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Faiths Overview


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This thread will be the Temple of Game Religion information done as follow on posts.

Add your own faiths here when and if required.


Generally only Organized Faiths require a write-up to be documented here, Some NPC religions may find there way here as well.


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Lunar Faiths

Sister's Embrace

Yølym's Pleasure

Paths of Rose

Dark's Shine

Bright's Glow

Misc. Faiths

Seekers of the Spheres

Heralds of Cycle

Illumin of Planes

Elemental Faiths

The Way of Water

The Way of Rock

The Way of Fire

The Way of Wind

The Combined Ways

Traditional Faiths













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The Weak Ways

Organized by: The Weak Lands

Head: Open

The Book of Dead Living

The Epiphanies


To exist is to embody self-truth and non-existence therefore is not truth. Therefore, to understand truth, one must discover that which exists and eliminate that which does not exist.


Life is not (the same as) existence. Existence is not (the same as) life. To live is to experience existence; to be dead is also to experience existence. These forms of existence are equal and not the same, opposing and complementing.


Truth is effable. Truth is composed of ideas, and they are effable too. The spoken and written word are representations of truth, not truth itself. They are indispensable in the pursuit of truth, but are of no value by themselves.


The Tenets

Lies are not merely words. They are rejections of truth and of existence itself. Those who lie carelessly must be chastised. Those who lie willingly must recant and pay penance. Those who hold to lies must be cast out, for they are lost.


Dogmatic adherence to old ways is like willingly blinding oneself in order to not see the obvious. As long as we hold true to the core, fundamental truths, we should adopt our views, beliefs, and laws to the world around us.


Both the living and the dead must be treated equitably. The dead must be considerate of the living’s needs of the flesh. The living must be considerate of the dead’s non-interactions with matter. The newly dead retain de jure possession of their corpse.


The untested idea is no better than a lie. Ideas must be continuously tested against each other in the debate-circle, so that the worthy may be found and elevated. Through this and only this may the relentless pursuit of ultimate, complete truth be found.


Ideas should always be shared, tested, and spread among the community faithful adversaries. The only thing one should do with secrets is to expose them. The only place one should take an idea is to the debate-circle. No one thinks alone.


Anyone wanting to cease existence as a living being should be helped to their dead existence. Keeping someone alive without consent is a terrible thing. And if we ever find out how to go from dead to alive, keeping someone dead without consent will also be a terrible thing.


The Rituals

Debate-Circle: At least once each day, a member of the faithful should participate in the debate-circle, regardless of whether actively speaking or merely casting votes after listening. The debate-circle is a sacred place where all topics and ideas are allowed, patronage strictly frowned upon, and resolutions decided by an equitable casting of votes.


Equinoxes: Twice per year, at the equinoxes, a three-day celebration is held. It is typical for everyone to travel to neighboring communities, rather than holding the celebration internally within the local circle. Traditionally the eating is potluck-style, among the living. Among the dead this usually results in a lot of outrageous debates because of foreign ideas being entertained.


Marriage: Marriage? What marriage? If two living people want to make more living people, have at it. The (majority of the populace, who are dead) don’t care to legislate anything about it. Bloodlines is hogwash made up by people with no merits other than being born.


Next Dying: This ritual creates a ghost from a corpse. Or as commonly held, frees the ghost that becomes trapped in the flesh upon death from that prison. It should be done as quickly as possible after death, to limit the suffering of the ghost.



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The Code of Stars

HS 5 Bonus: +1 Investigations
HS 10 Bonus: None
HS 20 Bonus: None
HS 40 Bonus: None

Holy Orders: None

In the years after the emergence of the new kingdoms on Brenn-Tyr, Romantic Chivalry spread across all corners of the continent. Originally conceived as a code of conduct for the natives of the Banner Holds, the gradual expansion and necessary reinterpretation of formerly untouched adages and ancient parables threatened to dilute the tenets of Romantic Chivalry beyond the understanding of its guardians in the Hall of Heralds. Recognizing this danger, but also exulting in the successes that led to it, the High Herald convened a conference of all followers of the tenets of Romantic Chivalry from across Brenn-Tyr, even inviting those smaller organizations that held true to the spirit of the doctrine in defiance of their fellows, such as the Order of the Drake. After more than a month of discussion, debate, and negotiation, the High Herald emerged with a new collection of adages to guide those devoted to Romantic Chivalry. No longer a loose collection of aspirational and cautionary tales, this living Code of Stars is put forward to guide the brave, the chivalrous, and the just through whatever new challenges the uncertain future might present.


Pursue the Impossible

The core and guiding tenet to the Code of Stars, the exhortation to pursue the impossible serves as a guideline for both a follower's internal and external life. Many and varied are the pressures and threats in the world that press down on the better natures of mortalkind, tempting compromise or surrender. The Code of Stars defies even seemingly-impossible odds, and though it recognizes that achieving the impossible is the stuff of legends and miracles, the pursuit and embrace of high ideals is anodyne to body and spirit. A devotee of the Code of Stars is encouraged to pursue excellence in all things, and to provide aid to those struggling along the path.

Hold Truth in Your Heart

Much as fear and uncertainty threaten to waylay a devotee's growth, falsehood in all its forms can mislead individuals and kingdoms alike. The Code of Stars instructs its followers to be true in word and deed, and perhaps most importantly to be ever-alert for self-deception. Times of struggle have often led good people down the path of expediency in the name of some "greater good," and the Code of Stars is ever watchful against such sweet prevarication.

Disdain Complacency in Thought and Deed

There were many among the faithful, and many without, that might have confidently expressed a fundamental understanding of the world when the new kingdoms first emerged. The Night of Fire, where three moons were ripped from the heavens, revealed the great lie of that proud understanding. The Code of Stars cautions against anything simply presumed to be true, and charges its adherents with a constant pursuit of enlightenment and understanding. After all, it is impossible to exalt truth without also nurturing an inquisitive mind.

Defend the Weak

The dangers of the world are many and varied, and each person's fitness to combat those dangers is just as varied. The Code of Stars instructs its adherents to act in defense of their fellows, be they neighbor or stranger. Concurrently, those seeking the protection of their fellows should not abrogate all effort and constraint to those helpful shoulders - rather, adherents of the Code of Stars should join together to share the burden of defense, and thus become stronger together than they might be divided.

Punish the Wicked

As followers of the Code must come together in mutual defense, so too must the Code recognize and act against those creatures that would threaten it.

Honor the Living and the Dead

All beings, regardless of race or creed, are due a certain fundamental respect within the Code of Stars. Birth alone is no indicator of virtue or malice, and even unknown or seemingly savage peoples might safeguard some unforeseen wisdom. So too must a devotee honor those who have come before, ever while acknowledging that the truths of the past way give way to the revelations of the present.

Stand Tall for the Right

While the Code of Stars respects those peoples that live outside its precepts, the Code remains the path to virtue. Adherents of the Code should stand tall as living examples of that virtue, and should not shrink from the provocations of other doctrines or the disdain of strangers. Every challenge against the faith is an opportunity to display the wisdom of the Code of Stars.

Atone Your Trespasses

In a doctrine that encourages the pursuit of the impossible, failure is not an unforgiveable sin. Even the surest step might stumble in times of hardship, and sometimes the distinction between truth and lie is as shadowed and indistinct as the shadows of the deep Wood. However, to follow the Code is to open one's eyes to such failings, and follow them with earnest penance. It is equally the duty of the followers of the Code of Stars to recognize and accept the penitent acts of one gone astray, though charity must always be tempered by vigilance towards the truth.

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, Taumara

Head: Tete-kāno

HS 5: +1 Conversions



The Shade watches over repose, death, rot, and the eventual growth from one life to another. Those who deny this cycle - the undead, those who kill without purpose, those who deny the dead their rest - are bloating the cycle.

Respect those who pass on and learn from their examples.


Moderation and fairness are invaluable tenants. Tapping into ones' feelings in excess is unfortunate. Laud those who moderate contemplation and raucous activity and do not forget to push both to their fullest.


The Shine is the giver of life, of sentience. We were not given life to burn it away purposelessly. Give yourself to the mere joys of being alive and being able to experience the day.


The duty to protect those in rest so that those in rest may guard the Shade. A safe rest must be made as certain possible. Guard against threats, both physical and otherwise.


Not all peoples are fully aware of their own spark, their own Shine. This does not negate their accomplishments or abilities. Those who display these values should be lauded the same no matter what their Faith says.


The sun, the flames, the little fish who make their own Shine deep beneath the waters...

All such things are signs that life can be found anywhere. Respect this life, celebrate it, and do not be afraid to spread it within reason.


Those under the Cycle must acknowledge: the embers of life cannot be stoked mindlessly. A time of rest is not a time of inaction, but one of reflection and consolidation.

Not all in the world that is valuable can be held.


Scholarship, social understanding, material gains... all are worthy pursuits. One must strive to expand past immediate specialization to shift between rest and work.


Those under the Cycle cannot deny: the blaze of life ultimately needs fuel. One must work for their fuel, but one must also work for the many. Much of this world is predicated on owning and creating things. As such, toiling under the name of Taumara is an inevitable must.


One must come to meet and work with others in order to properly protect one another. There are no loners among the twins.


While efforts to convert are often a part of exploration, force is a last resort. Let those who work, who are amicable, do so. Let those who wish to do so, do so.


One must set their roots in many living soils to properly appreciate the life and understanding that was given to individuals. Broadening the horizon as a people is only natural.

Festivals, Supplications, and Events

Festivals of the Twins are either calm, academic affairs or raucous events, depending on which of the two are intended to be the subject. In some cases where the whole of the cycle is held, the festival will last more than one day, each day changing the theme.

Supplications are common events to either purge excess or push out an excess of the other twin by celebrating their core tenants for an extended period of time. Usually done in response to reading the world being out of balance.

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