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Character Creation Rules

I got to put on my serious hat. (its also my sleeping hat and its purple)


You when you got in are a standard human.

Your base attributes start at ten, and you can go as low as 7 for them extra points, I would avoid doing that with HT, but our allowed to and there is no limit on how many times ill make you make a new character. its a Horror campaign/ action adventure type thing, in a pretty unforgiving TTRPG, in a less forgiving universe where stories ending with every one dead being the normal, so I expect a few deaths, and I promise never to send you into something unwinnable as long as your expectations for winning is living. Anyways warning done.

The rules for character creation are as follows:

Disadvantages: Allowed, like go nutso on it. I will hold you too them, your a D class that got picked up, probably from the prison system or contact with an SCP. Your not exactly healthy happy humans. I expect if your on this site you've played TTRPGs before so I expect you wont take anything you can't deal with.

Points: You all Get 70 points for building your dream boat thats three hairs above an NPC.( we are going to level fast like Ricky bobby)

Requirements: You do not spend points on these, these you just get.

Equipment:1k for a hand gun, 1k electronic gear, 1k on non electronic gear, Don't worry about radio, or armor. Your first mission is going to be in your d class uniforms and a standard vest , I'll put the stats for said vest here.You get a small radio and a tactical headset.





You don't spend points on these, you just get them

Unusual background: Your a D class with rights and pillages outside of your toilet and bed. Oooo spooky.

Zeroed: The moment you were set up to come to the foundation, you were erased from existence. Loved ones were amnesticly treated for their memories of you, pictures doctored to not show you. Records deleted. Your assents retroactively sold, transferred or absorbed. You don't have a birth record, nor a death record. You do not exist.

Contact: Once we are far enough along this will be handy.

Diplomatic immunity: Not important now, but have it down.

Military rank: Foundation, D Class.

Crime & other background: The reason you were able to be grabbed is you did something that got you in prison for the rest of your natural born life. Make it more then a crime, make it a story, then pick 4 skills related to the crime and background ; 1 weapon or fighting skill, 1 social skill,(list of skills: https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Skills#Social ) 1 criminal skill ( https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Skills#Criminal/Street ) and 1 Non-combat skill, choose how you want to prioritize them and the one that is most important to you is your stat +4, then stat +3, then stat +2 and stat +1.No you can't pick the same skill twice,



Banned things for character creation: Obviously Sci-fi stuff, or obviously magical Magic stuff. if you're unsure as there are stuff that is riding the kind of magical line, ask me, I expect you guys to be honest, if I catch what I would call dishonest behavior I will address you, Privately and I'll think of something if it happens again. To this day I have never had to address anything so hopefully you guys will keep me honest.


Equipment: Set up what you would call your Kit: A longarm or shotgun, a small arm, a melee weapon, flak vest, helmet, tools, misc supplies. But keep in mind this is not going to be a thing for a few missions, so no rush, later Ill set up a Requisition page, so you can in universe request extra gear. I'll have a form everything.

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