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  1. post a link to your character picture here and I'll update your header source code to add it in. then when you make a post use the source button to add the code I will give you. This is your current header code: <div> <div class="mw-statblock"> <div class="mw-bbcode"> <div class="mwbbcode-bb"> [URL=/sheets/?id=2606018][B][SIZE=+1]Zen Solen[/SIZE][/B][/URL] M Human Soldier [B]HP[/B] 48/48, [B]Condition[/B] Normal [B]Damage Threshold[/B] 13 [B]Defenses: Fort[/B] 13, [B]Ref[/B] 16, [B]Will[/B] 12 </div> <div class="mwbbcode-html"> <a href="/sheets/?id=2606018" rel=""><b><span style="font-size: large">Zen Solen</span></b></a><br> M Human Soldier<br> <b>HP</b> 48/48, <b>Condition</b> Normal<br> <b>Damage Threshold</b> 13<br> <b>Defenses: Fort</b> 13, <b>Ref</b> 16, <b>Will</b> 12 </div> </div> </div> Remy's is <div style="float:right;margin-left:5px;margin-bottom:5px;"> <div align="center"> <fieldset style="width:90%;margin:6px;"> <img alt="combat-medic-droid.png.94169ed1860ec579dfa48ad6f3bc35a5.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="20290" data-loaded="true" data-ratio="129.67" data-src="//mwbaldrcdkstack-ipbuploads6f377ba5-6asvxg6ywium.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/monthly_2024_01/combat-medic-droid.png.94169ed1860ec579dfa48ad6f3bc35a5.png" src="https://www.myth-weavers.com/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" style="height:auto;" width="300"><br> <a href="https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2607623" rel=" noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"><font size="+1"><font face="Impact">EM-AI Medical Droid</font></font></a><br> <font size="-2">Droid (1st Degree) Technician<br> <b>HP</b> 26/26, <b>Condition</b> Normal<br> <b>Damage Threshold</b> 13<br> <b>Defences: Fort</b> 13, <b>Ref</b> 14, <b>Will</b> 17<br> <b>Force Points</b> 5 (1), <b>Destiny Points</b> 0</font> </fieldset> </div> </div>
  2. Droid (1st Degree) Technician HP 26/26, Condition Normal Damage Threshold 13 Defences: Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 17 Force Points 5 (1), Destiny Points 0 As Remy walks closer to his teammates, their conversation about the Jedi catches his auditory sensors. The mention of these legendary figures, now almost whispers of the past, triggers a cascade of archived files within his memory core. He interjects smoothly into their discussion, his voice modulated to a neutral tone to match the seriousness of the topic. "I was present at the First Battle of Geonosis," he begins, recounting the event as a significant marker in his operational history. "That battle was a pivotal moment, not just for the galaxy, but for the course of the Clone Wars. It was there, amidst the chaos of combat and the stark Geonosian landscape, that I first encountered Jedi in combat." Remy continues, detailing his perspective without the embellishment of emotions, a recount purely from his analytical and observational databases. "My primary function was tactical support, but the battle necessitated a broader scope of operations. Observing the Jedi, their strategies, and their abilities firsthand was enlightening. They moved with a precision and a grace that was almost beyond comprehension, their connection to the Force evident in every action." He pauses wanting to clarify a point that had bugged his subroutines "My role did not involve direct engagement, but the experience added a complex layer to my programming, expanding my understanding of the galaxy's dynamics and the entities within it. It was a turning point, not just historically, but for me personally, in understanding the multifaceted nature of conflict and the beings who play pivotal roles within it." He steps back, excusing himself "Sorry it was not my place to talk, and I interrupted your conversation, I am sorry"
  3. Yeah Perfect... get to see your blindfolded face once more!
  4. So to get Divine spells I have to sacrifice POW? do I just pray for them?
  5. Jar-Taros is trying to become a Shaman, she needs a few things to do this, but as Orlanthi Nomad I'm not sure how she would react to some of those options? Do we have anyone who worships Pavis? Do Orlanthi Nomads have strongholds, if so what are they like, or what is their opinion of them I'm not up with the lore but what is The Mint (I think money, but want to check) Killing Enemies seems like it's par for the course... Perhaps some of these might help? Securing a Sacred Relic of Universal Power Establishing a Multicultural Sanctuary/Tradingpost/Safe haven (a variant of stronghold) Mediating a Peace Treaty Between Warring Factions Conducting a Ritual to Heal the Land Creating a Mercenary Guild or Adventurers' Consortium (a variant of stronghold) Mapping the Uncharted Territories of the Big Rubble Acquiring a Legendary Beast or Guardian (if there are any) Recovering Lost Ancestral Artifacts (more Daka Fal, but could be anyone) Restoring Desecrated Ancestral Burial Sites (more Daka Fal, but could be anyone) Establishing a Council of Elders (a variant of stronghold) Thoughts
  6. Human Druid 2 Hp: 17/17 | Ac: 15 | Init: +2 | Perception: 15 | Insight: 15 | Investigation: 11 STRSave: -1 Athletics: -1 8, DEXSave: +2 Acrobatics +2 Slight of Hand +2 Stealth +2 14, CONSave: +2 14, INTSave: +3 Arcane +1 History +1 Investigation +1 Nature +1 Religion +1 12, WISSave: +5 Animal Handling +5 Insight +5 Perception +5 Medicine +3 Survival +5 16, CHASave: +0 Deception +0 Intimidation +0 Performance +0 Persuasion +0 10 Eira stayed with the mules and cart, she had looked over at the way these 'civilised' people acted, with no regard for the Spirits of Home or Hearth. Eira instead looked around the little hamlet, similar to so many that she and her parents had travelled through. She looked with a practised eye at the place, was there anything odd, or out of place? She had a bad feeling, she didn't know why, but was reminded of the tales of Baba Yaga, and the coven of witches that her followers would form, She looked at the women again, just in case.
  7. Brother Koji "It is lovely to meet you Talula, as my compatriots have said, we have come recently to this land, thinking we had discovered it, but find ourselves on a world history, we do not know and are now seeking to learn more. We.." he gestures to the ensembled group "... I believe are trying to do what is right and good, but I fear our ignorance of the old history might hurt us or the people we meet, could we perhaps learn from each other" he keeps his eyes firmly locked on hers, not daring to look anywhere else. "It appears that the inhabitants of this land have slumbered, or died and been left between here or the afterlife, and been driven mad, or mindless. Could you tell us of the factions that fought this war, and what they looked like, etc, anything would help."
  8. Awesome, thanks, so Initiate hear I come, do we do that before game or during?
  9. I know right! So much angst and pathos, such an untapped source of adventure.
  10. BBY before the battle of Yavin, so 14 BBY is like 14 before the current era, 17 BBY -> 14 BBY -> battle of Yavin Also just posted for Remy not being in the Mess, in response to your post on the droids, (lovely by the way, really gave me something to play off)
  11. Droid (1st Degree) Technician HP 26/26, Condition Normal Damage Threshold 13 Defences: Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 17 Force Points 5 (1), Destiny Points 0 Remy, now fully recharged, moves swiftly through the frigate's corridors, bypassing the canteen. The noise from within, a blend of voices and mechanical sounds, doesn't tempt him to enter. Inside, his teammates mingle with other droids and sentients, some of whom enjoy reprogramming droids for entertainment. Despite the familiarity of the scene, Remy feels a need to distance himself from environments where droids are seen as mere objects or tools for amusement. This detachment isn't just about self-preservation; it's a silent protest against the lack of autonomy his kind often faces. His thoughts drift to SHADE, the clone trooper he recently freed from programmed obedience. The act of removing SHADE's inhibitor chip has made him reflect on the concepts of freedom and control, not just for clones but for droids like himself. These thoughts accompany him as he unconsciously heads towards the cargo bay, drawn away from the complexities of the canteen. In the cargo bay, Remy watches two of his other teammates winding down from a sparring session. The atmosphere here is different - less chaotic, more genuine. Observing their camaraderie and shared exhaustion, Remy feels a sense of belonging. This moment, away from the rest of the ship's dynamics, highlights a different aspect of freedom for Remy: the value of connection and the sense of purpose found in being part of a team.
  12. Thanks for this! edit: So this could be an old Separatist ship, or similar then. A frigate being a ship of war?
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