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In the beginning...


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First post 6 years ago the intro


Year 2120

Austrin-Ontis exists as the world's largest manufacturer of military grade weaponry. Still just a company, but an extremely powerful and ruthless one

The Rigunmor Star Consortium is a confederation of smaller companies and corporations working together to fighting to stay in businesses amongst the megacorps that have increasingly become the real rulers of the earth and the solar system.

MicroTel, the megacorp that will eventually become VoidCorp pretty much runs the worlds computer and software markets.

The earth is still divided into competing nation-states, most of which are more or less grouped into blocs by geography and economic interests. More and more, however, large, multinational corporations (megacorps) keep their own armies and make their own rules.

The Fraal and other alien species have been observing and visiting earth for millennia. While the fraal generally mean humanity no harm, they are divided into factions as to what to do with us. As of yet they have not explored far enough out to meet any other race.

The earth would be insanely overpopulated, and people would be living largely on the recycled and reused remains of earth's largely completed resources. Everybody would be competing to get out into the solar system for new resources, but also in hopes of a fresh start, more space and the freedom of the frontier. I imagine naive optimism would be quickly squashed by brutal capitalism and the hard realities of life in space.

So you use your last of you money get on a ship to the mars station where your to go to the restaurant Old Mags and ask for captain T.
Some things in news:
Alien robots have been living along side is for 100 years call themselves Transformers they are protectors of Earth
A great batter of aliens vs people that you can only call superheros save the earth from invasion about 100 years ago. Every since these ppl have been here.
An alien called just The Doctor has countless times in last 100 years saved Earth and is solely welcomed by the people of the planet.



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