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Tabitha Denari - A Mother Scorned

Malkavian Grin

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A mother grows worried and joins a mob of villagers to find her missing son. Deep in the ground beneath a castle she finds him, alive. The two even help face down a chaos lord! But a young curiosity is his undoing and a now bereft mother flees, without even a proper burial.

The death of Alphonse breaks Tabitha. She nearly lets herself be killed from inaction. On that boat, her son's body lying under rubble and lava back on an evil isle, Tabitha snaps. Gone is the light in her eyes, replaced by the glint of primal instinct. A killer is born as a future dies; how many more must die to bring balance?


"Barbarian" Tabitha Denari Jeweler Neutral Warrior
Speed 30' Init. +1 AC 17 HP 12/12 EXP 0

Lucky Sign
Resist temptation (+1 Will Saves)

  STR 10 (+0) PRS 6   (-1)  
  AGL 14 (+1) INT 12 (+0)  
  STM 10 (+0) LCK 14 (+1)  


Level Attack/Deed Die Crit Die/Table Threat Action Die Ref Fort Will
2 +d4 1d14/III 19-20 1d20 +2 +1 +0


Weapon To Hit Damage Notes
Dagger +0 1d4 A mean-looking kitchen knife
Molan's Flail +1 1d6+1 Magic; 1/day +1d6 fire damage for 3 rounds


Armor Bonus Check Penalty Speed Penalty Fumble Die Notes
Shield +1 -1 -- --  
Chain Hauberk +5 -5 -5' d12  


Worn/Used Gear Equipment Money

Ring with emerald

Tattered dress with furred-cloak

Worn deerskin boots

Hide of the CavebearWhen donned by a warrior or dwarf, the hide permits the wearer to fly into a berserker rage 1/day per level.

In a rage, the wearer temporarily gains a +2 to attack and damage rolls, +2 hp per level, and a +2 bonus to Fort saves, but takes a -2 penalty to AC.

The rage lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1d5 + the character’s level, though the warrior may prematurely end the rage.

At the end of the rage, the warrior loses all modifiers and becomes fatigued (temporarily reduced to half current hp, cannot run or charge) for a number of rounds equal to the length of the rage.

Hemp rope, 50'


39 copper coins

9 silver coins

90 gold coins

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