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Ringworld of Ayr Organizations


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There are three organizations in the Ringworld of Ayr, they are summarized in the Table below


- Peoples of Myrkran (MYR) Disciples of Silicon (DOS) Seekers of the Spheres (SPH)

Light at the End of the Tunnel

When you host or attend an event, you may choose to do so as a free action. Once per round, you may choose to reroll any one unopposed roll (this ability must be used before the end of the round).


Gain the services of TITANIA (Hero 9). When deployed as the leader of a battle, TITANIA brings one unit of Killbots (which are lost first in battle) in addition to other forces deployed and grants both a +2 bonus to tactical maneuvering and the Beyond Pain Tactical Doctrine (+4 to battle roll, +20% to your own casualties). TITANIA cannot be captured or killed, and if subject to leader loss you instead immediately lose 1 reputation with the Disciples of Silicon.

The Illuminated

Once per round, you may direct the Seekers to perform an investigation into a matter of your choice. This allows you to make an investigation roll as a free action at +11 (this includes the rep 2 benefit) regardless of your intrigue, OR you may request that they instead assist your own investigations, which allows you to instead seek aid as a free action (success is automatic) for +2 to an investigation roll you are making during the same round.

3 All successful explorations additionally reward 1 treasure and you may attempt exploration actions in already-revealed regions You gain access to the Powered Armor Technology, which is an armor slot military technology that provides +2 to battle and -10% casualties. Successful Seek Aid actions you take provide a +2 benefit instead of +1
2 All Continent Penalties are reduced by 1 +1 to Battle Rolls when your enemies have no technology bonuses and to Purging Holy Sites +2 to Investigation rolls
1 +1 to Establishing Claims +1 to Raid and Sack rolls +1 to Epic Quests
0 - - -
-1 -1 to Stabilizations -1 to Buyout Rolls -1 to attempts to slander and foment unrest
-2 -1 to Resisting Secret Actions -2 to rolls to resist Sacks -1 to all secret actions

The Anvil

A random stable region under your control is targeted by a foment unrest attempt rolled at +9 each round. Successful hostile actions you take targeting Myrkran or its allies (rep 3+) are additionally rewarded with 1 treasure each by an interested party


-3 to Leader Loss Rolls, +1 to new Ruler intrigue attribute

Shrouded One

You may take a second secret action each round but cannot exchange technologies as an event subaction or an embassy nonaction

Rep 1 Favor

Demand Keepsakes (1 favor)

Gain 3 treasures immediately ignoring treasure cap, can be spent this round. Any treasure beyond cap will disappear at the end of the round

Acquire Killing Machines (1 favor)

Immediately acquire 2 units of killbots until the end of the round which ignore your unit cap and die first in battle

Pursue Mysteries (1 favor)

Seekers investigate a matter of your choice on your behalf

Rep 2 Favor

Survey Lands (1 favor)

The People of Myrkran perform an exploration on your behalf

Establish Supply Line (1 favor)

The Disciples perform a Raid on a Trading Post of your choice. If successful you become the new owner

Discuss Theology (1 favor)

The Seekers attempt to convert a Holy Site of your choice to a faith of your choice

Rep 3 Favor

Settle a Frontier (2 favor, -1 Rep)

Establish a Claim directly in a region of your choice, bypassing the normal claim limit

Clandestine Operation (2 favor, -1 Rep)

The Disciples attempt an Assassination on a person or steal an object of your choice on your behalf

Delve into the Forgotten (2 favors, -1 Rep)

You may discover an artifact, exactly as if using a Faith 5 Special Action


Refugee Processing Center

Region owner gains +1 to buyouts and buyout resistance in the region

Forbidden Vault

Realms that have negative reputation with the DOS suffer -1 to all rolls in regions containing or adjacent to a Forbidden Vault


Can safely store up to 1 item for the region owner in the same manner as a holy order


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The People of Myrkran

The People of Myrkran are a loose network of refugees hailing from the west, telling of doom that came to their homelands and hoping for shelter and resettlement. Their loose focus is on exploration and expansion, with a side of espionage - there are a lot of them and they're both everywhere and a little desperate.

The Disciples of Silicon

The Disciples of Silicon are technologically advanced hermits. They're in possession of dangerous and advanced technology and prefer to keep to themselves. Still, they aren't above diplomacy, sometimes even lending some of it out in return for other things they desire. They have no clear grand design, interested in hoarding what they can and cleansing what they cannot, and will go to terrible lengths to protect their secrets and monopolies. Their loose focus is primarily violence, whether that's in overt or black ops form.

The Seekers of the Spheres

The Seekers of the Spheres are a group of monks and mystics who chart the movements of the moons and seek both knowledge and mastery of the world. Their loose focus is on investigating and questing, delving into the world's mysteries.


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