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Central community for Paizo's Organized Play Campaigns- Pathfinder Society, Pathfinder Society 2E, and Starfinder Society.

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Pathfinder 2e



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Central community for Paizo's Organized Play Campaigns- Pathfinder Society, Pathfinder Society 2E, and Starfinder Society.


Pathfinder Society
  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm sorry. We're too far along to add another. I will keep you in mind when I start another game, though.
  3. Hey, would it be possible to join in on this adventure? I am new to Pathfinder Society and love the Play-by-post format. I can run a tank Earth Kineticist 1 or a Support Life Oracle 1, which ever fits better for the party. Thanks for your time Cody
  4. I can't find where else to OOC, where should I add a character from Paizo, so I can apply for games?
  5. Damn, missed this one too. Need to check the PF2e society pages here on myth-weavers more often!
  6. I am sorry I can't accommodate you this time. I plan to add more games as time goes, though, and maybe you can join one of them.
  7. Hey Dax, I never used Myth-weavers, but I am eager to try it out. I play PBP a lot so I hope that I will be able to check this site as part of my routine ;) I have lvl 1 newly created Ruffian rogue, and I will include a link to Paizo profile as soon as I figure out how ;) And now I saw that I am late to the party ;) Oh well, hope you have a great time!
  8. Thanks for having me. I made a paizo account earlier today and got the number so no problem there I'll try and make a character (making a character in a new system is always an experience), but it is quite late now so I'll leave it for tomorrow. Will join the rpg chronicles in the morning, it's a pain navigating an unfamiliar site on a smartphone.
  9. I'd like you to join because of all that. New(ish) players are welcome. Do you have an organized play number? Do you have your own character made or would you like to try a pregen? If you use a pregen, you can still apply credit to your own character.
  10. Hi, I would like to join if possible. Must admit I'm a bit of a beginner both in a sense that this would be my first game on this site and that I have very limited knowledge of the PF2 system (more accurately I've looked up the basics of the system a while back, but never actually played it). That being said, I have plenty of experience playing 5e and some with the original Pathfinder and have played PbP elsewhere. Could I join despite the above or should I look for a more newbie oriented game?
  11. I have probably two decades of PbP experience, so that's good! Also, I just created my paizo account and got my ID number. I'll post the link to the character statblock once I have it put together, and sign up on the Chronicles form. EDIT: Hope this helps!
  12. First you need to get Pathfinder Society number at the Paizo website. After that, create a character using the Pathfinder Society rules. Alternatively, you may just begin by using a pre-made character. We can work on getting you a society number at a later time. Do you have experience with Play-By-Post?
  13. Hi! Looking to join, but not sure how to even do so. Never done anything with Pathfinder Society Play or anything like that, so I'm a bit of a noob. Any advice on how to get started? Thanks!
  14. I've not found it to be a problem. I fully admit that retcons have to happen, but, usually only for the latest round. Any discrepancies can then be adjudicated and the game keeps going. Some GM's styles can make this situation more or less pronounced. You can mitigate this by adding contingencies into your posts.
  15. I want to play PF2 more than almost any other game on the planet. I was wondering/concerned... the new system has a fair amount of reactions which occur on other people turns and when a reaction is declared, it will likely change the decision for any following actions that turn. This would wreck havoc on pbp games? Am I wrong about this or just overblowing the problem?
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