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Harlan "Sawbones" McCuddy


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Harlan "Sawbones" McCuddy

Human Expert 1

Physician | Goal is to escape his gambling debts, and become a leader among the new community | From Free Marches originally, Southland more recently

AC: 12 (Buff Coat)

HP: 9


Str:  14 (+1)
Dex: 10 (0)
Con: 14 (+1)
Int:  12 (0)
Wis: 14 (+1)
Cha: 13 (0)

Base Attack Bonus: +0

Punch: +2, 1d8+1 dmg shock 1/AC 15

Dagger: +0, 1d4 dmg shock 1/AC 15

Staff: +0, 1d6 dmg shock 1/AC 15

Saving Throws

Physical: 13 | Evasion: 13 | Mental: 13 | Luck: 14



Heal - 1
Connect - 1
Punch - 1
Know - 1
Work - 0
Notice - 0


Gifted Chirugeon 1: When rolling Heal skill checks, roll 3d6 and drop the lowest die. You heal twice as many hit points as usual when applying first aid after a battle, as described on page 48.

Unarmed Combatant 1: Unarmed attacks are counted as melee weapons for binding up ranged attackers, so long as I have 1 free hand. Punches do 1d6 damage at level 0 punch skill, 1d8 at level 1, etc.

Alert 1: Gain Notice as a bonus skill, cannot be surprised, execution attack option cannot be used against him. If the GM does Initiative by sides, then my side gains a +1 to initiative (does not stack with other Alert PCs). If initiative is rolled individually, then I roll twice and take the highest.



Daggers x2 (1d4 dmg, shock1/AC 15) Enc. 2

Staff (1d6 dmg, Shock1/AC 15) Enc. 1

Backpack Enc. 1

Lantern, tinderbox, 3 pints oil, total Enc. 3

Writing kit and 20 sheets of paper, Enc. 1

Rations, 1 week, Enc. 4

Waterskin, Enc. 1

Healers pouch, Enc. 1

Buff Coat, Enc. 0

10 silver

Total Encumberance: 14

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Harlan McCuddy, known as "Sawbones" to the people of his home village in the Free March, and to the boxers unfortunate enough to have faced in him the ring, is a man in his late 30s, with hair that seems to largely misbehave and thick, scarred knuckles from years of boxing.

McCuddy was well-regarded in his home town for the most part, as he was a gifted doctor. While he was not dumb by a long shot, what truly made him excel in his studies was his dedication, spending long hours reading texts and treatises covering all manner of ailments. Even so, he believed firmly in the importance of exercise and time outdoors, and as a result he trained his body as hard as he trained his mind. In particular, McCuddy found the thrill of boxing exhilarating. Not only that, but he was quite good at it. So good, in fact, that he paid his way out of the Free March and into a prestigious university in the Southland through his winnings.

McCuddy won matches frequently, and so he frequently bet those same winnings on himself. Even after opening his surgery in his home town, where he treated conditions ranging from simple toothaches to infected wounds requiring amputations, he continued to box.

However, fortunes come and fortunes go. McCuddy bet a large sum he had borrowed on a match in which he was fighting. Expecting the match to be a breeze, he drank to excess before the match began. He lost.

McCuddy did not have enough money to pay the loan back, however. So he tried to make more money by taking out more loans and betting on more matches. Before long, McCuddy had amassed significant debts to numerous unsavory characters. Unable to afford the extortionate interest rates on the loans, McCuddy sold his practice and all but his most essential tools and belongings, and now seeks a life far, far away from people who would do him ill.



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Level 2 Changes: Spent 3 skill points, adding Know at level 1, and Work at level 0

Lowered all saving throws by 1.

Rolled for Hit Dice: 2d6, getting 7. Adding 2 for constitution, bringing new hit points up to 9.

Gained the "Alert" focus.


New Hit Dice
2d6 2,5
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