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"Come a day there won’t be room for naughty folk like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there may well not be another. So here's to us, on the raggedy edge." - Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds, Serenity

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“‘Take it to the EJ.’ Yeah, it’s a cool slogan, I s’pose, if you’re one of them Pact Worlders who don’t know drek from drive grease. We call it ‘livin’ on the EJ’ out here in the lanes. Sometimes, that edge is at your throat, ya know, cuttin’ time to grab that bonus. Other times, it’s skirtin’ the EJ, doin’ what needs doin’ to get the job done, no worry for proper procedure. One thing is sure as death and taxes, though: the Company always has the edge. Always. See, they make the rules, and us proles gotta live by ’em if we wanna see that next payday.”

—Gar EnGilly, EJ Corp freighter engineer

A crew of scoundrels, rogues, and misfits finds it hard to survive in a galaxy where everyone has a price. Targeted by a crime boss and his army of enforcers, preyed upon by faceless mega-corporations, and hounded by rivals, the crew of the Free Trader Oliphaunt line up the big score that will at last make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But when their many enemies join forces and the crew loses it all, they find out there's two things in the galaxy that can't be bought: freedom... and revenge.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Hmmm… Pathfinder 1e had rules for Investing as well. I might have to run some comparisons, but at a glance you’re far less likely to outright lose your money there. Something to think on.
  3. Speaking of stonks I found that Starfinder has some : Oh but don't worry guys you can add your rank in an appropriate profession to bolster that roll. Which I guess means never get in a bar fight with your stock advisor as clearly they are level 15 and up.
  4. Adopting could be cheaper in the long run. Especially if you get an older model and skip a few of the earlier years where you constantly have to swap out parts. Then you would still have more members of the faith, for less cost.
  5. Name: Riley Race: Human Theme: Prole Class: Technomancer Background: New Hire History: Riley had the misfortune to be born in EJ Corp colony to low level laborers. Money was always tight for them, not even receiving the bare minimum needed to sustain a living wage. As Riley grew up and discovered herself she learned that there were certain things that her family was priced out of. They couldn't afford the serum of sex change that she needed, and they weren't eligible for HRT treatments under her parents contract with EJ. Not at the salary they were making anyhow. This was a great source of her depression. The only way out of poverty that was available to her was through higher education. She did well enough in secondary school to receive a small scholarship. Unfortunately, that scholarship was only redeemable for EJ University. The first few years went as well as could be expected. Riley enrolled in EJITT (Evgeniya-Jaimisson Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy) where she continued to live in poverty trying to balance entry-level work and University. The scholarship provided a nice cushion, she scrimped off her meager wages, and still managed to keep up an impressive GPA but as time went on it eventually became economically unviable to continue and she was spat out right back to where she started. Trapped in her depression and low income job, but still needing some kind of momentum, her mother reached out to her friend Tarika who used to hang out in the same mom groups. Through her connection Tarika managed to set her up as a "transport specialist" (which was just a fancy way of saying "space trucker"), working on board a ship as a technician. She mostly busies herself with the nutrient paste dispenser, which on a good day she can get it to taste something unlike food.
  6. Also true! But in the words of a wise man: ”I’d be happier with the dollar.”
  7. Isn't the traditional answer getting the one to pay for the other?
  8. Alrighty, at a glance everything looks to be on the up and up numbers wise. You had mentioned wanting to use the Kalistocrat Childhood Background? Seht definitely seems the sort to turn away from the corporate life for the freedom of the stars.
  9. True. It’s quite the conundrum; snu-snu or stonks.
  10. So are we sure this religion wasn't created by the adoption agencies? Lol most religions want you to be fruitful and multiply to create more followers for that religion.
  11. Let me know if you want me to add that plot hook into my backstory. It wouldn't be that big of a change.
  12. Oh to be sure, most Kalistocrats are adopted precisely because of their insistence on celibacy. I suppose you could genetically engineer a kid, but adoption is so much cheaper, and the Prophecies do insist on not wasting resources.
  13. Honestly, I read that the religion insists on celibacy, and I stopped reading. However, looking into it, the character abandons the religion. In my backstory, he leaves home at an early age to live among the stars. It honestly could fit if you wanted to play around with the Executive Sister NPC. I would change the backstory to mention being adopted, then getting a job on a transport starship to get away from the family and the religion.
  14. I’ll be sure to give it a look over when I get home tonight. Yeah what really surprises me is that no one went Kalistocrat Childhood for a Background.
  15. Not at all. I'm just trying to compete with all the great apps already finished. That being said, mine should be done. Just gonna add in some pictures and play around with the site's table features.
  16. Hello, everyone. I see a lot of great applications have come in before me, but I love Starfinder and would love a chance to play it. I know exactly the character I want to play. In an age of amazing technology in a universe of incredible aliens, Regnart Seht is a human being who fights with his fists and his spirit. Sorry if the backstory gets a bit long, but I really wanted to tell the story of how such a character comes to be in this kind of setting and what his place is in the campaign. Good luck to all the applicants!
  17. "I am Regnart Seht and my name is a reflection of my true self." Name: Species: Human Gender: Male Class: Soldier, Qi Adpet Fighting Style, Ascetic Warrior Archetype: Psychic Detective Theme: Death Touched Bridge Crew: Gunner / Captain Gunner: BAB + DEX = +5 Captain: Diplomacy +8, Intimidate+8, Other Skills Pilot: Piloting +8 Chief Mate: Athletics +8, Acrobatics +8 Away Team: Security Officer KAC: 16 | EAC: 15 SP: 11 | HP: 11 Spot Threat: Perception +6 Recognize Hostility: Sense Motive +6 Concept: Good old fashioned human spirit can still overcome all adversity, even in the age of technology. Secret Known to Seht: Regnart Seht is an adopted alias. His real name is a closely guarded secret. He changed his entire identity to try and run from his past, but no matter how far he goes or what he does, his past still haunts him. Background: In the current day of the current year, technology and science has uplifted various races to heavens above and the cosmos beyond. One might think that humanity no longer needs to fear the dark, but not all mysteries of the universe have been unveiled. There are still monsters hiding under your bed and in your closet. They are just out of sight. They are just beyond your knowledge and understanding. They are farther than you would know, but closer than you would hope. As a young man, he lived a simple and peaceful life. He always wanted to see the stars, wondering what might be out there. He never guessed he would discover such horror. When he came of age, he took the simplest, easiest path off world. He got an entry position on an interstellar transport vessel as a deckhand. He was a glorified stuff mover. His job was just to move boxes. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. To pass the time he joined an informal boxing group the crew had formed among the lower decks. Every seventh day of the week the group would gather around and knock each other's heads off, bet on the matches, laugh, cheer, and get drunk. The rest of the week, they worked their shift then trained for fight night. It was a pretty good life. One fateful day he was tasked to help load a very special box into the cargo hold. It looked like a box like any other, but there was only one and it wasn't particularly big. Maybe about as big as a person. No larger. Not only that, but the cargo hold was also locked down with restricted access measures put in place. He and the other deckhands were only allowed in to put the box down before being locked out. No one really paid too much attention when things on the ship started to get weird. Even when crew members began to report strange happenings. The feeling of being watched? Of course, you feel that way, we live in tight quarters with a lot of people. Privacy is a luxury. Strange chills? Must be the controlled climate on the fritz again. Nightmares? You're just stressed due to all the overtime. Then someone was found brutally murdered. Suddenly, everyone was on high alert. No one knew what happened or why. A careful review on the cameras revealed that there was a stowaway on board. Fearing what might happen if the crew neglected their duties while dealing with this emergency, the captain ordered the ship to drop out of drift travel until the culprit was found. However, a thorough search of the ship revealed no stowaway. The ship was searched again and again by the crew, but they couldn't find the culprit. Eventually, the captain ordered the ship to reengage drift travel so they could reach port and get help, but then the killings started again. One body. Two bodies. Then a third and the captain again ordered the ship to drop out of drift so the crew could focus on the search for the murderer. Yet again and again the searches turned up no culprit. They searched every vent and under every panel, while the cameras were watched. Somehow, the killer continued to elude them. Unsure of what to do, the captain decided to again renter the drift and try to make it to port, but nearly as soon they reentered the drift a ghostly visage appeared in the middle of the bridge. It took on a physical form and proceeded to slaughter everyone in the helm, including the captain. By the time the security team got to the bridge, the monster had moved on. It had made its way down to the lower decks and encountered a group of deckhands. They fled, but it managed to corner one. There was nowhere to run. The deckhand thought he'd be the next victim, but just as it was upon him it suddenly turned incorporeal and passed right through him and the wall behind him. As it passed through him, he felt an otherworldly chill like nothing he had experienced before. The deckhand used this moment to flee to safety. Seeing that there was no one capable of properly navigating through the drift, the security team decided to drop the ship out of the drift. Everyone had long been suspicious of the mysterious container the crew had in their cargo hold, but the captain had forbidden them from opening it. Now that he was dead, the security team agreed to pry the crate open only to find that it was mostly empty, save from a few datapad. After hacking into the datapad, the crew finally learned that the box originally contained something called a Driftdead inside of it. It was a corpse of a person who had died during drift travel with great anguish. Within the Drift, a driftdead has a physical body, but if removed from that plane, its physical body phases out of normal reality. However, the Driftdead is still supposed to be dangerous even if incorporeal. In fact, it should be even more so, due to its incorporeal abilities. The box was supposed to contain its incorporeal form, so it could be transported to a special research facility, but it failed. It didn't seem like it was operational. In fact, it appeared to have been damaged. It must have been damaged right after the cargo team loaded in and completed its final inspection but before they ship first entered the drift, but it had been securely locked down. The security team members were convinced that this was sabotage, but there was no time for answers at the moment. Now armed with this knowledge, the remaining crewmembers banded together and prepared to fight the creature. They decided they had to make it to the helm and renter the drift to force the creature into a physical body. However, the creature seemed to know or sense that they were onto it. It stopped hiding and attacked the crew in its horrific ghostly form. Many died and the rest were scattered. Their blasters were hurting it, but it wasn't as effective as they should be. That and physical attacks seemed to have no effect. The deckhand that survived the driftdead earlier was cornered once again. Furthermore, he was out of ammo. This time there would be no conveniently timed distraction. It was just him and the ghost, but this time it was different. The ghost had sustained heavy blaster fire. It seemed like it was hurt. He just needed some way to finish it off. He had seen people attack it with pipes and other weapons to no effect, but that didn't stop him. He gripped his hands into fists. "You think my fists are light? No. They are heavy. In these fists of mine, I carry my love for those I wish to protect..." he thought of all of the crew members who had died to this horrible monster. All of the others that might die if it wasn't stopped here. Including himself. "...my hatred for those who would harm them..." he thought of this horrific monster that threatened him. He thought of the careless research scientists who burdened them with this dangerous task without any warning or precautions. He thought of the mysterious saboteur that set this creature loose. "...and all of my passion!" by accepting both the love and hatred in his heart and denying himself neither, he achieved an inner balance. This was further fortified by his stubborn determination and hopeful courage. He grit his teeth, gripped his fists, and then struck at the shambling remains of the ghost. Somehow, against all logic and even the deckhand's own understanding of the creature, his fist connected. Again, and again, he drove his fists into the ghost, punching it to death- again. Somehow, he managed to win against the murderous creature. He wouldn't have survived if the security team hadn't greatly weakened it with their weapons. He was celebrated as a hero by those in the crew who remained, but somewhere among them was the saboteur. Things did not simply end there. The heroic deckhand wanted answers as to what had happened on that ship. However, answers did not come easily. He had to fight tooth and nail for even a crumb of intel. Red tape, threats, and even attacks from thugs made progress slow. He eventually found out that the entire incident was covered up. This was mainly facilitated by what appeared to be a shell corporation. He did his best to try and find out who was behind this, but every lead he tracked down only led him to mere rumors of what appeared to be a clandestine organization known only as [REDACTED]. Investigating [REDACTED] got the deckhand into a lot of trouble. He had to learn how to fight back and how to keep himself alive while dealing with [REDACTED] enforcers and agents, but it was all he could do just to survive against them. Thankfully, his near-death encounter with that driftdead seemed to have awakened something within him. He can manifest his will power in small ways. It's most powerful through the use of his body, but he is also slowly learning how to manifest his will beyond the reach of his physical form. He wasn't making any headway. He decided that if he wanted to beat them, he had to use their own tactics against them. He dropped off the grid, abandoning his old name and identity to lose their trail. He dealt with a shady criminal organization, spending the last of his life savings to buy a new identity. This was the creation of Regnart Seht. With a new identity, Seht managed to elude [REDACTED] for the moment. That being said, he is low on funds, has few connections, and even less leads. Even so, he remains resolved to one day expose them for their crimes. Not just what they did on that ship all those years ago, but everything their trying so desperately to hide. To do that, he needs to train his abilities, raise funds, and find allies. He decided to return to his old roots and become a deckhand, signing up with Evgeniya-Jaimisson. He has been assigned to BD514 where he plans to lay low, bide his time, and gather his strength. Secret Unknown to Seht: As the security team suspected, the containment failure was the result of purposeful sabotage. It was done to test the driftdead and gather data on how an unsuspecting crew would react to a haunting. It was all part of a [REDACTED] research project. The driftdead that Seht encountered was once a criminal sentenced to death. [REDACTED] acquired him as a test subject. He was one of many test subjects that were tortured to death on a special research ship during drift travel. Among the many test subjects, he was the only one that turned. However, he was contained before he could get his revenge. The scientists found him difficult to work with as the process had left him quite feral. They created a special ship with several decks that were specially shielded to contain him. They then let him loose among these decks and slowly began the process of training and testing him. They treated him like a wild animal, but even in this twisted state, he managed to learn. They taught him to hide from crews while incorporeal and to hunt them when physical during drift travel. Their goal was to weaponize the driftdead and unleash it on their enemies. The transport vessel that Seht encountered the driftdead was a simple field tests for this project. Since a single driftdead killed almost the entire crew of the transport vessel, it was considered somewhat of a success. Further, the anomaly of a single human male being able to strike the incorporeal driftdead with his bare hands was noted by the [REDACTED] saboteur that also survived the incident.
  18. You're welcome seeing as when I started there were none. ;)
  19. Sure are a lot of pilot apps! Glad I chose a class without that skill <.< >.>
  20. I might pick up minor gear with but I think I've covered the important items. And... ah crap I had a little blurb in the third post on NPCs that didn't get saved, type that again in the morning.
  21. Yeah everything looks on the up and up from a numbers standpoint. Still deciding on items?
  22. Alrighty, everything looks more or less good. Only thing I noted is that your total credit expenditures came to around 1,513 credits. At a glance dropping the Personal Comm Unit, Flashlight, and Binders would settle things up in that regard. Overall another solid app.
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