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Language feature in posting

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I want to figure this out too!

I think the old site had some interesting language features if the players had character sheets linked to the game and also had languages listed on their character sheet. I think that if you could get it to work properly, you could format a post so all the players with characters that spoke Elfish would see certain text translated into English, but players of characters that could not understand the fantasy language just saw Elf-runes or something like that. That seemed potentially fun and more immersive.

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Slinks in, delinquent in updating documentation

Here's the dev post where it's announced (since opened up to everyone, not just Community Supporters): https://www.myth-weavers.com/index.php?/topic/1295-dev-news-stream/&do=findComment&comment=67524

Conceptually, it works just like OG. You have to have at least one sheet attached to the game to be able to read any obfuscated language blocks; as long as the indicated language is on one of those sheets, you can read the plain-text version. This does require GMs to add the Character Sheets feature to games where they want to leverage the tool.

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