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About This Game

I'm looking to add ONE player to our four-person squad of gunslinging apocalypse survivors. If you have an existing application and want to resubmit it, let me know. You may also make a new application. The lottery will be held soon(ish).

Game System

Pathfinder 1e



Detailed Description


Players should be prepared for their characters to DIE

(survival may be possible... but not for everyone)



On June 21, 2025, at 12:00 noon EST

An inexplicable and devastating anomaly called "The Turning" struck the world without warning.             

AT ONCE, around 90% of each species on Earth fell dead without any known cause.  

Humans...  Birds... Fish... Cows... Insects... Trees... Mushrooms... EVERYTHING!! 



At the same time, all forms of AC and DC electricity ceased to function 

Lights... Running Water... Batteries... Phones... Satellites... ALL OF IT.

Panic set in immediately among those left alive and the world burned in crazed pandemonium. 

Half of the human survivors didn't make it through the first Winter.  


After the initial devastation and ensuing chaos,

a very small fraction of survivors began experiencing bizarre anomalies in themselves. 

Their appearances began changing, sometimes drastically, and many developed strange and powerful abilities.  

In some places, these people became known as "The Corrupted"...

If the world weren't in enough turmoil already, this new development certainly added fuel to the fire.  

Fear and prejudice ran rampant.  Corrupted and non-corrupted humans, alike, began banding together

into groups and factions with others of similar natures and interests. 

One faction, whose people found a common interest in their zealous hatred for The Corrupted grew

larger and faster than any others.  They quickly spread to other cities and established themselves as

the dominant force in the Western U.S.  

This faction calls itself, "The People of the Real Earth" or simply "The PURE". 

The PURE believes the world will return to normal only when

all of The Corrupted are completely exterminated. 

They hunt and kill The Corrupted wherever they can be found.  


It has been almost two years since The Turning.

In Tucson, Arizona, like most places,

the dead still lay where they fell, now in various stages of decomposition. 

Bodies, both whole and mutilated litter the streets and buildings. 

They stare, marble-eyed, from vehicles lining roadways and alleys.  

They lay doubled over keyboards and desks, in office buildings and in schoolhouses. 

Some lay in half-burnt piles, where folks thought to be rid of

them, only to have lost heart, eventually abandoning the daunting task.       

At one moment, they were all just people, living their lives, thinking about

plans and deadlines, and talking among themselves about

some curious or frivolous intrigue.


In the next moment they weren't but macabre, petrified monuments to a fast-forgotten legacy.


It has become a quiet world of imminent threats from

roving gangs, desperate individuals, and diminishing resources.

Groundwater wells have become a precious resource in the desert, where

it is hot and dry, and they are closely guarded.

The PURE's most zealous and elite soldiers patrol the streets at all hours.


You and a small group of other Corrupted have taken up

refuge in a house, less than a mile from the Downtown area.

 Some of you have been holed up there for days, awaiting the arrival of the others.

Each of you was beckoned from near or far by a "calling" of some kind.

You hear it clearly but do not quite know what it is.

  Since it began, just a few months before, you have felt connected to one another, even

over great distances. 

You see one another in your dreams.

You've been urged and prompted by this calling... to travel to this place... to come together at this time.


It is a binding, to a common fate...

and a heralding of a rising darkness.


It is a summoning to a terrible and wrathful vengeance.






ūüíĬ† I'm inviting 4-6 players to join me for a sandbox-style apocalypse survival game, set in modern times.

ūüíĬ† I believe a unique and irreplaceable quality in role-playing games arises when players legitimately think they might die at any moment.¬† (Think Dead Souls)¬† My objective is to make a game that is DEADLY¬†and which perhaps carries an element of fear and suspense at all times, while hopefully remaining both playable and enjoyable.¬†


I realize one may develop certain unfavorable "feelings" for a DM who so recklessly

slaughters their beloved characters. 

So, should yours meet such a fate, I only ask that you remember that it's nothing personal... 

It's merely CARNAGE!!! huggingskeletons1.jpg.a3faac1d71e9a6bf3ceef4af0fd13f9b.jpg



  1. What's new in this game
  2. The next game lottery will be on 10/1 or 10/2. Let me know if you want to enter your character, otherwise, I'll move your application to the Archive.
  3. The next game lottery will be held on the 1st or 2nd if you have anything yet to polish up.
  4. FYI... The next lottery will be held on the 1st or 2nd. Let me know if you want to enter and if you need any help figuring out a character sheet and picture for Selena.
  5. The next lottery will be in a couple of days. I see you have two character applications. Let me know which you'd like submitted.
  6. We'll be holding another game lottery in a couple of days. If you'd like your character to be entered, please let me know.
  7. We'll be holding another game lottery in a couple of days. If you'd like your character to be entered, please let me know.
  8. The source is ahead of you on that, hitting you with a -2 penalty on ranged attacks while the bayonet is affixed due to weight.   But I certainly have the encumbrance to go old-school shot & pike too if you'd prefer.;)
  9. I've not been allowing guns to be used as melee weapons. We may dip into the 'modern firearms' down the road, but for now, it's just from the 'advanced' selection though homebrewed to be quite a bit better. I may consider bayonets down the road, though I think I'll have them handicap the gun accuracy and range. For now, though, no bayonets.   I'll do 60% off spyglass price on binoculars. 50 bucks   Wand of Obscuring Mist isn't cheap. Let me think about it.
  10. I'm about 80% complete on my application, and going through gear, there's a few things missing that I'd like price checks for.   1: Knife-bayonet. The modern firearms give us socket bayonets, but doesn't specify whether or not the bayonet works when not mounted to its gun. I'd like one that does (Dagger stats? Maybe without the throwing range?) so I don't have to carry another melee weapon.   2: Binoculars. Like a spyglass, but less exorbitantly expensive.   3: Bolt cutters.   4: Just a check to see if you'd allow something. So you know how smoke sticks have to be set on fire in order to work? Who's got time for that when the bullets are coming in? So what if you fill a vial with a smoke stick and just a tiny dollop of Alchemist's fire? Then when you throw it, the vial breaks, and the fire ignites the stick and creates an instant cloud of smoke-a poor man's smoke grenade.
  11.   Name: Sage Wilson Sex: Female Age: 30 Appearance: Sage was lucky enough not to pick up any gross physical abnormalities in her transformation. With a long coat, a cap, a bandanna, and some sunglasses to hide her eyes, she can pass for normal. But if somebody persists in looking under the veil, the jig is quickly up. Her skin has a green hue from a layer of chlorophyll, and all her hair is replaced by leaves, vines, and flower petals.   Personality Sage was never the most outgoing of people, and changing into a freak didn't improve matters on that front any, especially not with hordes of weirdoes going around trying to kill her for existing. She refuses to let the end of the world get her down, instead working tirelessly to try and understand what's happening and possibly even start changing things for the better.   As part of that, she tries to avoid fighting. She'll readily defend herself if pressed, but even then tries to avoid more bloodshed than is needed to end the conflict.   History Sage was at her job at a pharmaceutical research lab when the Turning hit and all the power went out. WIP  
  12. Chata-Han 'Hawk'   Appearance Handsome, none of that translates into charisma. He's quiet, withdrawn even. His expression, what there is of it, doesn't give much away. He is devoid of a sharp glance, or the ghost of a grin.
  13.          Dan | AC 19 | CMB +7 | BAB +3 | Hit Points: 42/42 | Size: Medium | Speed: 30 ft | Init: +4| Fort: +7 | Ref: +7 | Will: +3 | Grit: 1/4 | Luck: ?/?     "Sooo first try to be stealthy and if that fails run to the place where bullets are NOT flying from, works for me. Do we go with a pointsman or all at once? Far for me to throw a fellow snake under the bus but we kinda literally have one. Not to mention that Jan and Bagget have long barrels and can put down more effectively covering fire than I could. I'd say snake first, two of us then two long barrels in the rare."   Tools of the Trade Guns: Revolver: 1d20+8 (Dragon Breath), 1d10+4 (x4), 40 ft, 6 cartridges Pistol MW: 1d20+9 (Extra Shot), 1d8+4 (x2), 30 ft, 10 rounds 1-H Sawed-Off: 1d20+7 (Dragon's Breath or Stopping Power), 1d8+4/3d4+4 (x2/x3), 10/20 ft Shortsword: 1d20+7, 1d6+3, (19-20/x2) Unarmed: 1d20+7, 1d6+3, (x2) Actions/OOC Free: Swift: Move: Standard: Immediate:   OOC: Remaining Loot From The Previous Battle: -Hammer (Light mace) -Machete -+1 MW Big Orange Home Depot Axe (+1 Greataxe) -Pump Shotguns x2 -Shells (no slugs) x8 -MW Semi-Auto Pistol -Semi-Auto Pistol (Formerly Dan's he put it in as he took one MW one) -Semi-Auto Pistol Clip -Rifle -Rifle Rounds x10        
  14. There's a link in the second line of the character creation page about race. "Wrathful Creature" Template. I plan on modifying it a bit, but haven't gotten to it yet. It's mostly just the stat boosts that apply at the moment.  
  15. Can someone tell me the details for a corrupted human? I went looking for it and couldn't find anything.
  16. Magic is a factor and will be an ever-increasing aspect of the world. Spellcraft and UMD are certainly worthwhile. One of our characters is wisely a gestalted witch. Higher-level spells are the only thing that won't become available in the game, but CL will progress normally.
  17. I'm interested in joining. I'm thinking a pre-apocalypse lab technician, investigator down the gestalt side.   The setting seems low magic. Would things like Spellcraft and UMD be worthwhile investments?
  18. I’ve been cooking up an concept this past week.
  19.  Olivia | AC 18 | CMB +7 | BAB +3 | Hit Points: 24/42 | Size: Medium | Speed: 30 ft | Init: +4| Fort: +7 | Ref: +7 | Will: +2 | Grit: 1 Favored Enemy(Human): +2 Attack, Damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival Olivia growls keeping her voice low Slow and steady I'd think but be ready to run if needed? Equipment [B]Masterwork Revolver (.357) (6/6 (Standard Action Reload)) [/B] +8 (1d10, x4) (2d6 Fire, Reflex DC 14 (+2 with Dragon Fire Deed) [B]Masterwork Bolt Action (30-06) (7/7 (Full Round Reload)) [/B] +8 (2d8, 19-20/x4) [B]Masterwork Scimitar [/B] +8 (1d6+2, 18-20/x2) [B]Masterwork Studded Leather Armor[/B] (+3 Armor, +4 Dex) Mechanical actions  Free: Swift: Move: Standard: Immediate: OOC:    
  20. I jus' hate long layovers @Lunermist I hope you feel better soon
  21. Well, I think I'm gonna go with Selena again. Although maybe I'll rework the concept a bit?
  22. Lol. I liked the bard too. The next draft will likely be in a few days, so get a sheet and character picture together, so I can add you to the lottery.
  23. Aww, I liked the bard God if that's how my character is introduced that would be horrible, please do it
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