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Juliette Sage - Fledgeling Immortal


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Name: Juliette 'Jules' Sage


Age: 18

Height: 5'9

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Nationality: American

Species: Enhanced Human



Attributes (24)

















6 6 0 0 0 0 0 0


Saves (14)


Dodge Parry Fortitude Toughness Will
Agi (00) + Mod + 4 Fgt (00) + Mod + 4 Sta (6) + Mod + Rank Sta (6) + Mod + 2 Awe (00) + Mod + 4
4 4 6 8 4



Skills (16) & Advantages (20)


Skill Name Total Ability Rank Mods
Acrobatics 4 Agi 4  
Athletics 6 Str    
Close Combat   Fgt    
Deception 4 Pre 4  
Expertise (Cooking) 4 Int 4  
Insight 4 Awe 4  
Intimidation   Pre    
Investigation 4 Int 4  
Perception 4 Awe 4  
Persuasion 4 Pre 4  
Ranged Combat   Dex    
Sleight of Hand   Dex    
Stealth 4 Agi 4  
Technology   Int    
Treatment   Int    
Vehicles   Dex    
Advantage Name & Rank

Close Attack 6
Ranged Attack 6
Accurate Attack
Equipment 1Boomerang [2]; Flashlight [1]; Gas Mask [1]; Rebreather [1]
Fast Grab
Improved Disarm
Improved Grab
Improved Hold
Move-by Action
Power Attack




Powers (26)

Regeneration 5 (Persistent [+1/rank]) [10]

Immunity (Ageing; Poison; Telepathy) [7]

Immortality 2 [4]

Protection 2 [2]

Speed 2 [2]

Affliction (VS Fortitude; Dazed/Stunned/Paralyzed) [1] {Alternate Attack}



Juliette Sage has led a relatively normal life. Well, as normal as can be managed in the wake of an interdimensional war. She grew up with plenty of money, raised by beloved parents. Jules' mother was a constant, caring presence in her life. Her dad was a good provider, but frequently absent. He had lots of important business to handle. When he was around, though, Jules relished his presence. He taught her how to defend herself, and see clues that others missed. She eagerly absorbed his lessons. All in all, it was a good childhood.

Then the foundation collapsed. One day, Jules' mother came home in a panic. She'd just witnessed father commit an atrocity. Some random thugs had tried to rob him. Father didn't know that she was watching; So he allowed his true self to run wild. He slaughtered those men like animals. Any wounds he took in return healed instantly. Then he calmly stepped over their bodies, straightened his clothes, and resumed his daily business. He was a monster in human flesh. Mother and daughter had to get away from him.

Jules couldn't believe it. She knew that her mother wasn't lying. But surely there must be some misunderstanding? Nonetheless, she did as instructed. The pair packed up their things, gathered what funds they could, and fled. With heavy hearts, they built a new life elsewhere. But Jules couldn't escape her bloodline. As adulthood approached, something awakened in her. She became frighteningly strong and fast. Whenever she hurt herself, the damage vanished in seconds. Had her father known that this would happen? Was that why he'd trained her? Would she become a danger to others? Jules was at a loss.

That's when the Wayne Foundation reached out. Jules still doesn't know how they discovered her secret. But they offered the only lifeline available. In desperation, she accepted a place at their new school. Perhaps they can teach her how to handle this new power. In time, maybe she'll even find the truth about her father.

Complications // Motivations

Motivation (Mutual Protection): Jules is no longer safe alone. Hiding from her problems will only delay the inevitable. She needs to hone her strength. She also wants to find reliable friends, who'll be there for her when it counts. Naturally, she'll be there for them in return.

Enemy: Jules lives in fear of her father's return. She's convinced that he'll eventually track her down. Part of her even wants that to happen. It'd allow her to finally get some answers.

Rebel: Jules has developed an (understandable) distrust of authority figures. She's reluctant to follow any instruction that isn't backed up by clear reasons. The teachers and staff of her new school will have to earn her respect.



A-Day B-Day
Class 1 Class 1
Class 2 Class 2
~Lunch~ ~Lunch~
Class 3 Class 3


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28 minutes ago, Xerin said:

Hey, this looks good, but can you explain the affliction power?

It's a martial arts technique, that's alternate to her Strength-based Damage.


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1. I can do that with that character.

2. Fun fun.

3. I'd probably drop prejudice. My suggestion isn't likely to come up as an issue for at least a month of playing

4. Please find some character images, so we know who we're talking to. Thanks!

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On 8/9/2023 at 5:46 AM, Anyr said:

Is an image 100% necessary? I don't like using portraits for my characters. And AI generation has some ethical issues that I'd rather avoid.

It isn't 100% necessary, but I would greatly appreciate one. It helps me keep the characters in line and see quickly who is talking and where. Also, if I end up using maps (which I'm looking into right now), the face helps me have something to put on the map so you can see where your character is. I won't force it. But any reasonable character image from actress to comic book image would be okay.

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Things I'd like to see:

1) A heartfelt moment with Jules' dad; Before they inevitably become enemies. It doesn't matter whether it's genuine, or a scheme to manipulate her. Jules just needs to believe it for a while.

2) Encounters with many different cultures. The DCU is vast and strange. There's so much weirdness out there to discover. And if we're lucky, some of it will be open to diplomacy instead of punching!

Things I'd prefer to avoid:

1) Adults with the Idiot Ball. That's not to say that the older heroes have to be infallible. They've all got their flaws and blind spots. But I dislike plots that rely on every teacher suddenly becoming a moron.

2) If the school has a uniform, please give the girls trousers! Far too many series ignore this basic piece of common sense.

Classmate concept:

An extremely frail student, who's capable of astral projection and second sight. Her physical weakness would prevent her from being a front-line hero. But she'd make a great scout and intel specialist.

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