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A world where the inexorable march of time tramps on, where elves and dwarves have consigned themselves to isolationist policies, where humans strive for technological superiority, where gnomes and halflings are derisively seen as mere entertainment, whether they be performers or seen simply as a sub-human circus. Cultural isolation breeds distrust, and distrust often enough morphs into something far, far more sinister.

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Worlds Without Number




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  2. I think that's where we're at, yeah. I can write up a post for it later today, or if someone else wants to (perhaps Brother Koji with an opening prayer?), either will move the plot forward :)
  3. should have enough blood wine to give you a heal, considering I couldn't save all of them. (1d6+2) so should heal your 3hps. Also, there are a lot of bodies we now have to animate bury. (still liking the idea of skeleton-powered galleys, row at ramming speed and no exhaustion, even against the wind, but enough of my furtive imagination) So do we now need to skip to a town council meeting?
  4. Brother Koji After a long and taxing day tending to the wounded, Brother Koji noticed Mr. Stavard among the crowd, his clothing stained with blood, evidence of the battle's toll. Noticing his wounds, Koji called out with urgency tinged with concern, "Mr. Stavard, please, come over here and let us see to those injuries." As Stavard approached, Koji quickly prepared a space for him, clearing a spot on one of the makeshift examination tables. His movements were efficient, honed by hours of continuous care provided to the wounded. He fetched clean water and cloths, preparing to cleanse Stavard's wounds before administering any necessary treatment. "Let's get you cleaned up and see what we're dealing with," Koji said calmly, offering a reassuring smile to Stavard as he began to gently wash away the blood. His hands were steady, a testament to his experience and the deep sense of duty that guided him. While working, Koji reflected on the day's efforts; on the lives they had managed to save and the sombre reality of those they could not. Each loss weighed heavily on him, yet the successes, the lives pulled back from the brink, offered a bittersweet solace. As he finished cleaning Stavard's wounds, assessing their severity, Koji noticed Doona across the room, her dedication and gentle manner leaving a lasting impression on him. He appreciated her help immensely, recognizing a kindred spirit in her commitment to healing and care. Once Stavard was settled and receiving the necessary care, Koji allowed himself a moment to wash his own hands and face, cleansing the physical and emotional residue of the day's labours. He glanced once more towards Doona, hoping there might be another opportunity to learn more about her and her past experiences with divine magic; a topic that intrigued him deeply.
  5. Pass the word to the rest that they are to be permitted to offload whatever persons they wish each person being logged et cetera et cetera and then given safe passage from the harbor, said Stavard wearily. His wounds ached awfully. It appears with Lee's decision we have arrived at what is more or less a white peace. So be it. It is probably the best in the circumstance. What now, I heard some talk of trying to secure more mining resources. If we are to get into a scrape with the Maliente, good arms and armor would come in handy. A throwback to mail and plate of steel even in this brave new age we live in will be called for if it is non-gunpowder weapons we expect to face. And in any case my crude armor has saved my hide in quite a few instances.
  6. Early Spring - Day 2, 14:00PM "Nothing like this curious hammer has been seen in Kelmar. It's more valuable than the Northwind and all her guns together. Unfortunately, I will not willingly part with it. As it has come up so repeatedly, I cannot help but to worry about subterfuge. Instead - I think I will take my chances repairing at a quiet inlet over a couple of days after depositing those settlers and prisoners here. Bluntly, I do not want to be under your guns lest you do the exact same thing I did to the Odyssey herself!" the last she laughs at, clearly amused by the idea of a pirate being out-pirated. "Besides, I can have the Northwind undergo repairs while I sail the Odyssey under Southland colors and see what comes over the horizon. She is, after all, a Southland vessel." The last she says with a wink, and not really waiting for a response, turns to leave.
  7. I think we need to have the council meeting. A major part of Southland's claim is Aephren's starus as a noble. But, Williams let slip that Aephren was in exile. I think we need to have that NPC explain his circumstances, there might be some leverage for us in his exile status.
  8. I think as long as we have some degree of plausible deniability, or-barring that-at least some form of mitigating circumstances (e.g., we're saving lives!), we might be able to spin this cooperation with Mary Lee as useful/tolerable/understandable/etc. Of course, we may fail horribly, and Free Harbor may become a filthy pirate den, or a target of the ire of Kelmar's nations but... knowing the hot mess Kelmar is in, I think Lee made a good point: this sh*t will happen one way or another, regardless of which side we choose. That being said, I am good to decide based on (a) player vote and (b) seeing also how the NPCs take this. Especially for (b)-there's no point to secure a deal if tempers run high and Settler vs. Pirate NPCs start burning the place down the moment we're gone exploring.
  9. I think we should come to an arrangement with Captain Lee. The news that Williams was sacked for not taking us under Southland hegemony was very valuable. We could use more of it. We may yet need a skilled Captain who can evade patrols and move messages. But she will also clearly take to violence without a second thought. So maybe not in sight of Free Harbor? The dwarves have three examples of cannon they can work with. Brother Koji can teach them and Karadoon about rifles. We can in time make those ourselves. We could bargain for rights to repair and heal as a mercy to sailors from every port. So long as they stay peaceful. We could engage in trade for any supplies she has that seem not to be stolen. Or which we arrange for so we reasonably know the source. Running coded messages to allies, scouting the river if we feel we have need. We should also consider running the Spirit down to the halflings on occasion to establish trade. They might benefit and we might benefit. Especially if their mountains could be mined, with their permission. Less risk of Maliente. We might also trade food with the orcs for steel.
  10. letting pirates raid shipping from Free Harbor is a really bad idea. That's how you get hundreds of naval infantry assaulting your city accompanied by an entire frigate squadron. Navies do not like pirates and those who supply them and give them safe harbor. The war against the Barbary Pirates even gave the Marine Corps a line in their hymn "from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli" I kinda want to sign more or less a white peace with the pirates (repairs in exchange for some renumeration the details of which can be settled at some point) then go exploring inland.
  11. Iphigenia listened to Karadoon's counsel carefully before turning her attention back to Mary Lee. "You say you'll need a day to make repairs. I say: very well. If all those now in attendance agree, then you can begin to do so. You can have Free Harbor's support in this-in exchange for a little bit of goodwill more. Perhaps that curious hammer Mr. Stavard is so obsessed with? Or, failing that, another token? The details are unimportant to me." "In the meantime, we can hold a council and discuss these matters, as per your suggestions. We will come up with a decision or an offer by tomorrow. If it is to your liking, then good: we can decide how to proceed accordingly. If not, then no loss for you: you can take your repaired ship and be off, as you likely intended. What do you say?" OOC Just a transitionary post-maybe we can hold the Free Harbor council after this and see where everyone (PCs and importand NPCs) stands?
  12. Indeed, I was thinking of them. And all that orcish steel we saw. After we have settled business with Mary Lee, i think we should visit our new tree friend. Or at least try. That might help us learn where the Maliente are active. My presumption is the tree spirit will likely have the ability to sense things in the forest or communicate directly with the trees, since Iahale had some ability in that regard. And it would be a great reason to bring Nebula along on a trip.
  13. Minimal, for exactly that reason. Karadoon would intuit that there is likely some to be had in the Black Banner Legion holdings.
  14. um, more he's completely innocent in that regard and gets flustered easily. Wise and mystical yes, flustered and clumsy around some people.
  15. I kind of feel like Mary Lee is making a couple of good points, and her offer is worth considering... but maybe it's good to first probe what the broader populus of Free Harbor things of the situation. If we can develop Free Port into a kind of mini-Switzerland that will be neutral territory... that could work to our benefit. Plus we get to save as many sailors as we can.
  16. we might better press our claim of neutrality with all of Kelmar if we keep none but our own settlers on these shores. how are we fixed for raw ore? I feel like these flat plains are not typically good mining terrain. The good mountains for ore are home to the orcs, though we don't know how extensive their presence is. It's also several days up river into Maliente and Dragon territory. We might need to trade lumber and fur/leather for ore for the next year.
  17. Karadoon Karadoon's mouth twitched beneath his beard at the mention of giving up dry land. He spoke directly to Iphigenia, in acknowledgement that she leads the negotiations. "It's your call to make, Iphigenia, but I might counsel against giving up land. Since Captain Lee does owe allegiances elsewhere, we gain nothing to support our neutrality. As she herself said. But we are interested in trade. If it is not unlawful for her to sell us guns from her ship or her prize ship my people can put together fortifications to her plan. In exchange for lumber for repairs, food for her trip back, and future trade rights at this port. So long as the politics of Kelmar are kept out to sea. Otherwise we expand our obligations for food, fuel, clothing, and ale. The winters here are deadly cold. We might do well to grow slowly...."
  18. Brother Koji: Er, um, yes, yes er quite, talents.. yes, wisdom... <blushes>
  19. Maybe the brother can vow for her that she has many talents and wisdom. :D
  20. I do like the idea of a town council. We need to make sure Nebula is asked to join. Perhaps Iahale could recommend her based on her willingness to help defend the shore.
  21. Nayeli "Doona" Doona doesn't possess supernatural strength like Koji, but she is stronger than most men. She removes her bison coat and hangs it on a hook, revealing a delicate waist, muscular shoulders, and a voluptuous figure. Wearing a simple sleeveless leather shirt, her elvish druidic tattoos are visible on her arms. With Koji's help, she rolls the barrel without any trouble and swiftly fills it one bucket at a time. Impressed, she leans inside the barrel. "That's an impressive ability. I haven't seen such power since I left my home. Once, I was training with divine magic, but no more." She doesn't elaborate, already regretting sharing that thought with a stranger. Doona is gentle with the wounded, patient even with those who are rude to her. She helps some to sit and drink, placing a hand on the backs of those who lost a limb in the battle to offer comfort. When she notices Brother Koji looking at her, she briefly smiles, a fleeting interruption of her stoic and serious expression.
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