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Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk


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Hi everyone we're looking for 2-3 more players for my Shattered Obelisk game. I'll be starting it off at Chapter 5 and any player with an AL legal tier 2 character can join. Simply reply to this thread with your character sheet and AL log.

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34 minutes ago, Gregorotto said:

How about Mercedes Kilgrace, Tiefling Wild Magic Barbarian? She's level 5 and unused, per the level 5 character creation rules in the ALG Player's Guide, thus her +1 greataxe. Here's her sheet and her log.

Sounds good. Mercedes is in. The current trio is on the high end of tier 2 already so if you have any DM rewards you'd like to use for Mercedes you might want to consider that.


1-2 more seats available.

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