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Pathfinder 1E Sheets: CMD Calculations


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Just so you know, I have unfollowed all other topics I am on. Do you want me to write a trouble report for each one, or just have this as a running dialogue of various issues?

Anyway, so I know you worked it previously, but CMD calculations still aren't right (Pathfinder sheet).

Current Sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2835833

So, the auto-calc has a value of 20, and the FCMD of 16.

Formula for CMB = 10 + BAB (5) + STR (4) + DEX (4) + special size mod (none in this case).
So, base CMB would be 23, per above.
In addition, Dodge + DEX + Misc should go to CMB ... and in this case there is a +1 for deflection to bring it to 24. So, why does it read only 20?

For FCMD, same thing, but 23 (real CMD) - DEX (4) - Dodge (none) = 19. It DOES seem like the proper reduction of four, but the base CMD is still off.

EDIT: Yes, cache was cleared. That will be my standard ... a cache clear followed by a drop/re-assign of the Web page ... prior to trouble calls.

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Sorry, misread! Looks like the issue is that the calculator is using ACDex instead of DexMod, and ACDex was manually set to 0 giving 14. Temporarily fixing ACDex will give you the desired result while I fix the calculation.

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Okay, I found an odd one, ha!

This file active: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2835645

So, the CMD is right BUT the FCMD isn't. This character has a DEX penalty, so instead of including a penalty to DEX, it used the -1 DEX mod value and added it back into FCMD from CMD.

Makes me wonder if it does that if "Misc" box from AC were a negative (like what I do with barbarian's or certain rare curses and drawbacks, for example).

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