge Juro's attack remains, his eyes going red as he sees his injuried friend.  "Bastards!" He screams and takes a swipe at Juro with the DaggerJuro roll Evasion.  
  21. Post incoming tomorrow probably around noon CST.  @Abalon and @coreal you can post attacks if you want as you all won initiative.
  22. Ilduril was wary of drawing first blood, but as Tayrmus just did, there was no going back. From his position behind the group, he puts an arrow into the thug closest to the girl, so he can't stop her from getting away.   ooc: Ilduril is in Allied Rearguard Area. Is anyone in Enemy Rearguard Area?
  23. Tayrmus Riasgu Had gave a soft sigh as the men decided to resort to battle then flee. "So be it." Head shaking as he drew his blade and took up a position at the front of his comrades. Both hands holding his large blade as he glanced between his foes. Another head shake before stepping forward and lashing out with the cold steel of his very sharp weapon. Attacking the closest enemy in front of him.
  24. Elias "Alright then, here I come!" Elias darts enthusiastically towards Catlin, spear pointed forward. However, if Juro doesn't want to escalate things, he'll just stick to bashing the bandit with the flat of his weapon. Using his spear like a staff, he sends the flat flying into the side of Catlin's head, trying to Help his dwarven companion.
  25. Juro Fo Juro takes a step forward, keeping himself on the frontline of the action as the moves to start exchanging blows with this gang of kids.  He sees that some of them are pulling out knives, but he isn't quite ready to turn this into a bloody situation, so he just clenches a fist and picks one of the closest thugs to give a tasty knuckle sandwich.  
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