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Charles E. Winchester III


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Name: Charles E. Winchester III

Alias: ??

Age: 15

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 178 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Nationality: American

Species: Human



Attributes (34)

















1/5 2 0/4 3 0 6 2 3


Saves (01)


Dodge Parry Fortitude Toughness Will
0/4 1 2 8(Imp 6) 2
Total Total Total Total Total



Skills (15) & Advantages (09)


Skill Name Total Ability Rank Mods
Acrobatics - Agi 0/4 0 0
Athletics 4 Str 1/5 0 0
Close Combat 0 Fgt 0 0 0
Deception 5 Pre 3 2 0
Expertise - Business 10 Int 6 4 0
Expertise - Current Events 8 Int 6 2 0
Expertise - Engineering 10 Int 6 4 0
Expertise - Science 10 Int 6 4 0
Insight 6 Awe 2 4 0
Intimidation 3 Pre 3 0 0
Investigation 7 Int 6 1 0
Perception 4 Awe 2 2 0
Persuasion 5 Pre 3 2 0
Ranged Combat 3 Dex 3 0 0
Sleight of Hand - Dex 3 0 0
Stealth 4 Agi 0/4 0 0
Technology 10 Int 6 4 0
Treatment - Int 6 0 0
Vehicles 4 Dex 3 1 0
Advantage Name & Rank

A - Benefit Wealth 4

B - Connected

C - Contacts

D - Eidetic Memory

E - Well Informed

F - Improvised Tools



Powers (41)

Power Suit

  • Blast - Damage 6: Removable, DC 20; Increased Range: ranged; Diminished Range (Standard - Ranged, 60/150/300 ft. - Instant)
  • Enhanced Agility 4: Removable
  • Enhanced Strength 2: Removable
  • Flight 6: Removable, Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round; Noticeable: Noisy and produces light (Free - Personal - Sustained)
  • Protection 6: Removable, +6 Toughness; Impervious (Personal - Permanent)
  • Senses 2: Removable, Darkvision; Activation: move action (Personal - Permanent)




Complications // Motivations

Disability - Legs were severely injured in a car accident when he was 8. He needs assistance to walk. Currently wears braces on both legs that allow him to walk with crutches.

Identity - Being that his family is extremely wealthy and very public he has to try to keep is superhero life separate from his family or it could cause problems.

Motivation - Thrills Even though he has injured legs that limit his mobility he still is an adrenaline junky. And now that he is developing better method to allow him to walk he is very ready to try things he has been missing out on.



A-Day B-Day
Math History
English Science
~Lunch~ ~Lunch~
Shop Computer Technology


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Life Story: Charles was born into a rich family. They came by their money the old-fashioned way, they inherited it. His family has money invested in to almost every major business in existence and several of the minor ones. While most common people do not know who the Winchesters are, other than another rich family, most of the rich and powerful do.

Aside from going to some of the most expensive schools around, Charles had a fairly normal life. Doing all the things kids normally did. At least until he was 8 years old and was in a car accident that left the driver dead and left Charles with two crushed legs. Several surgeries later and he had use of his legs, however he need to rely on braces and crutches to move around. It hit him hard because he liked to run and horse around and had been looking forward to all things he could try, but now with his legs crippled it limited him. Luckily his mind was always his best asset. He was already in the top 1% of his classes. He put all his efforts into school and especially into technology.

And over the next 7 years he has learned more than most people do in a lifetime about technology. He has even discovered how to make things that most would consider science fiction. He has built himself as set of braces for his legs that let him move around without the crutches with only a small amount of jerkiness to his legs. He still can't run or do most sports, but it is better than he was.

His parents were glad to see that he took interest in science and engineering and were willing to spend lots of money on getting him the best equipment they could for him to experiment/practice with. Even to the extent that they built a workplace for him that was the size of a six car garage and stocked with the best equipment they could find. That along with his monthly allowance, which was more than most people make in a year, he was able to build the first set of braces for his legs. The current set are actually his third version.

Despite all his interest in science, he was still a child growing up and he loved comic books and stories of superheroes and dreams of being one.

His allowance was a lot, but once he started making plans to build him a set of braces that would let him move as well as anyone else, he realized he needed more money for some of the high-end items he needed and for supplies to make other things that most had never even conceived. So, with the help of his parents' financial assistant and other people he met through him, he invested some of his money and learned about how the business world works and ended up making more money than his parents were giving him. Now at age 15 through all his business decisions and investments he actually makes more money than his parents do, and he is completely self-sufficient financially.

In working on his braces, he made some massive leaps in technology and actually discovered that he could some of his ideas to make a suit that would allow him to fly and with minor changes the jets could be converted to fire out balls of energy which could be used as a weapon. This led to him deciding that he was going to build himself a super suit of body armor and become a hero. So, using his business contacts and his money he has managed to gather all the parts he needs for his suit. And by purchasing the needed parts through many different contacts he has managed to keep it hidden what he is making, mostly because most people would not even understand that you could mix the items together the way he is. And he even purchased some items that have nothing to do with the armor to further help confuse anyone who might try spying on him to find out what he was up to.

And now he has been accepted into this elite school for gifted people, he is hoping to be able to gain more knowledge to help him improve his suit even more. He has hundreds of ideas on things to add to his armor. The only problem is trying to get them all to fit.


Personality: Charles is a caring young man. A rich spoiled young man who likes his family being rich and the comfort and freedom it brings to him. He is a bit snobbish at times, but never really means to be insulting about it. He is just used to comforts that most people are not, and he has a hard time when he has to settle for less than he is used to. He is not heartless like some rich people. He knows that without the hard work the “common folk” do that he would not have all the money he has. But he is very willing to help out others who are in need, and those who cannot help or protect themselves.

To show this, he tends to, at least once a year, find a small business that is having some difficulties, one that he thinks is either a family business and has been for generations, or one that is new but seems to have a good idea, and he will offer to help them. He will invest in the company or business and hire and business consultant to help them make changes and figure out how to keep their business running. He does not interfere with their business, only offer them suggestions for improving it. If they refuse, he accepts that and moves on.

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Review Fluff:

No story of how he made the suit or any adventures in it? No explanation on ties with resources and people to provide the equipment needed for this? Did his parents provide him with a tech company? A junkyard? Does everyone he know, know that he created a super suit? Or is he being secretive about it from his family and friends and not just the media? Where is he getting the materials required to make the stuff that others can't? Steel, for instance, took his stuff from Luthor Tech, and Intergang when he realized that his technology was being used for evil. He didn't use it until Superman died (in comics), and built a suit of armor in order to fill Superman's role until someone else better could take the lead.


I feel like there's something to this character, but I really need more meat to your story.


Review Crunch:

With a 0 in both parry and dodge, it means that your character was literally hit by anything that came their way. They never dodged at a game of tag. They always got hit by the baseball when playing catch. And they were THE premier target for any form of dodgeball. Every character should have at least a +1, either through natural talent (stats), or learning that getting hit in the face with everything people toss at you isn't fun.

In the skill set up, the Stat section should have the stat numbers. And the mod section has any buffs provided by advantages or skills.

I'm getting 30 skill points, which would cost 15 pp, not 20.


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I modified some of the stats and stuff. I left him with 0 for dodge because of his crippled legs and the fact that it cut down on his ability to move about.

I did add 1 point to Parry

Rearranged some of the skills and added Expert - Business to it to cover how he has learned to invest and such to make lots of money.

And added in the Improvised Tools advantage to explain how he has made some of his armor without some very difficult to come by tools due to regulations and such.



Still working on the background story. Would you like me to actually make up names for a few of his contacts and connections or is that something we can flesh out during the game if needed?

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@Xerin I have tried adding in the parts you asked for. I have not made up any specific contacts or connections at this time, but I can work on that. If you want I can throw together a couple before the game gets going and then add others as the game goes on, with your approval of course. Being very rich and having investments all over the place leaves him open to reaching out to lots of different people when needed.

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