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Your newly formed party of adventurers has reached out to various sources while in the Great City of Greyhawk...finally...a mission! A chance for fortune and glory! The letter reads "Please come in haste to the Church of St. Cuthbert as we seek your immediate assistance on a matter of grave importance. We will pay you dearly as you come highly recommended. Awaiting your arrival." It is signed by Calmer, humble assistant to Canoness Y’dey. The document bears the emblem and holy seal of the Church of Saint Cuthbert...located in the Village of Hommlet. It is authentic. There is no time to waste. Your party gathers all necessities and travels with great speed to village of Hommlet. You arrive very late in the evening and decide to board at The Inn of the Welcome Wench. You will make you way to the Church of St. Cuthbert in the morning once fully rested. The fast pace of your journey has made you unexpectedly tired. As you organize your belongings within your room and lay your head down to sleep; thoughts enter your mind...doubts...are you and your novice group of adventures truly ready for such a calling? Did your uncle exaggerate your " veteran status " to his friend at the church just a little too much? Only time will tell for you cannot turn back now...

Game System

AD&D 1e



Detailed Description

This will be my 1st attempt on a relatively short AD&D play by post game. We can call it a One Shot...although, I am willing to expand if we all goes well and you want to make a new adventure with the same characters. I would think about a month or so of real time gameplay. I am located in Arizona so MST. The adventure is made for 4-5 level one players.


The adventure will be set in the World of Greyhawk. Your starting point will be at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in the Village of Hommlet.


AD&D1e Adventure - Please roll with your set of real dice. I will not be using the dice application.



Posting Rate and More!: I will post every couple days minimum but will check daily. I will wait around 24-48 hours for all general responses and then move on. If agreed upon, we could all pick a "Window" of time, say for an hour of live play if it can be arranged. I like using real dice, so I will trust your rolling as you should trust my rolls. This should be about having fun and taking on the responsibility of managing your player character and rolls to the best of your ability. Real life happens so we could stop the adventure if agreed upon by the group if needed and restart at a later date. I am definitely not claiming to be an expert on all AD&D rules but I do know quite a bit. I like to keep it simple in most cases. I try to keep the game moving. I have been playing on and off since 1984. I have played Basic to 3rd edition. I enjoy being a DM but may make mistakes which you can feel free to call me out on. I think Play by Post is super cool for those who do not have a whole lot of time but still want to get some D&D in their life. This style does involve some creative writing skills...lol...so I will do my best. Please try to stay in character (3rd person seems to work the best) and do not be afraid to discover and use your own creative and descriptive writing talents . Please alert me of typos on any of the main pages...I need help with that. Remember, this is about having fun and teamwork. One more thing, I am still learning on how to navigate through the mechanics of this site so please bare with me...I will need your help! Let the adventure begin...

Starting Experience: 100 XP to start. You are all brand new adventurers. Let's say that you are all childhood friends who grew up together in the Great City of Greyhawk. I will award experience to the party for treasure, kills and solving riddles, puzzles or dealing with specific situations.


Combat will follow the AD&D1e ruleset. Basically, in the following sequence:

Remember that AD&D uses AC 1O as a non armored individual. So, some guy in his pajamas. Plate mail + shield would give you an AC of 2( barring any ability modifiers or special situations). So the lower the AC the harder it is to roll a hit on a monster. The term THACO is a commonly used acronym for "to hit armor class 0"

Declare your actions then...


Roll for Initiative (Group Initiative instead of Individual) 1D6

Missles ( including spells and turning )




Although technically their are more options:

Avoid engagement and attempt to parley, try to communicate with the monsters, etc.


No, your Halfling cannot pick up and use that two-handed sword; especially in that 5x5x5 ft room you are in...


House rules: (I am sure that this list will grow as we all make adjustments).

1) A roll of a natural 1 on an attack roll is a "critical fumble" and a natural 20 is a "critical hit" ). I will refer to my " special" charts.

2) I will not be using or adjusting weapon vs AC adjustment found on page 38 of the Players Handbook. We never used that as kids.

3) No Psionics by PCs.

4) Magic User spells - Just pick them. Also, please apply the bonus that Clerics get for having a high W to your INT (PHB, pg.11, table 2) I believe a high INT should give the MU additional starting spells. Also, spell components only required for rare or higher level spells.

5) Ability score adjustments:4D6 drop the lowest. You can raise and lower scores as well. Lets say to raise an ability score by one point, you lower another by three points.

6) I may have you on occasion roll vs one of your ability scores for success. For example, Gor the Human fighter has a DEX of 12...I could say something like" You can try to avoid that large boulder that is rolling toward you if you roll your DEX score or lower on a 20D."

That scab from your last fight looks super red and green; it may be getting infected...roll your CON ability score or lower to avoid a major infection...

7) Lets use parenthesis during posts when explaining actions, etc. so things don't get confusing between PC, NPC & Monster communication.



Death: A PC is unconscious at 0 and actually dead at -10.


Encumbrance: I am not too concerned as long as we play within the realms of common sense.


Magic User Materials: I will assume that you have a needed materials for spell casting unless items are truly rare and obscure.


Characters & Starting Gear: Roll for initial character funds as usual. Multi-class characters use the most advantageous die range of their classes. Gear up and use the AD&D1e players handbook (pages 35 and 26) PC creation and for price references on items. Ask me about any unusual things that you may need and I will give you a price and availability options.

In regard to character sheets, I was told that the following method is the best way to do it:

If players fill out a myth-weavers sheet and link it to your game (an option they will have when invited to join your game as a member) then their sheets will all show up in the "Character Sheets" section of your game. Use the 2e sheets.


Attributes: Roll 4d6 dropping the lowest die. Reroll for a unplayable character. Come up with an interesting character back story. I have set up some character sheets for you all to use. You will all be level one and Max out initial HP. Please choose a deity form Deity's and Demigods.


Sources Used: AD&D Player's Handbook, AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, AD&D Monster Manuals I & 2. AD&D Fiend Folio, AD&D Deity's and Demigod's and The World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting.


(Below) The village of Hommlet on a bright clear day. The church of St. Cuthbert can be seen in the distance at the lower left.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Actually it was Sorka that was named Jessica's guardian. Otherwise sounds good.
  3. Thank you my friend, yes reads well to me. Kerri will have been one of the clergy who recover the stolen idol, then helped with ritualistic rites appeasing the dead after the idol’s safe return. I’ll add that as a snippet in my Background, Hope y’all are well today!
  4. Here are some notes about our backgrounds in case you want to tie yours in somewhere. Jess/Sorcha/Gavin are intertwined through their various upbringings in Diamond Lake, a named location in the lore. Currently they all meet up in Greyhawk city. I don't know much about Gavin I admit, but it seems like he grew up in Diamond Lake and felt called to the faith of Hironeous and trained in the temple. Jess's time in Diamond Lake was fleeting compared to his and Sorcha's. Sorcha built up her strength helping her father at the forge and around the home (carrying and splitting firewood for instance), then she trained with Dad and then with Gavin when she needed a serious training partner who wouldn't hold back. After Jess left, Sorcha and Gavin survived an undead attack which the local clergy solved by returning a stolen idol. Maybe Kerri had a hand in that? She could even have been the one who performed rites to appease the dead where they returned idol in the hills, because nobody knew exactly where the idol was looted. Gavin was named as Jess's new guardian, so having Kerri closely involved with her family while in Diamond Lake could confuse that even further. I think we should stick to our choice on that matter and move on.
  5. Well since one player bowed out, do you want to ping Guitarist to see if he's still interested? She?
  6. Got it, and I'm sorry for making you repeat yourself. I personally don't have a problem with going into play and testing the party dynamic with someone as young as that, and I hope it works. I wanted to offer a compromise that would work for you both, but if we can't reach one, no harm done.
  7. Jessica's father took her out adventuring because she was sickly and ill as a young child. By gradually, cautiously and slowly exposing her to the outdoors he planned to strengthen her health and get her out of the smothering environment of the library. Libraries are good for study but they are bad for children if they are not allowed to live a little and enjoy what is out there. He was not forceful or overbearing but he wanted her to be able to be more physically strong in constitution and be more flexible and self dependent in life. Well anyways I plan to simply play her as an independent 11 year old with a lot of get go. More or less someone with a lot of energy and self starter tendencies. Likes to think and plan ahead, is willing to take the initiative, though not stupidly she will not rush off ahead if party is in a dungeon, and a very independent person. She would be willing to be mentored but remember she would be the along the same power lines as her mentor(being a level 1 magic user). Because she travelled a lot she is used to the road and could travel an entire day without complaint unlike most children. In fact she enjoys it and prefers it to being stuck in some stuffy library. She does not mind research but will not spend more than a day in a library, preferring the outdoors. Think of it similar to Morrigan of Dragon Age Origins.
  8. So far we've puzzled out how a few characters met up with Jess and maybe briefly implied why they might keep taking her on the road. I'll say Sorcha feels that she could find better money by selling her sword, and for a while she would be willing to hold down the smithing trade, but that means she would have to bring the kid with her to work and mind her, the master wouldn't like that, and it would divide her focus between the kid and the client. The paladin likewise could feel obligated to deal with the troubles that plague the people of Greyhawk. Neither of them can afford to leave a kid unattended, or perhaps for a while they do leave her at one of the temples to Pelor or Saint Cuthbert. But what about the girl herself? How does Jess feel about being on the road? And about her situation? She has nobody else. Her family were just recently taken from her. They were wizards of great renown who, seemingly, gave her much leeway, and there's also the fact that she grew up around magic, so she must have led a charmed life before she went on the road. Did she like being on the road? Is she a willful brat? Does she feel like she should have more agency? Is she upset that her father isn't around to give her more freedom than her new guardians allow? Does she seek out other girls her age to relate with? In the middle ages male children were given to apprenticeships in their very early teens, and they were usually paid in food and shelter and clothes, but could start as early as 7 years old and there was often a risk that they would run away from it, and the master and the father of the child would have to find them within a year minimum before giving up. Since we have an illusionist fleshing out, maybe Jess could continue her apprenticeship under Simi. Maybe the party sought a mentor to mind the girl while they looked for work, and they found Simi, who was motivated by money, so to meet her demand and allow her to mentor as she sees fit, they start looking for adventuring jobs for coin (and thus his share of treasure). Enter: Chapter 1. And for good measure, if it would be enough for Excior, maybe you could meet halfway and bump her up to 12 years old?
  9. I actually used a bow in summer camp once and I wasn't all that older. And road warrior is not necessarily equivalent to being a fighter or ranger. Sorry did not want to make it seem that way. Being a warrior can have different meanings, from being exceptionally strong mentally to strength of will to live. She could travel long distances without tiring, and be able to find food for herself. She can be good at hiding too in case she runs into trouble from enemies. Basically a survivor whose strength comes from her mind and her cleverness, not her muscles and swordplay. I hope I did not ruin this game because I was just thinking through my characters. Perhaps by playing in this edition it puts me in a position to be forced to not have her unintentionally overpowered or having too many skills that might be viewed as unrealistic and overpowered. But children are not stupid or incapable. They lack experience, not ability. They are very intelligent and capable of logical reasoning and decision making. It's the lack of life experiences that gets in the way. Just my opinion.
  10. Is she so young on all these editions? I don't think a child would be a road warrior or even hold a long bow. DM I am sorry, I have always wanted to play this adventure but this character concept is beyond my ability to rationalize I must withdraw from the game.
  11. Well I love creating characters with a lot of customizing. Basically in other editions Jessica would be an invoker who because of her father could survive out in the wilderness for periods of time. She would be a road warrior though not a fighter, more or less a survivalist. Of course she would not be ranger nor have the skills of a fighter but in pf2e I actually would have had her be able to use a longbow. Maybe that is the beauty of the older editions. Less complicated sometimes means more imagination required and perhaps that is why I like the older editions more. Much simpler. I found 3.5 too cumbersome while 4e more or less easier to handle. 3.0-3.5 offered variety and more options in character creation it got awfully complex and overdrawn. So maybe 1e might do me some good. Might fun to have things much more simpler. I am looking forward to it. On another note do I get more spells since I bumped my INT to 18? I am fine with three but I figured it could not hurt to ask.
  12. Rolls: 18, 15, 14, 14, 14, 7 S 10 D 16 C 15 I 18 W 7 C 12 adjustments: Str -4 Cha -2 Dex +1 Con +1
  13. I'm going to drop another stat by 3 to raise his str to 18 which is his prim req any how
  14. Do it with as many abilities as you need to. Just watch the required number that you need for your specific class. Always try to get that 10% EXP buff with your main ability. I actually think you can go as low as 3 lol...
  15. You have to go into this with the right mindset...do I hold it against Pathfinder and 5e that the overcomplicated mechanics blow...hell no! (Actually, I do so I get your frustration lol )Just figure out movement the best that you can. I will check stuff later. :)
  16. so I can only do this once or can I do it twice with a different ability score to raise the same score another Point?
  17. I'll answer here. See that dice image in the upper right corner of your original post on the thread you started? Clicking the ellipsis next to it brings up a menu, hit "edit" from that menu to change the title of your thread. "Edit" at the bottom is for quick edits. Yeah, I agree regarding the organization of info in the PHB. I've had both PHB and DMG open to get the stats I have by cross-referencing and looking in the DMG to get information Gygax withheld from players. (a gentleman and a scholar was Gygax, but that was an awful decision) Base movement is under Encumbrance. Humans have no modifier to speed from race, so if you are not carrying/wearing/holding bulky items - for a child and a mage, I should hope so - your Movement Rate will remain unmodified at 12". Man, what a fast child! For comparison I'm wearing scale mail which is "fairly bulky" on the DM Guide. My movement Rate should be at 9" because of the bulk rating from my armor. While I'm up, I have a question for veterans. I'm reading that the DM can ask for a save with any modifier of an ability of his choosing? I've elected to add Con/Dex to some of the saves on my sheet doc where I believe they are applicable, Poison/Petrify/Breath. Let me know if that is sensible or if DM would like me to keep those boxes empty.
  18. How do I rename this thread? And while we're at it I cannot understand how to calculate my movement. They did a terrible job organizing the 1e adnd phb. Hard to find specific rules. :(
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