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Gramtyng, son of Fastred: Rohirrim Exile


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Gramtyng, son of Fastred

Calm Theme|Combat Theme 



Name: Gramtyng, son of Fastred Standard of Living: MartialIndividuals belonging to a Martial culture often live according to their status in the military hierarchy, with simple warriors and soldiers sleeping together in a common area; probably as part of the household of a renowned chieftain or noble. Meals are usually consumed in large halls, with seats and tables arranged to observe rules of precedence or respect. Clothing reflects the military status of an individual as well, or that of his family.

Martial player-heroes have enough resources to look after themselves, and to pay for such things as simple accommodation and meals. Ever mindful of the cost of any luxury, they often lead an austere life, or resort to haggling to lower the price of whatever they are trying to get hold of.
Culture: Riders of Rohan Calling: Scholar"Speak no secrets! Here is a scholar in the Ancient Tongue."
For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice.
Favoured Skill Groups: Perception, Vocation
Trait: Rhymes of Lore
Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets
Cultural Blessing: Fey MoodThe Men of the Mark are a generous folk, but when war is upon them, then they are fell to their enemies as they are loyal to their friends. When the lust of battle is on them, they appear as men stricken with grief, their faces deathly white, or as madmen ready to laugh at despair. The Riders of Rohan may enter a battle-fury if they roll an 11 or 12 on any attack or Protection roll. When this happens, they may choose to gain a point of Shadow, to add one Success die (up to a maximum of 6) to all their close combat attack rolls until the end of the battle. Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets"The roots of those mountains must be roots indeed; there must be great secrets buried there which have not been discovered since the beginning."
Inquisitiveness and curiosity are desirable virtues in an individual, but knowledge can be put to malicious use and learned individuals can look down on others as ignorant fools. Secrets are dangerous, as the very desire of uncovering them may corrupt the heart.
Background: Minstrel of the Golden HallMinstrel of the Golden Hall The history of Rohan is not written in any book or tome. Instead it is secreted in the verses of those songs you were taught by your mother and father. You have sung for the living and the dead, and your voice has filled even the Golden Hall of Meduseld. But new deeds worthy of song occur each day as a darkness gathers and you would be there to witness them first-hand and weave them into legend.
Basic Attributes: Body 5. Heart 5. Wits 4.
Favoured Skill: Song
Specialties: MinistrelsyYou have been trained in the arts of singing and playing one or more musical instruments, according to the tradition of the wandering minstrels. Your musical lore runs deeper than most, as you partake of the knowledge of musicians coming from foreign lands.Story-TellingYou are a masterful narrator of deeds and stories, able to weave plots and facts with passion and vividness.Rhymes of LoreRhymes of Lore are brief compositions in verse created by many cultures to remember significant facts from ancient history. Your knowledge of them can supplement a test of Lore, but is used especially in conjunction with any Custom skill (Courtesy, Song or Riddle). Scholars may credit much of their knowledge to rhymes.Hero of the WoodmenAcquired in the 'Putting Down Roots' Adventure
Distinctive Features: FairYou are considered beautiful by most people, even by those not belonging to your folk.Reckless (Mastery)You often do not think about the consequences of your actions, daring to do things that others are afraid to even contemplate doing.

Trait Mastery. Randomly determine one of the character's traits. It costs 2 Destiny Points to re-roll this. From now one, once per chapter, you can invoke the trait (if narratively appropriate) to upgrade the quality of success of a common skill roll (Basic Success is upgraded to Great, Great to Extraordinary, Extraordinary to Magical). You may still use the trait for other purposes (auto-success, gaining advancement points, etc).
Stats and Combat

Experience: 17(62) | Valour: 4 | Wisdom: 4

~[ - Weapons - ]~

Damage: 5( ) Parry: 4(+2) Armour: 3d+4
Weapon Dmg Edge Injury Enc
Sword'Windowmaker' - renamed Cenegeslit(Keen-Bite)
Superior Keen, Crushing.
5 10(8) TN 16 2
Bow ●●●○○○ 5 10 TN 14 1
Dagger ●○○○○○ 3 Grune.png.087de7fdb13345aaf5af06617896af73.png 0 0

Rewards: Ancient Mail from GondorAncient Mail from Gondor (mail armour)
Many armouries in Rohan hold a vast array of weapons, helms and suits of armour created by smiths from the south, gifts from Gondor to the Kings of the Riddermark. A warrior wearing one of those coats of bright mail on the battlefield is sure to lift the hearts of his companions. When you are wearing your Ancient Mail from Gondor, you may employ the combat task Rally Comrades from a forward stance. When you choose to do so, you are also allowed to attack.
, Horsetail HelmHorsetailed Helm
The most valiant warriors of the Rohirrim wear gleaming helms crested with great plumes made from horse hair that make them stand out in the battlefield. You have been recognised with the honour to wear one in battle, and you have sworn to never retreat from the fray and lead your companions by example.

Raise your Standing by 1 point. Moreover, when you are wearing your Horsetailed Helm while fighting on horseback or on foot in a Forward stance, if your attack roll is a A you receive a bonus Success die to spend on any of your future rolls, or to give to another companion.
, Superior Keen, Superior Fell
Virtues: Old Songs and Children's TalesOld Songs and Children's Tales
"They are ... wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years."
In these strange days you have learnt that the songs of the old days tell of many things that have been long forgotten, and what is often deemed to be the matter of legends may return to walk under the Sun. There is worth in each word of every rhyme, and wisdom in each dark stave of songs that have come down from father to son in the House of Eorl.

When you succeed in a roll using Inspire, Travel, Insight, Healing, Riddle or Lore, check your Song rating: if it is equal to or higher than the rating of the skill you used, upgrade the quality of the roll by one level (a success becomes a great success, and a great success is turned into an extraordinary one).

Additionally, if the roll produced a 12 you gain 1 point of Hope (you may gain a maximum of 1 Hope point per
session this way).

When you choose this virtue, mark the skills listed above on your character sheet as a reminder. It is worth noting that using this ability does not imply that you suddenly burst into song, but rather that you run over snatches of old rhymes from your memory, murmuring a few words or maybe singing softly to yourself.
, Household EsquireHousehold Esquire
"…a man came summoning him, the king’s esquire, to wait at the king’s board."
A noble family has entrusted you with the raising and training of a young man from their household. The boy will serve you as your personal esquire, assisting you in all knightly matters. He will travel on his own riding horse (a rouncy) and wait at your table; he will make sure that your mount and belongings are ready at the start of a journey, that your weapons are sharpened and your armour mended before a battle, and that you wear your best clothes and bring your most precious drinking cup at a feast. In return, you will provide your esquire with a proper martial education and will care for and protect him at all times.

When you are entitled to make a preliminary skill roll to determine your preparedness at either a journey, a combat or an encounter (see The One Ring Roleplaying Game, page 151), the presence of your esquire lets you roll an additional Success die (up to a maximum of 6). Additionally, your esquire will promptly recover your mount should you fall from the saddle or be thrown down from it (you must spend an action to climb back upon your horse), he will bring you a spare shield or weapon should you see it smashed or dropped (it doesn’t take you an entire action to recover your gear) and finally he will carry you from the field should you be knocked down by the blows of an enemy. While you won’t allow your esquire to be directly engaged in combat, he is considered to be always about and eager to perform his duties.
, Ominous BlessingOminous Blessing
"…the Dead come seldom forth and only at times of great unquiet and coming death."
The inhabitants of Harrowdale live under the shadow of the Dwimorberg, and all their life they have felt the stare of cold and unforgiving eyes watching them from the dark below the Haunted Mountain. Some in the Riddermark say that the sad-faced dale-folk are bringers of ill-luck. What you know is that a gift of good fortune has started to favour you, or rather to work against those who oppose you. Whenever you make a die roll and obtain an 11 result, you may turn it into a 12 result instead by gaining a Shadow point. The circumstances surrounding this are up to you to describe, but should involve whenever possible a stroke of misfortune befalling others and favouring you instead.


Armour: Mail Shirt
(enc: 12 | Protection: 3d)
Endurance: 27
(Start: 27 | Enc. Fatigue: 15 | Travel: 0)
Headgear: Helm
(enc: 2 | Protection: +4)
Hope: 13
(Start: 14 | T. Shadow: 2 | P. Shadow: 0)
Shield: Shield
(enc: 3 | Protection: +2)
✔✘ Wounded:
Elven-crafted Horse ReinsTo Gramtyng, Ellerina had gifted a set of reigns, that grant a +1 modifier when using Athletics for riding a horse. 'Widowmaker'A sword received from an elven ghost in the watchtower. Gramtyng finds the name its old owner gave it distasteful and arrogant, and promised to give it a new one.
Superior Keen, Crushing, ???

"Sadly, I cannot tell you much save that it is Dwarven, from the halls of Moria in an age past the memory of any that yet live save the Elves. The fact the spirit said it was Naughrim-wrought, and the ancient dialect on these runes would lead me to believe it could even be from the time of Azagal in the second-age.

It appears to be stone and steel wrought, hence it's weight and likely forged for a Man given its size and balance.

There may be smiths or scholars in Erebor who could tell you more, but whatever you have there is a relic to be treasured. It is certainly one of the finest blades I have ever had the sight of."

Superior Fell, Ancient Keen
Mab's LiquorA flask of Mab's liquor (restores endurance of success die + Wisdom or Valour (highest), 3 sips. Or use all 3 sips to revive unconscious companion. Radagast's TomeOld Song of mourning from Dream: Not Used. TN16.  
Dunir the SeekerDunir the seeker (also known as Dunir the hunter) Bonus: Hunting. Penalty: Stealth.
Reroll d6 on Hunting. Keep new result.
Reroll 6s on Stealth. If no ranks, -1.

Companions & Company Details

Fellowship (5) | AP (15) | TP (7) | Standing (2) | Destiny (0)

Fellowship Focus:

Sanctuaries: Mountain Hall, Black Tarn. | Holding: Black Tarn, 8

Horse Type Size Charge Riding Mod Enc Price Status
Leasere RadhorsPalfrey Medium +3 -2 -6 2g 2
Body 5(8) Heart 5(7) Wits 4(5) AP Dots
Awe ●●○○○○ Inspire ●●●○○○ Persuade ○○○○○○ ✧✧✧
Athletics ●●●●○○ Travel ●●●○○○ Stealth ○○○○○○ ✧✧✧
Awareness ●○○○○○ Insight ●●●○○○ Search ●●○○○○ ✧✧✧
Explore ●○○○○○ Healing ○○○○○○ Hunting ●●●○○○ ✧✧✧
Song ●●●●○○ Courtesy ●●○○○○ Riddle ●○○○○○ ✧✧✧
Craft ●○○○○○ Battle ●●○○○○ Lore ●●●○○○ ✧✧✧
PersonalityContent... DescriptionContent... BackstoryGramtyng is a young man of a 20 winters, who originally hails from Harrowdale: whose smirk and attitude have earned him the disfavor of his father. Fastred had intended for his son to qualify for the Kings guard, eventually, or at the very least become a great hunter. Unfortunately, the boy's head was full of adventure, lore, songs, some less... intended for a noble audience. After one particular slipup in the Golden Hall, where he very nearly insulted one of the guards with a reckless, not entirely untrue song, which involved the guard falling off his horse comically, the King laughed, but suggested the lad go to learn respect. This, apparently, had meant that Gramtyng had to go and learn of the origins of his people, back in Wilderland. Saddened to say goodbye to the mead of Edoras, but happy to go out and earn a name for himself, and perhaps lore he was interested in, Gramtyng nudged Leasere onward, towards his first destination: The newly-rebuilt Laketown. The site of death of a dragon, where else would he obtain the source for perfect song? Misc/Plot HooksHas sworn vengeance, hatred, and sung the curse-song against Viglund for his actions regarding Dahr-Ol's actions and how they impacted Idunn.
Is interested in finding the Steed of the Moon.
Tale of the YearsSpring 2946 - Dont Leave the Path

The Company is hired by Baldor to escort him through Mirkwood after they save him from thugs. The Company spends a few days in the Halls of Thranduil before continuing. Idunn finds a footprint of the Werewolf of Mirkwood. Baldor drinks from the Enchanted stream and is stolen by spiders. Hepti joins. Arphel is poisoned and Ellerina is stolen by orcs. The Company tracks them down and frees them as the orcs are overrun by spiders. Belgo, Baldor's son, expresses interest in becoming Gramtyng's Squire. Berengar, once hero of the Woodsmen and wielder of Wolfbiter, is met - now a mad hermit who shelters the companions for a night. The company runs into an enchanted well with an unidentified monster within, which Bella kills. The journey ends, and the Fellowship spends time in Mountain Hall.

Fall 2947 - Theft of the Moon

Hartfast, Chief of Mountain Hall, asks the Company to be his emissaries to Beorn and sends Magric, the best trapper and scout he has, to help them along. Along the way, the company takes shelter in a swampy area of land and find out Magric hates slavery and a half sunken dwarven ruin with several long dead bodies inside. Further search yielded a green dragon scale, a piece of Wolfbiter, and some dwarven lore. After setting the bones to the pyre, the Company arrived to the festival of the Beornings, where they were hosted by Merovech, Idunn's cousin and talked to Guthred, Viglund's Thane. Through many trials, Nori managed to win the festival, only to discover that someone stole the Sickle of the Moon, an artifact Beorn loaned to his people as a reward. In pursuit of the thieves, they found themselves in a dark part of the woods, inhibited by what they identified as an ancient Huorn. After a fierce battle, the Company was victorious and the monstrous tree fell to ashes, but not before seeing a chilling vision of two pale green orbs in a black mist that emerged from the tree. After, the company met Odo, warden of the Old Ford, who directed them further along the trail, which lead them to the house of Mab the Spinner, an old woman who lived in the woods with an orphan from the Eafolc, Vesna. The old woman gave the company three vials of her famous cordial, and sent them on their way to the Falrock, where they caught up with the thieves led by Cenric, and an outlander named Gizik, whose men bore a strange insignia that looked like a tower on a triangle. They spoke of loyalty to someone named Valter, but were interrupted by the party's arrival. Battle ensued after Cenric killed a viglunding thrall he blackmailed into helping him, and the thieves were slain, Cenric taken captive and the other viglundings following Guthred. Upon arriving at the Carrock, Beorn rendered his judgement, sending Cenric to Viglund with Guthred, and Merovech rewarding Nori while Beorn rewarded the Company.

Summer 2948 - Putting Down Roots

Needs a summary

Late Spring of 2949 - Kinstrife

Needs Summary

Winter of 2949 - Sentinel of the North

Dahr-Ol sent as emissary to Viglund, group visits Mab for advice with their strange dreams, Dahr-Ol finds lover in Viglund's Hall as thrall, helps her escape after party learns Viglund plundering the ruins of the Eotheod for gold and valuables. Viglund is outraged and takes Idunn hostage, the companions leave his hall, with Gramtyng cursing Viglund in his native tongue in a curse-song. The group wanders a long time in the frozen north, fending off Devourer, a monstrous warg - and his pack, and finding refuge at the Hill of Skulls, where an elf's spirit gifts them enchanted weapons and armor. It is also there where Celebros is laid to rest, wounded by the warg. An oath is given. The group find the Tower that Annungil was looking for and Mab helped them with dreams of, and defend it from orcs when Beorn and Viglund arrive to help.
GoalsFind the Steed of the Moon
Take revenge on Viglund
Kill the Werewolf of Mirkwood so Idunn could let go of her own rage and be able to grieve in peace.
Write a song that would be repeated long after he is dead.
Fulfill his oath that binds himself and all his descendants to fight for these lands against the shadow, with sword in hand, song on tongue, purpose in mind - in halls and on battlefields.
Experience Expenditures

AP and XP

Theft of the Moon:
4 EXP - Bows 1 to Bows 2
4 EXP - Valour 1 to Valour 2(Ancient Mail of Gondor)
9 AP - Song 2 to Song 3
6 AP - Lore 1 to Lore 2

Putting Down Roots:
10 EXP - Swords from 3 to 4
6 EXP - Wisdom from 2 to 3(Household Esquire: Belgo, son of Baldor)
9 AP - Travel from 2 to 3
5 AP - Lore from 2 to 3(Favoured and Mab's help)

1 AP Remaining.

Putting Down Roots:
6 EXP - Valour 2 to Valour 3(Horsetailed Helm)
6 EXP - Bows 2 to Bows 3
6(+6 from Beran) AP - Inspire 2 to 3
12 AP - Song 3 to 4

0 EXP, 6 AP remaining
[Acquired Hero of the Woodmen Title]

12 EXP to spend, 20 AP
10 EXP - Wisdom 3 to 4(Ominous Blessing)
9 AP - Hunting 2 to 3
8 AP - Courtesy 1 to 2

2 EXP, 3 AP Remaining.

+3 Treasure, +1 Standing with Beornings. +1 AP because of that super Inspire check at the end of Kinstrife, bringing the AP to 4.

Sentinel of the North:
15 EXP from Adventure + 4 from Destiny + 4 AP for Destiny.
6 EXP - Spent on Treasure Roll
10 EXP - Valour from 3 to 4(Unlock Superior Fell on 'Widowmaker)
16 AP - Athletics from 3 to 4
9 AP - Insight from 2 to 3

1 AP, 5 EXP Remaining. [Acquired 'Widowmaker']. Renamed it to Cenegestlit(Keen-Biter)

15 AP, 17 EXP Remaining after Darkness in the Marshes. Expenditures to follow.

Darkness in the Marshes:

15 EXP Valour 4 -> 5: Unlock Superior Keen on Cenegeslit

12 AP Stealth 0 -> 2

2 EXP, 3 AP.




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Gramtyng, son of Fastredtoken_1(5).png.ef12265c3f3702a2086fb7dc92be835c.png

Riders of Rohan | Standard of Living: MartialCallingTraits | AP: 15 | XP: 17 | DP: 0

Valour: 4 | Wisdom: 4 | End: 27/27 | Load: 15 | Fatigue: 0 [+1] | Hope: 13/14 | Shadow: 6 [0] | Parry: 6 | Weary: No | Miserable: No |Wound: No

Skills: Body 5 (8) | Heart 5 (7)| Wits 4 (5) | Weapons | War Gear | Equipment | Songs





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Because Raging turned out to not belong on a Dwarf-make weapon:

Quality d8
Cleaving 1
Crushing 2
Flame of Hope 3
Gleam of Terror 4
Runes of Victory 5
Superior Fell 6
Superior Keen(Must reroll if this, already have it) 7
Piercing 8


Second Enchantment
1d8 6
Third Enchantment
1d8 6
Third Reroll because duplicate
1d8 6
1d8 8
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