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Tarika - EJ Dispatcher


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Tarika, a Brenneri employee of EJ Corp, works as a dispatcher, sending starship crews on pickup and delivery jobs. A tinkerer by nature, she prefers to spend her time fixing or crafting equipment, but after the death of her wife left her a single parent, she had to find work where she could, and the Company seemed as good a place as any. Now that Tarika's daughter Shan is on her own working construction on the distant world of Entha, Tarika is suffering from a touch of empty nest syndrome and has taken the crew of BD514 under her wing. She looks out for them as best she can, finding them contracts and often giving them extra information that might be helpful on jobs.

Despite her current position as a dispatcher, Tarika has never given up her love of fixing things. She most often appears in an olive-green flight suit and, like most Brenneri, keeps a favoured object to calm her emotions and help her focus (Tarika's favoured object is an old wrench).

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