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Princess Aquamarine of Gemworld

Mild Scribe

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Name: Aquamarine

Alias: "A What now?"

Age: 17

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Nationality: Gemworld

Species: Homo Magi



Attributes (40)

















5 5 1 0 5 2 2 0


Saves (00)


Dodge Parry Fortitude Toughness Will
Agi (01) + Mod 2 + Rank Fgt (05) + Mod 2 + Rank Sta (05) + Mod + Rank Sta (05) + Mod 6 + Rank Awe (02) + Mod + Rank
Total 03 Total 07 Total 05 Total 11 Total 02



Skills (15) & Advantages (15)


Skill Name Total Ability Rank Mods
Acrobatics   Agi 5  
Athletics   Str 5  
Close Combat: Swords   Fgt 2  
Deception   Pre    
Expertise: Magic   Int 2  
Insight   Awe 2  
Intimidation   Pre 2  
Investigation   Int    
Perception   Awe 2  
Persuasion   Pre 1  
Ranged Combat   Dex 1  
Sleight of Hand   Dex    
Stealth   Agi 4  
Technology   Int    
Treatment   Int    
Vehicles   Dex    
Expertise: Survival   Int 4  
Spare Skill Section        
Spare Skill Section        
Spare Skill Section        
Advantage Name & Rank

Close Combat: 5

Benefit (Diplomatic Immunity, Status, Wealth: 1)

Equipment: 2

Extraordinary Effort


Improved Disarm

Instant Up

Quick Draw



Powers (30)

Royal Gemstone Magic (Aquamarine) - [water] [magic] [gemworld]

Aquamarine Armor

-- Protection Rank 6 (+0 Sustained, -2 Activation: Standard, -1 Noticeable) [3pts]

Aquatic Adaptation

-- Movement: Environmental Adaptation (Underwater) [2pts]
-- Immunity Rank 1: Underwater [1pt]
-- Swimming Rank 2 [2pts]

Element Control

-- Move Object Rank 3, (+1/rk Perception -1/rk Distracting -1/rk Limited:Water) [3pts]

Royal Gem Sword

-- Damage Rank 5 (Alternate Effect x2, Strength Based, -2 Easily Removable) [5pts]

-- Affliction Rank 5: Fortitude (1:Dazed 2:Disabled 3:Asleep)

-- Regeneration Rank 5

Water Form

-- Insubstantial Rank 1 (-2 Activation: Standard ) [3pts]

Water Whips

-- Elongation Rank 3 (+0 Linked: Extra Limbs) [3pts]

-- Extra Limbs Rank 2 (+0 Linked, +0 Sustained, +1/rk Projection) [6pts]

Minor Magic - [magic]

Comprehension -- Rank 2: Languages (-1/rk Type: Human) [2pts]

Equipment (10*Equipment Points)

-- Sword: Damage 3, slashing 19-20 [4pts]

-- Medium Shield: Active Defense +2 [2pts]

-- Smartphone [2pts]


Complications // Motivations


Thrills -- Aqua comes from a land of adventure. Heroes and quests, swords and sorcery, all of that is her reality not fantasy. And she wants to have her share of that before they stuff her in a fancy dress and natter on about seating charts and taxes.

Honor -- While she doesn't act the stiff paladin, Aqua never the less has a strong sense of honor and justice. She is quick to voice objections to anything she finds unfair, unearned, and never puts others down. Though she isn't adverse to a little guile and subterfuge in the name of a noble cause she prefers fair fights over backbiting political maneuvers.


Stranger in a Strange Land -- Coming from a fantasy land of sorcery Aqua has little experience with Earth and technology. She isn't as far behind as she could be thanks to Queen Amethyst 'gifting' the children of the Twelve Houses tutors from Earth, but even with the best of teachers there is only so much you can learn from books. Nor was she the most dedicated of students,

My Responsibility -- While her mother and tutors would certainly not agree Aqua actually does feel the weight of her (future, definitely future) duties heavily, she just doesn't feel the traditional answers for how a ruler of Gemworld should behave apply. She greatly idolizes Queen Amethysts more heroic style of leadership and wishes to lead from the front into the future. Someday at least. While she will push the limits, because what else is being young for, in the end she does not want to bring trouble or shame on her family or nation.



Aquamarine is the Heir to one of the Twelve Houses of Gemstone and the Aquamarine Archipelago their long held kingdom. Once upon a time Aqua’s father ruled the islands with an iron fist. Separated from the mainland of Gemworld and blessed with command of the waters that surrounded it the former Lord Aquamarine maintained strict independence from both Dark Opal, the former tyrannical ruler of Gemworld, and then the Hero Queen Amethyst who vanquished Dark Opal and claimed the crown of gems bringing peace to all the land. Not long after celebrating the birth of his daughter and heir a peasant revolt led by humble fisherfolk rose up against Aqua’s father and struck him down. They soon declared the islands the first republic on gemworld. 

Truth be told, few cried any tears for the downfallen Lord, and Aqua herself has no memory of the man, but for peasants to kill a lord no matter how despicable rankled conservatives across the islands and their radical policy threatened lords everywhere. Forces soon rose to crush the uprising. Lady Aquamarine fled the islands and appealed to Queen Amethyst to intervene. The Queen did so and negotiated a truce. How much of this was at swordpoint depends on who is doing the telling. Instead of a republic the Aquamarine Archipelago became a constitutional monarchy under Lady Aquamarine but with reduced powers keeping much of the nascent government of the Fisher Rebellion. 

All of which Aqua herself is much too young to remember but the tumultuous state of affairs continued for many years meaning Lady Aquamarine had to spend much time away from the and the young princess found herself under much less supervision and isolation then a young scion or her status would be. The young princess went fishing from the docks, trained with swords in the soldier’s children, and generally got into all kinds trouble to the eternal consternation of the castellan. Finally it took the intervention of the prime minister to see the young princess begin her ‘proper’ education. 

Two years ago owing to her success in stabilizing her own lands Lady Aquamarine was named Ambassador to Earth by Queen Amethyst. Aqua would often accompany her mother through the portal, in the vague hopes she might learn a thing or two about ruling and leadership. For a young girl from a fantasy land being thrust into a modern world of technology was an unparalleled adventure. Aqua had no time for stuffy meetings and shaking countless hands when there were a thousand new things to explore in this brand new world. Which predictably produced no end of headaches for the rest of the delegation and their local escorts. Attending the Wayne School was something of a surrender of her mother’s part, hoping that education on Earth might help her daughter grow up more. 


A Brief Recent History of Gemworld 


A long time ago in the 1980s an ordinary teenager from earth found herself summoned to the magical realm of Gemworld. A place of sword and sorcery where technology was all but unheard of and magic ruled, a place very much like that children on Earth experience in fantasy RPGs. The girl learned that Gemworld had been the land of her birth and that she was the heir to the House of Amethyst, one of twelve houses that ruled Gemworld each with their own particular mystical powers. Until the ancient and magical land had fallen under the sway of Dark Opal, who slaughtered the ruling House Amethyst to seize power, dividing the realm with war and tyranny. Doing what any young teen blessed with magical power and tasked with an epic adventure would do, the girl seized the mantle of Amethyst, becoming a Princess of Gemworld. She quested, she vanquished, she united the scattered houses, and finally she struck down Dark Opal and ended his tyranny once and for all. 

All that of course was all years ago. Today Queen Amethyst has spent many years on the throne. Keeping the other Houses in line has not been easy for, nor has her reign been without controversy, especially for one who returned to Gemworld with a very different idea of what ‘normal’ really is and many of the Queen’s policies have been aimed at dragging her realm into the 20th century that she left. Yet no measure proved as deeply divisive as her bringing Gemworld into the war against Apokolips after a scouting force of Parademons was discovered in Tourmaline forest. Whether they were merely observers or a direct prelude to an invasion will never be known but they proved Gemworld was not beyond the reach of Boom Tube. For her part the Queen certainly claimed an attack was imminent even before Earth fell and used this as grounds for an intervention on her stricken former homeworld. And if support was initially begruding her duel with the Furies (all of them) at the Battle of Central City proved the Queen had only grown mightier with age, and formal opposition fell away after that. After the war formal relations and regular communication between Earth and Gemworld were opened for the first time since before Atlantis sank.


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Review (Fluff): Fluff is fine, though I'm curious why you didn't just go with an Atlantean household. Atlantis exists and Aquaman and Aquawoman were both injured and forced into retirement from hero work due to those injuries. They still rule Atlantis, but their grip is weaker. Seeing political plays from other Atlantean noble houses would make sense without crafting a new planet. And your power set doesn't hold anything that we haven't seen from any of the Aqua-people. You could even expand your communications to include underwater animals and have the full display. I'd add on darkvision though, never understood why Atlanteans couldn't see in the dark with them being so deep in the water all the time.


Review (Crunch): You have 100 points, and while I'm having a bit of a difficult time doing the math on a couple of your powers because you keep changing the activation costs and stuff, I believe you're around 91-95 points. But that being said, everything you posted does match the calculations you did.


Drop Ambidextrous. I have never, in the history of this game, penalized someone for using something off-handed. It's a waste of a point.


Drop Seize initiative, I didn't ban it, but my initiative works on a first come first serve basis. It'll go (heroes in order of posting, followed by villains). So it's just a waste of a point.


Please write out what equipment your character has.


Also, please confirm fearless as a feat. Your character is immune to telepathically induced fear, fear toxin, facing down Darkseid solo, magically induced fear, and nightmares? These are all included, it's not just resisting intimidation checks.


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35 minutes ago, Xerin said:

...I'm curious why you didn't just go with an Atlantean household. Atlantis exists...Seeing political plays from other Atlantean noble houses would make sense without crafting a new planet...

I think I can answer this one. Mild Scribe didn't invent Gemworld, or the Aquamarine Archipelago. They're established DC canon.

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Yep @Anyr is correct I hit on Gemworld having enjoyed the DC Nation shorts many a year ago now, that bit came before the water power set. For 'canon' I'm using a melange of what I can dredge off the internet of the original run in the style of the magical girl isekai shorts, along with extremely healthy doses of modern She-Ra. (Which is basically the Gemworld animated series DC never made. And for the record Amethyst predates OG She-Ra)

I do feel the Atlantean thing though I really do. I almost swapped concepts just I dunno feels like Atlantis, especially in this setting, should be pretty normative (same reason Aqua is not an Amazon) and I wanted to dive deeper into DC's well of gonzo anything goes nonsense.

Anyways onwards

- Ambidextrous: I think I've seen more inventory encumbrance checks, and I've never seen an encumbrance check, so no objection but the book explicitly calls out Extra Limbs as off-handed so that's why I took it. Just so we one the same page.

- Seize Initiative: Will swap for Extraordinary Effort

- Fearless: Have at thee!

- Points: Yeah I will go over everything just to be sure and then spend Equipment, the system is still new to me.

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Oh, you're using ambidextrous for the water whips. I didn't think you were planning on doing anything dextrous with those (such as using a weapon or like typing on a computer with it). Also, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as an off-hand circumstance penalty. At least, I haven't found what it is. Just that you need Ambidextrous to negate it.


Also, I did not know that gem world existed. I kept thinking it was a Steven Universe reference of some sort (haven't really watched that series though, so was unsure). Okay, I'll go through your fluff again sometime that isn't 3am with that new knowledge in mind. I apologize and give kudos for bringing in DC lore outside of even my periphery knowledge. Not that I'm some end-all knowledge of DC, just that my level of nerdom has delved me pretty deep into DC comics depths.

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