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  1. Dalin Ghillison (Barbarian, 5th level) AC: 16 | HP: 70/70 | Rages: 3/3 | Passive Perception: 12 At the scene unfolding before them, the dwarf swore softly in her own language and then muttered, "So much for prayer..." She winced and folded forward as writhing fear and fury deep in her belly strove for release. Grimacing, she straightened and took several steps forward to take cover behind a larger tombstone. She called out toward the militia. "It's not over! Stay alert! The real threat is to come!!!" She'd seen it enough times on the hunt. A doe in the woods doesn't run from nothing, it runs from the pack of wolves that can smell its blood. She peered forward, not wanting to see, but needing to. OOC Taking cover behind a tombstone (or gate post or tree or whatever is suitable) and looking into the center from where the ghouls were running.
  2. Broom Clever: 2 | Fierce: 1 | Sly: 2 | Quick: 1 | Danger: 1 | Tidy, clean and mend At first, Broom does his best to keep watch, but he also has to resist tidying some roughness in the line of powder around the porchstone. Oh, how it torments him! He flits uncertainly back toward the hutch, following Dash, but then changes course to fly up to a window sill. He peers inside, but if he sees any sign of a two-legged, he will flit away, hoping not to be seen.
  3. Dalin Ghillison (Barbarian, 5th level) AC: 16 | HP: 70/70 | Rages: 3/3 | Passive Perception: 12 Dalin wasn't thinking. She was sure if she started thinking, she'd be gone, walking a straight line out of town. Instead, she was pacing, and, to the observant, she was pacing even even more quicklySpeed now 35ft. than she used. Anxiety was fire in a belly that it seemed she was trying to expel through her feet. But, she heard the conversation around her and it set her tongue in motion too. "Gotta say, feeling a bit like wheat myself... but I agree, let's look for the amulet, try to get it back, try to use it to stop... this. As for the town, I'm hoping the guards have a few tricks. They lent me this axe and y'all say it's magic, so maybe they are more than they seem." As Ren asked about missives, Dalin immediately shook her head. She didn't want to think of the people she might never seen again. Her parents, her friends - there was too much to miss, too much to say. All the places she wanted to visit were struggling for mind's attention. Then, her thoughts skittered around the image of a hut, deep in the woods, one she thought she'd return to one day. Her step faltered. No, not now. She dragged her mind to the present. "We got a plan? What do we do if Vadim's power of minds come into play and folks start turning on each other? For me, if I got any mind left, I'll drop the axe and shield... don't let me, don't let me hurt anyone." Her step quickened again and she reached a hand out to touch Bonnie in her pocket. She'd thought of letting the wee creature go to take her chances on her own, but the dwarf wasn't convinced anywhere would be safe. As the great cracking sound and smell of sulfer reached her, she froze and spun in the direction of the graveyard. She reached up to pluck the axe and shield off her back, muttering in Dwarven a prayer to Teekond. OOC Having heard that the imps were speaking a language no-one understood, Dalin will also trigger "comprehend languages". It will last an hour.
  4. Broom Clever: 2 | Fierce: 1 | Sly: 2 | Quick: 1 | Danger: 1 | Tidy, clean and mend "See, see...rabbits, both live and not!" His beady eyes slid from the backyard to the feet hanging in the window to Dash's own paws. "Please keep your feet. I don't know if that's a tear I could mend." The crow addressed his friends. "Can one of you talk to the rabbits, caged in the hutch? Maybe they know which house has the eyes of our dear Witch's killer..."
  5. No worries for delays, Whitelyrr! The better part of a day is not too long to do much of anything, so this... should be interesting? :)
  6. Dalin Ghillison AC: 16 | HP: 59/59 | Rages: 1/3 | Passive Perception: 12 As Jozelle spoke to her and touched her shoulder, Dalin didn't verbally respond but she looked up at the woman and met her eyes cleanly. Jozelle could see the dwarf's fear, anger and full emotion at the thought of Vadim. The memory of him was like an uncomfortable itch that she wanted to scratch despite knowing it would just cause her to bleed. She nodded, silent and grateful for some understanding. When they left the room, Dalin followed, coming up last given her short legs and how she kept glancing backwards as if the creatures in the portal might have passed through it already. She was glad Alban took the question of describing Vadim. Eventually, she spoke again. "If we have the time... I reckon we might have a source of help closer than any missive to Glammer might bring." She hesitated, knowing the option was like catching a hummingbird blindfolded. "I mean Kruthian, that mage. He was powerful, right? Just think what he put us through to speak to him... Trouble with him is that I don't think we can find him unless he wants to be found. Were some unnatural steps in the road to his house... like it wasn't even on the map. I think I could get us there if his house is still in the same place... and he lets us see it." Still looking back, but walking forward, she continued. "I'm not saying we don't do the other stuff... but if we have time, it's an option."
  7. Sounds good, given our small numbers, losing someone would be... rough. Cheers!
  8. Are we just 3 or 4 now? I'm glad the two of you made up for Broom's obviousness! However, I'm not sure how danger works... Broom did roll a 1 and so if he does have 2 danger then... he's out somehow? But, I'm not sure if that 2 is accurate... should it have gone down at some point for having solved something or run away from something? I guess that's a question for
  9. I think our next steps might be helped by that rough estimate of time? Knowing if we have minutes, hours or days might make a difference? And, one more question? I don't suppose any of us noticed if the amulet was hanging from Vadim's neck?
  10. Just checking in again on interest? Do we want to keep moving forward? :)
  11. Dalin is (of course) thinking of mechanical means of bringing down the tunnels. It's a society of burgeoning "steam technology"... so figured they might be ways of making big dents in a landscape. Dynamite, she's hoping... what do folks use in this world to clear for roads and such? Also, I realize there might be more investigating that needs done and the number one plan might be to close the rift if they can figure out how. But, she's a practical sort of person and if they can't close it... she'll be pushing to bring the tunnels down as a backup plan. Another question for Whitlyerr? What are the distances involved through the portal... does it look like it will take an hour, a day or longer for the devli group to reach the portal? Can we have a rough estimate?
  12. Broom Clever: 2 | Fierce: 1 | Sly: 2 | Quick: 1 | Danger: 1 | Tidy, clean and mend Broom flew back to the group and squawked as he landed. "Rabbits! Rabbits in 13 houses! Live ones, in the back!" He looked at Dash's feet. "With your feet, hanging in the north window!" "Come come, show you!" Broom proceeded to guide the group to the closest house that was adorned with such feet. "Keep low, quiet... two-feets may be looking..."
  13. Dalin Ghillison AC: 16 | HP: 59/59 | Rages: 1/3 | Passive Perception: 12 Opening the crate was such a normal activity, Dalin was loathe to pull away from it to see what was happening in the portal. However, when her hesitant eyes met the rift, she found she couldn't tear them away. How could she? The scene unfolding before them was unreal. An illusion? Alban would have said something if he thought so. Wouldn't he? Catching Vadim's face was like a punch in the gut and it sent her into action. She could hear Alban speaking and at some level she understood what he was saying. She plucked up one of the swords from the crate and placed it through the bedroll on her pack. Bonnie was disturbed and scurried up Dalin's arm to a pocket. The dwarf hastily gathered her carpentry tools and started backing away towards the antechamber where Alban was waiting. With a stuttering start, she spoke. "S-seems like the crate and the room are about the same age, so your story hangs... just the part about Vadim has me itching. If he was here for so long, stranded, why wait so long to tease the amulet out of hiding? Also, been thinking back to the age of Hethton, seems to me like it's more like 500 years than 100. When Jozelle and I first visited the grave, I was looking at the tombstones... seen a couple from that time. As for next steps, I still think we should be ready to bring these tunnels down... gain us some time if nothing else." OOC Does dynamite exist in this world?
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