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  1. Things are primed for down time to start when you all want to trigger it. If you go sailing eastwards, that will push it to the right a little bit, but it's not inherently a bad thing. Ultimately, you all are the ones in charge - I'll just be moving pieces on the board in the background ;)
  2. Day 7 - The Road North of Erilune, Late Evening Eventually, as a decision is attempted to be reached, one looks up and around and sees the wagons in the distance. They motion to their comrade and step to the side of the road, giving the wagons clearance to move. Emphasizing the same, they wave to the lead wagon driver, indicating that the road is free to traverse.
  3. Dungeon Master It takes about half a day to retrieve the guns, get them on carriages, and have them appropriately ready for use. The ministrations of Brother Koji allow for a journey home on short rations, but enough to survive and have an appetite to celebrate. There is only the issue of re-christening the vessel and planning for the winter encampment.
  4. Dungeon Master The Morning Star departed from Freeport (in Freemarch, as Iphigenia would certainly know) captained by Archibald Wentworth - a name of no significance to her. It had sailed in the Spring about 120 years ago on a journey of piracy. Having been blown off course, a lack of supplies is documented, and then a series of lights that chased after the vessel, with no entry describing whatever her final watch was.
  5. "Wise words from Ohthere," Astrid says, signalling where her vote goes.
  6. Dungeon Master It takes but a moment for Iphigenia to locate the name of the vessel in the Captain's Log. Previously, she had been known as the Morning Star.
  7. Welcome! Glad to have another member! Be sure to check out the section, and, as I always say - the fastest way to make friends and meet interesting people is to run a game!
  8. Sigurros "Siggy" Sifdottr "Why else, it's a wizard with foul magicks! Reason is plain enough to me. I would argue that we hit the beastmen first before they can hit us. Jump 'em, knock a few on the head, and cut back before they know what hit them! Then, while they organize, we can fortify the village and train up those willing to defend it. My own two copper, anyway," Siggy says.
  9. Sigurros "Siggy" Sifdottr Siggy jumps in with food, quickly trying to satisfy her wolfish appetite. Between bites, as the younger ones ask about adventures, she realizes that she needs to earn the trust of these villagers, and starts regaling them with a tale of a great fight, where not only did she leap over the shields of her friends to get into the thick of the foes, she spun about with her axes felling all before her without catching a scratch, only to have to tend to the wounds of the fallen afterwards! Wrapping the anecdote up, she remarks, "Had I known I needed to cure them of their wounds, I wouldn't've wounded so many!"
  10. For me at least, these are the options I think Siggy would go for:
  11. "I agree, but I do worry about smashing it in. While the noise would attract unwanted attention, there is also the possibility of a pit just on the other side, which momentum might carry someone over and into! A subtler hand would be preferable, I should think," Astrid says.
  12. Dungeon Master Niahm does not notice anything from the flanks, but nor is the conversation clear. It is hushed, but tense. Xan quickly is able to see that the two are agitated with each other, getting on the cusp of angry.
  13. Re: The two guns - I believe they were buried just inland a short walk, and could be recovered with the use of the crew in the course of about 8 hours - faster with good work rolls. That's not to say you can't come back later, but, right now you have two guns on one side and four on another, with currently four days of sailing ahead - or twelve to return, supply, get to the guns, and return again. Ultimately up to you all, just wanted to put it how I figured it, as recovering the guns is something people would at least have some inklings for how long it would take.
  14. It certainly had its own name before, but if you want to choose what that name was - or have me come up with one for it to be renamed as desired, I'm fine either way. As of this moment, I hadn't given it any thought, figuring you all would want to christen it!
  15. Dungeon Master No one is aware of stories anything like this, nor are there any tales of any credibility beyond the crackpot of this land even existing. The initial journey that was made a few years ago was, as far as anyone knew, the very first such made. This vessel seems to have been blown off course and lost rather than making a deliberate journey.
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