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Rule Adjustments


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This Thread will document the changes from the MW Empire! Alpha Rules made specifically for this game.

Rule Reference Change
18.1 Starting Technologies
  • Tall SailsEnables exploration and troop transport in coastal waters
  • Brick & Mortar+1 to resist Raids and Sacks
  • Poetry & Prose(+1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions to regions with a land connection)
  • Irrigation+1 Stabilization
  • Animal Husbandry+1 to Industry and Diplomacy exploration
  • Markets & Carts+1 Buyouts

1.1. Playing Empire

  • The Play will start on the 24th of March (Friday)
  • The Rounds will be two (2) weeks long
  • Combat Action Deadline will occur the Saturday Prior to the closing Friday
  • The IC Thread will be automatically locked at 6:00 pm Central on the closing Friday
  • The Following round opener will be posted after a week for the GM team to process
Special 5: Upgrade a Resource

RAW says this is used to upgrade a resource into a better type of resource that makes sense.

RAI from discord discussion is that this is more accurately a "Transform Resource" signifying either an improvement of the local industry to something higher or to represent an entire shift in resource production. IE instead of just wild horses to domesticated horses, it could be horses to copper to represent the people living there being forced to mine for copper. When used in this way it used to also reduce the supply of the region by 1.


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