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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm afraid I don't have the time to run a game but I know a bit about Fate that I can help if you have any questions, when I have time to answer. :) If time does change in the future then I'd be willing to run something, though I'm afraid I've fallen too far behind Star Wars to run anything in that.
  3. still looking for a Fate:Core teacher
  4. well after 6 or so views it appears the setting may be the issue. Id like to learn to play the game if somebody is willing to teach me whatever the setting lol
  5. I suddenly find myself in need of somebody willing to help me get a firm grasp of the FATE: Core Rules using Star Wars as the setting my last Teacher had to leave unexpectedly and may not be back. So if any of you fine folks would like to teach me please let me know.
  6. Well, I'm potentially up for some kind of D&D 3.5/PF1e type game (I know M&M too, and an Eclipse Phase solo could be awesome, but that's a lot more niche) but it looks like you're the only one looking for that? And I'm not sure I'm in the mood for a Thief-like game (to play, at least) - though I do see the draw, a stealth-focused game exactly the kind of thing that would likely work a lot better as a solo than as a team game.
  7. 5/10/2024 Hello, I've been wanting to run something like this for a while, but hadn't yet found anyone interested in it. Basically, we will create a country (either to place in the real world in 1974, or to create a world around) and a leader (king, president, general secretary, etc) for that country, whom you will play as. My style of doing this will be influenced somewhat by Suzerain (a phenomenal text-based video game), but you won't need any knowledge of that game, or any other for that matter, in order to do this. The main reason I bring this up is because in Suzerain, going to war is a very big deal. It's something you might only do once, or not at all. You don't just go painting the map like in many 4x strategy games. That isn't to say that war will not play a role in the game, just that the focus is mostly political. You will play not as your country, but as its leader, and you may have to fight tooth and nail to get your own government to do what you want. You'll also have, more or less, a normal life, with friends, family, a home, and emotions. All of this can be another interesting dimension to explore through role-play. All I ask is that you commit one or more posts a day when you can, and let me know when you need a hiatus, even if it's just for a day or two. I will return that courtesy.
  8. Oooh, planning to run/play a few things :) Yeah, you're welcome! PMs or a new thread in here, the Discussions tab.
  9. All of the "looking for" threads are closed; are people after PMs?
  10. Welcome! We'll be looking for your post.
  11. Hello~ I'm in the midst of moving right now, but I wanted to join this game preemptively. When I get settled, I play to run/play a few things 😊 If anyone here is a fan of cozy gaming, keep your eyes peeled! I'll probably have a post up relatively soon ^^
  12. The idea is that people post in the Looking For tab, and then you can look for matches or ideas you like, and start communicating with them.
  13. Yeah, so... how is this working? Have we just not hit a critical mass yet? Should we all just post threads or some anyone want to discuss ideas further?
  14. Welcome, newcomers! I hope that this little forum connects some pairs and inspires some exciting duets.
  15. Just wondering, would anyone be interested in doing a PF2e solo trade?
  16. Bramlin Braveless As a young man, Bramlin (Bram to friends) hails from a family of knights. His father was a knight, as was his father, and his father before him. The latter, Bram’s great-grandfather, was a complete coward of a man, attaining knightly station only but by position of privilege. Thus he was dubbed a surname of dubious distinction for Bram’s forefathers to duly enjoy. Braveless. And, in knightly tradition, it stuck, and now our knightly fellow faces a life of judgment and reckoning. How to overcome his name, and prove to all the realm he is…Bramlin the Brave! An arduous journey surely lies ahead, but Bram is ready to pursue whatever knightly endeavors may arise. For to make a better name for his knightly self, and to entertain the masses with great adventure. After all…what’s in a name? Let’s Play A Game. Interested in playing a largely-lighthearted solo game involving knightly adventures. Sword and sorcery, but also jousting, chivalry and all the antics that can go with it. System-wise, D&D 5e is easy enough for me, but AD&D is also great, and I could happily manage 3.5 or PF 1e as well. Inspired by Don Quixote, A Knight’s Tale, The Princess Bride and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Cue theme song, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), now perhaps as stuck in your head as it is in mine. You’re welcome.
  17. Oh. I saw the Edit menu item, but it didn't occur to me that it's different from the one at the bottom. Thanks.
  18. To edit the thread title, edit the first post, using the "full thread editor" in the three-dots menu at the top right of the original post.
  19. The User Guide says that the Thread Title can be changed by editing the first post, but that does not appear to be the case. I've posted the question in the "How do I?" thread.
  20. In the game description I set the policy, which includes editing the title of your own advert thread. That's a nice idea, but I tried to do it, and even as the game owner, I couldn't find an option to do so. Is it somewhere hard to find, or there is no such option?
  21. Current Pet Project as GM Hyborian Age low-magic dark fantasy (not the default S&S) Mythos investigation: personal horror, cosmic horror Fate Condensed three types of damage: physical, mental, mythos two types of stress: physical, mental two types of consequence groups: physical, sanity physical can only soak physical damage 1 mild, 1 moderate, 1 severe sanity can soak all three types of damage physical needs permission by narrating some crazy/insane and desperate action 2 mild, 2 moderate, 2 severe taken out: character is lost by becoming permanently insane downtime: heal, inquire, investigate, research the mythos advances its agenda skills: heal, inquire, investigate, research, fight, occult, insight, rapport, travel, lead rituals: needs components, deals mythos damage to caster, via stunts, takes long artifacts: deals mythos damage to user, can be found, can be bought by favors, instantenous As GM / not currently low-magic dark fantasy , using Fate Core, Fate Condensed, SWADE, 5e, A5e, PF1, or 3.5e modern Mythos investigation, using Fate, nWoD, or Gumshoe post-apocalyptic weird wasteland fantasy, using Fate or SWADE As player / yeah, why not see as GM for Thief-like game tribal jungle ranger with animal companion, amphibious race fantasy Mythos investigation, using Fate, Gumshoe post-apocalyptic weird wasteland fantasy mounted PC, using Fate or SWADE
  22. How about now? I set you up as a co-GM.
  23. This was a good idea, . It looks like I don't have permission to close my thread.
  24. April 21, 2024 As GM Barsoomian/Skyship/DUNEish/Weirdness solo game using something like Masters of Umdaar (Fate Accelerated) Xena analogue using (Fate Core; up to two players) solo set in the Forgotten Realms (Fate, Scarlet Heroes, Jaws of the Six Serpents, or potentially other system) As Player Any of the above A Barbarians of Lemuria game Any sword and sorcery conanesque game using Fate, PDQ, Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, By This Axe I Hack, or other indie
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