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Harn Stonewater, Human Fighter


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 Harn Stonewater

Former Noble Guard


"If you fight for truth, you're guaranteed to bleed."


Fighter 5

Human Male, Lawful Neutral

Armor Class 21 (splint 17, shield +3, second weapon +1)

Hit Points 
Speed 30' ft.


Languages common, dwarvish

Proficiency Bonus +3



Proficiency Bonus: +3

Strength 16 (+3)
Save +6
Athletics +6

Dexterity 10 (+0) 
Save +0
Acrobatics +3 | Sleight of Hand +0 | Stealth +0

Constitution 16 (+3)
Save +6 
No skills associated.

Intelligence 10 (+0)
Save +0
Arcana +0 | History +0 | Investigation +0 | Nature +0 | Religion +0

Wisdom 12 (+1)
Save +4
Animal Handling +1 | Insight +1 | Medicine +1 | Perception +4 Survival +4

Charisma 10 (+0) 
Save +0
Deception +0 | Intimidation +3 | Performance +0 | Persuasion +0

 (E) denotes expertise. / Bold denotes proficiency.



  • Tools Woodcarver's Tools
  • Vehicles Land, Water
  • Instruments None
  • Weapons Simple, Martial, Improvised 
  • Armors Light, Medium, Heavy

Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting | Second Wind | Action Surge | Extra Attack

Student of War | Combat Superiority | Disarming Attack | Riposte | Trip Attack 


Bonus Skill: Intimidation | Bonus Feat: Tavern Brawler | Bonus Language: Dwarvish

Tavern Brawler | Dual Wielder




  • +1 Shield +6 to hit for (1d4+3) bludgeoning. | improvised
  • Longsword +6 to hit for (1d8+3) slashing damage. | versitle (1d10)
  • Warhammer+6 to hit for (1d8+3) bludgeoning damage. | versitle (1d10)
  • Warpick +6 to hit for (1d8+3) piercing damage. |
  • Handaxes x2 +6 to hit for (1d6+3) slashing damage. | light, thrown (20/60)


  • Weight:  181.46 lbs. / 240 lbs. max. (15 x STR Score)
  • Status: Unencumbered
  • Penalty: None

MONEY POUCH (1.46 lbs.)

Copper: 16 | Silver: 13  | Gold: 19 | Platinum: 25

(73 Coins x .02 lbs. = 1.46 lbs. Total Weight)


Equipped items can be retrieved with a manipulate item interaction.

  • Armor (66 lbs.) Splint Armor, +1 Shield
  • Weapons (12 lbs.) longsword - 3 lbs. | warhammer - 2 lb. | warpick - 2 lbs. | Handaxes x2 - 4lbs total | Dagger - 1lb
  • Readied Items (1.5 lbs.) Potion of Healing x3 - 1.5 lb | Pouch - 1


Stored items can be retrieved with an action.

  • In Backpack (70.5 lbs.) Backpack - 5 lbs. | Crowbar 5lbs | hammer - 3 lbs | (10) pitons 1lb | (10) torches - 10 lbs. | Tinderbox 1lb | Rations x10 20lbs | Shovel - 5lbs | Soap | Steel Mirror - 1/2 lb| Tent 20 lb | Traveler's clothing - 4lb | Scroll of Mending x2 | Scroll of Prestidigitation x2
  • Strapped to Backpack (25 lbs.) Waterskin - 5 lbs. | Silk Rope & Grappling Hook - 9 lbs. | Bedroll & Blanket - 10 lbs. | Tankard 1lb |


  • At Home 

* Denotes magic item (see below)




+1 Shield


 |  | 



Age 34 | Height 6' 4" | Weight 226 lbs. | Hair Brown| Eyes brown/gold | Complexion Fair

Harn has a swimmer's build. Heavily muscled, but compact, built for movement and assault rather than just power. He keeps his hair short to make it harder to grab and shaves with some bit of frequency though he can't seem to get rid of the 5 o'clock shadow, thanks to his skin being pale and his hair being dark, so that it seems like he has stubble even after a fresh shave. Harn's face is lined and worn for his age, thanks to the years in the sun as both a marine and as a labor slave. Life wasn't easy, and it shows on his body with cracks and scars. But despite that, Harn moves easily enough and has no real complaints. All the lies that were put towards him were proven false and his record was scrubbed clean.

Harn wears splint armor for two points. One, it holds up against bashing assault better than that of chain. But it is also easy enough to take off that you won't drown in it if you're thrown overboard. Harn had a commanding officer die because the plate armor was too hard to remove when he fell into a small pond. The man's movement on land was fine, but when the water filled the gaps and stopped him from being flexible, he drowned because of the very thing that was supposed to protect him. And that memory has stuck with Harn ever since.




Source Ghost of Saltmarsh//custom

  • Personality Traits: I speak rarely, but mean every word.
  • Ideals: To act when others quake in fear, this is the essence of a warrior. 
  • Bonds: My commander betrayed my unit, and I will have my revenge
  • Flaws: I become irrational when innocent people are hurt.

Background Feature: SteadyYou can move twice the normal amount of time (up to 16 hours) each day before being subject to the effect of a forced march (see "Travel Pace" in chapter 8 of the Player's Handbook). Additionally, you can automatically find a safe route to land a boat on shore, provided such a route exists.


Harn came from a poor family. Not starving, but with no need for a third son's mouth to feed. So as soon as Harn was old enough, he left home and began to work on a farm for room and board. But this wasn't the life Harn wanted. He'd stare at the coast and dream of seeing far-off places and unknown lands. Fighting monsters and saving those in need. At 14, he joined the military to go on a ship as a marine. And for the next 10 years, that was his life.

A Marine through and through. Harn earned a reputation of being a skilled fighter no matter what weapon you put into his hands. He had a reputation of being a good man, and of stable mind and hand. One day, after his ship had come to port and he and his friends had a drink, they started to head back to their hotel only to hear a woman's cry. While Gorek was the first to hear and respond to the cry, Harn's human legs quickly outpaced his dwarven friend, making him the first on the scene.

Harn found the man over the woman and her struggling to get away. It didn't take long for the man to be thrown through some barrels and beaten down within an inch of his life. But then came the inquisition. And that's when Harn found out that the man he had been so quick to beat was a nobleman's son. And that a noble's coin talks louder than any amount of service to the crown.

The woman's testimony was then struck, claiming she was unconscious and that when she came to, she was convinced of the tale by the group of Marines, now surrounding her to what the truth was. The son was made to be the victim. And Harn's commanding officer claimed that his marines were drunk and disorderly and were probably just out looking for a fight and assaulted the poor noble.

The judge saw what was happening, but with the commanding officer challenging the marines stories, as well as the noble putting on pressure, he couldn't see a safe way to rescue the soldiers from harm. So Harn stepped in front of the fireball. He was dishonorably discharged from the Marines and charged with 15 years of hard labor. Ten years into his service, he was released. His good buddy Gorek had stayed in the Marines and kept his head down and worked hard. He managed to get into a position to prove that the accusations against Gorek and by result, Harn, were falsified records and showed where their commander had falsified other records. Seeing the writing on the wall, Harn's former commander gathered up as much money and goods he had, and escaped a formal hearing.

Harn has since been returned to civilian life with his equipment and a hefty payout on top of that. Harn knows he should just take the money and retire. Should just settle down and relax after the brutal years of hard labor and after the exhuasting years of service. But Harn has always been on the move. And besides, his former Commander is out there somewhere, and it doesn't sit right with Harn that he got away from it all without facing proper punishment.


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