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About This Game

Within an alternate universe of Evangelion a group of pilots and an operations director play a game of saving the world from other wordily entities, become spies and try not to have mental break downs. The game will be a split of big mecha fights, some mini dungeon crawls and some social events. This is a game using the Ad Eva 2.5 system (a fan made add on for Dark Heresey). The game will be based in a heavily modified Evangelion universe, using the anime/story as a spine. Many things will be different, do not assume anything. An expected rate of posting will be 2-3 posts a week. Some house rules will be introduced to ensure the flow is maintained in and out of combat.

Game System

Dark Heresy



Detailed Description



What is Evangelion? What is AdEva2.5?

Evangelion is a very popular anime/manga that follows a group of pilots (and their operations director) in fighting against creature of absurd power, known as Angels in the show, but renamed Entities within our game.


AdEva2.5 is a fan made system based off of Dark Hersey 1e, the system captures the spirit of Evangelion very well in my eyes. That is, fighting overly powerful monsters (almost every Entity fight is a boss fight) while also giving a lot of room for role-playing the (very likely) mental degradation of your characters.


What is going on?

I have been running an AdEva 2.5 game here for just under three months with a group of four players, who have just come out of their first fight again an Entity, they might be a little battered and bruised...One more than others.

So far the posting has been great, but for the sake of future proofing we will be recruiting one more pilot. Taking us to a total of five players.

During the combat, we were roughly achieving a full round every 24-48 hours, or just shy of it. Outside of combat we are getting a post from everyone every 2-3 days. This is a posting we would like to maintain, if you don't think you can post once every two-three days then please do not apply.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Within this game the players act as pilots for NERV, while also being spies for their 'parent agency', attempting to gain information about a NERV project known as ‘Red Kite.’ The players are all working for the same ‘team’, despite being from different nations, their spy work is controlled by an individual simply known as ‘the handler.’


The Setting

We are in what would be called an ‘alternate reality’, this game is loosely based on Evangelion, though is far enough away for expectations to be messed with. For example, there are multiple 'classes' of mech, multiple NERV bases and a variety of different 'code' Entities (not just Blue, as with the anime).

All pilots have recently joined NERV – London, one of the four established NERV bases throughout the world.


Brief setting

Roughly ten years ago the Androsk asteroid tore through the sky and smashed into the north pole, obliterating the ice caps and flooding much of the world. The arrival of this asteroid was not a surprise, months prior news articles were released with people debating its severity. When people finally decided it required urgent action it was already too late to do anything.


Three years after the asteroid (7 years before the game) the entities began to emerge, creatures of size and strength never seen before. When the first one appeared, it lay waste to Berlin, this was when NERV first appeared and quickly became a public name. Along with their units, the Evangelions and AEGIS.


For the last seven years NERV have worked outside of any one country’s control, but funded by almost every remaining country of note. They are the defenders and researchers of these Entities, without NERV life would have ended seven years ago.




Mechanics of the game

For this game you will want access to the Dark Heresy 1e rule book, and then access to the ‘Adeptus Evangelion 2.5 - Operations Manual’ which will cover all the main rules for players. The AdEva2.5 book can be found free online, however do not get the ‘DM guide’ known as ‘Cruel Thesis’. If you have trouble finding the Operations manual let me know and I can help direct you.


Unlike most Eva game we will be revolving around 3 main ‘elements of play’;

1)     Combat Big boss fights against Entities. See this thread for an example of combat.

2)     Intrigue – I (or the players) will develop and put forward missions, normally to find information or uncover something (or perhaps a plot element from your history). The current ‘main’ mission is to discover any information on the ‘Red Kite’ project. This could be social engineering, hacking etc...Players are given freedom, there is information out there try and find it.

3)     "Dungeon delving" – Though not done yet, the characters will be going through person scale combat. You are welcome to picture a 13 year old running around with an AK. Character development is being house ruled to provide characters with ‘adequate’ skills, though this is currently not shared.


Existing team

We currently have a total of four players.


For the most part information about each character is secret, the applications themselves are in private threads. Players, and characters, find out about each other by witnessing it first hand in game. Some mechanics are revealed OOC, if fitting and agreed by me.


Serena Silver (Operations director) - a well decorated veteran with a bit of a temper, but hopefully a heart of gold.


Anya (Pilots RX - 0, Skirmisher) – 13-year-old German girl trained from a young age for this line of work, though never learnt to not be so self-critical.


Zelda (Pilots Unit -17, Skirmisher) – A bit rough around the edges, this 16-year-old British girl never trained like Anya to be a pilot. She was just born skilled at it.


Emiko (Pilots Amaterasu, AT-tactician)– A smart 15 year old girl from Japan, set foot in England and on the same day was nearly cooked alive by an Entity.



For the application process you need to follow these easy steps;

The due date for applications is the 5th of Jan. However if applications slow down, or I see a perfect application, I will end this early.

See details for character creation, here.


1)     Make a private thread in the OOC area.

2)     Write up basic information on your character, name, description, personality etc.

3)     Write up a brief bit of history covering on how they ended up in NERV and being a Spy. Make it clear who are they spying for, can be a country or a made up organization?

4)     Write up some basics on the mechanics, you don’t need to do all mechanics if you don’t want. But I want to know what career/class you are picking, and what sort of ‘build’ you are thinking.

a.      Note – The Skirmisher career is not being accepted.

b.      If you want to do a full build you have 800XP total for character creation.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Anya would probably be eager to get back to her physical training, In and out of the job requirements. Could find an arcade if they wanted to do something fun.
  3. Maybe our commander has some idea? IC or OOC. We were supposed to train, after all, so maybe we can see what exactly Silver had in mind for that.
  4. Exercise, like a gym, some kind of physical training, that way they can talk, or play sport, or beat each other in gladiator fights. I'd say a beach episode would also fit... but we're in great Britain and it's September
  5. Hola amgios. I have (I think) forgotten to mention I am going on a long holiday in the near future, as in next week or so. I will most likely not be able to do RP posts for about a month, which is a long time. What I am thinking is I can create an RP thread and let you all do as you see fit, we can decide on a setting that would prompt/force RP interaction to some degree. Perhaps something fun and interesting, like (idk) a theme park, or perhaps a fancy dinner or something where I can set the scene and then (to a degree) pass the reigns to you all to enjoy self RP. Let me know your thoughts, rather avoid there being 'no posting' for a month, and this is likely a good opportunity to 'force' (strong word) character interaction development.
  6. The Setting Location: Media Room A - NERV London Time and Date: 10:40, Thursday, 24th September 2023. Media Room A With the last question taken Paul takes the reigns once more, he makes it clear that the time for questions is finished, though various people still put their hands up in an attempt to get one more question. Paul speaks for about a minute thanking those that came and for their questions, along to the panel to answering the questions and allowing the public a chance to see who is defending London from now on. The closing statement ends with Paul dismissing the panel, a clear cue for you to head to the door you came in from. As you stand and begin to move you watch as the door opens with Oli on the other side, he waits patiently for each of you to exit the media room into the private corridor and closes the door behind him. "Paul will be five minutes or so, in the mean time we can wait in the prep room." The Back Room You enter back into the prep room you were in prior to the media engagement, though now it is far quieter and missing all of the hair and make up accessories that were prior before. "Paul will do a bit of a debrief when he returns, but for now make yourself comfortable. Tea, coffee?" As he speaks he gestures to the variety of chairs.
  7. Silver is quiet as her Pilots answer the questions, then looks at Mary from USA Today and sighs, calm but a little cutting in tone. "Mary, the Entity was defeated, and defeated outside of a populated area. I think that publicly nitpicking anything further serves no purpose. The Denver Team achieved their goal, and we should respect and celebrate them for it. Critiques should be left to professional After-Action Reviews within NERV. Let the Pilots have their good day." Silver then turned to Ishaan from The Morning Review. "Ishaan, my team, myself, and, as far as I know, even Paul are not the people who possess that information. Furthermore, if I recall NERV policy correctly, NERV does not comment on future basing operations or locations until such time as the NERV base becomes operational." Silver is quite cutting in her tone in responding to Ishaan, clearly conveying that she considered that response a waste of a question. Silver nods to Paul. Captain Serena Silver Wounds: 13/13 Ego Barrier: 35/35 Fate Points: 3/3 Fatigue: 0 Insanity Points: 0
  8. Mikhail Razumovsky Wounds: 12/12 Fatigue: 0/4 Ego Barrier: 25/25 Insanity: 0 "We all watched the conflict," Mikhail tells Mary. "I thought it was a useful reminder of how unpredictable those fights can be. Despite difficulties, our fellow pilots eliminated the Entity with minimal collateral damage. That's the outcome we should aim for as well." Never mind how they got there. The more he thought of it, Zelda had good points in her critique. But she was surely right to avoid voicing them, and so he tried to do the same. "I don't know anything about specific plans for the base. We're not really involved in that level of decisionmaking," he smiles faintly.
  9. I remember a chart with the chain of command, list of names and the like, i think nerv 05 was mentioned there at the top, near the other bases
  10. I think it was mentioned in posts (can't think of an explicit mentioning of it) however it has been within resources etc that are shared out and part of the player/character info. The general gist of it NERV-05 is, a new base is being made somewhere. Location unknown, most details unknown by people (including all of you).
  11. I forget, was NERV-05 even mentioned before?
  12. Anya is surprised by the first question. How did the press know about that! What else do they know. "Yes, my...I did injure myself a couple of years ago." She catches herself before specifying the what the injury is. Best not too give too much away. "It does not interfere with my daily routine, and it did not affect my piloting during the recent battle." Anya moves quickly on to answer Mary. "We did. As each entity is so different it was useful to see what other types are capable of, and how other pilots deal with them. It helps us think about our own tactics in the field." She decides not to anser the final question, not knowing too much about it anyway.
  13. Hearing Darren's question Zelda cant avoid but look at Anya, then Silver, she has no rights to investigate, Zelda has secrets too, but Anya dossier doesnt mention an injury and yet the press know about it, how? The press know more things than she expected and not just Rebecca, maybe theres someone within nerv who is passing information? Mary pose an interesting question, Zelda's ambition is strong enough that she'll push another pilot under a metaphorical bus but right now it would be an auto-goal, she would end up looking like a villain "they survived, collateral damage was low, a successful battle" biting her tongue to not say more. To Ishaan "I dont know"
  14. The Setting Location: Media Room A - NERV London Time and Date: 10:30, Thursday, 24th September 2023. Media Room A The press listen to each of the answers quietly, taking notes of a few things, but it is clear overall that the press want some more interesting information from the panel. Paul speaks out to the crowd, "we will take one more round of questions." With that stated a number of hands are raised up, and Paul proceeds to pick a number of individuals. "Darren, from The Dodd. Anya, during your time prior to being a pilot you suffered a serious injury? Does that impact your day to day, or piloting, how did you overcome it?" "Mary, from USA today. For the panel, did you witness to Jehoel conflict in America? Can you provide some comments on conflict?" "Ishaan, The Morning Review. Can any of you provide insight into the plans of NERV-05, can you provide the location? The people of the world deserve to know what areas NERV deem worthy of protecting." Paul allows each of the questions through, even the last slightly left field question on NERV-05.
  15. How many entities have shown up so far? I think we are likely in the hundreds (roughly 0-2 per month), they have always progressed in strength. So the first lot would have been weaker etc. Do we know from where do they come? General knowledge is they originate from within the mantle of the Earth, at least they are monitored breaking through the crust now. It is assumed earlier ones are the same. The 'origin' of the creatures is a mix of things when you talk to general public. Do we know why they like to attack London? Yes, most of these bases (and other places) are set up with strong AT bait, something that typically attracts the Entities. This means NERV can set up a few points and invest heavily in those, however the bait does not always work etc. In the early days, before any 'bait' records will show that the Entities 'wandered' more and caused more destruction etc.
  16. I have a few question about the setting lore(note: i dont even know if my character would know these) How many entities have shown up so far?(i dont need the exact number, just an idea, dozens? an hundred?) Do we know from where do they come? (it give me pacific rim vibes) Do we know why they like to attack london (the anime they were after something specific, is this the same here?)
  17. Silver looks at Sadesh from The Line and sighs. "Sadesh, I am saying that I am the wrong person to comment on investigations into deaths of NERV personnel and the investigations thereof." Silver nodded to Paul, and folded her hands in front of her, calmly listening to her Team respond to their questions. Silver then let her Pilots answer the question about their previous occupations, then answered it herself. "I was a trainer for NERV, and before NERV, was a member of the United States Army." Silver again lets her Pilots field the question about Turiel and the Valentine Treaty, then answers it herself. "NERV only has a finite amount of resources, which are a function of Valentine Treaty membership. Thus, deployment has to be prioritized relative to where there are basing facilities and where there is support for NERV. While NERV is building more facilities and gaining more members in the Valentine Treaty, that is a process that takes time. We are tracking Turiel, but without existing basing facilities and resources in the region, we cannot do a whole lot at this time, as far as I know." Silver lets her Pilots field the last question before she answers it herself. "Moving inland and disrupting things is not a wise choice. My Team is here, and they are good at what they do, see their first battle with no practice together and down a member. We have a multinational team, each bringing their own strengths, led by native of Britain, to defend London. They will achieve the safety of London, they each aim for no less. They may be teenagers, but they are dedicated to your safety, and they will train hard to ensure that. What you saw in their first deployment was them short a Pilot and with no training as a team; no think about what they will be like when they have had some training as a team." Silver nods to Paul. Captain Serena Silver Wounds: 13/13 Ego Barrier: 35/35 Fate Points: 3/3 Fatigue: 0 Insanity Points: 0
  18. Mikhail Razumovsky Wounds: 12/12 Fatigue: 0/4 Ego Barrier: 25/25 Insanity: 0 "Class A Mecha is an option," Mikhail answers the first of this new batch of questions, "but it's too early to tell." He nods his agreement at Emiko, who went before him. She was probably thinking of the same thing. They're both expendable and are likely to get expended at some point. Fortunately, the others already set a low-information standard for the pilots' next question. "I was studying and training for this task," the boy shrugs sheepishly. No need to tempt the press with anything else. His expression grows a little harder at the mention of Turiel. "We all know NERV has to make difficult strategic decisions. It's not that it's simply because the Saudis haven't signed the treaty." Russia didn't either, of course. "It's that going after Turiel isn't an obvious call to make when it can weaken NERV's ability to respond to other dangers in the region. Lack of cooperation makes it objectively more difficult as well." There's more he could add... but better not. Those threat reports he read weren't for the journalists, even lacking for information as they were. "As for Gazardiel, I think it's nothing that the people of this country and this city haven't seen before. So I don't think there's any need to evacuate just because it's nearby. We are here to stand between it and the people," he concludes with a little more pathos than his norm. He means it, too.
  19. My original plan for anything spy related that involves a check was the following; - Allow you free reign in threads to questions and roll etc. - Give a set of 'out of thread' rolls per month to each player, I was originally thinking 2 rolls per person which gives a total of 8 rolls but will up that due to how odds work in this game I think. Simply put, I wanted to avoid a massive bombardment of rolls, like 1 a day which means 30 rolls per player etc. - Any information you collect is there given to The Handler and there is no mechanical tracking. I have the investigation part of stuff to be very free-form and open to players to track and note things, but honestly I don't think that has got much traction. So I might put in a tracker that is at the bottom of each of my posts, so it is not 'out of sight out of mind' with big ticket questions and a successful roll ticks a box, after every few boxes you find information etc. But we will see, for the moment no changes to the game. tldr: I will be giving each player 4 spy related rolls which are completed throughout the month, all can be rolled after the current thread. People are still allowed to make other rolls in-thread etc. Pilot Progression points So these points will be related to a skill tree or similar (tiered list) I have half baked currently, but the main purpose is to give characters the ability to gain benefits for the 'dungeon crawling' part of the game. Basically, things like weapon proficiencies/unarmed combat, human scale AT powers, extra spy abilities or let you pick some assets from the original character creation (if it makes sense plot wise), which would be stuff like 'fame'. I dont plan on bringing it out just yet however, mainly due to the fact that the dungeon crawling aspect is only just starting to appear on the horizon.
  20. Wounds: 0/12 Fatigue: 0 Ego Barrier: 35/35 Insanity: 2 As with the other questions it seems that Emiko lets most of it just wash past her, she doesn't engage unless it specifically seems like she has to, but she does answer swiftly and at least seemingly honestly when she does. She ticks through the questions quickly. "Honestly i haven't really thought much about what happens after, it seems a long way away.." "My previous life in japan, before NERV, was very uneventful, as you can expect, especially compared to where we are now." "Unfortunately, NERV can only grant aid to those that are part of the group, they can't afford to volunteer free protection.. Perhaps they should have considered that before they refused to join.." "Gazardiel being so close is concerning, but i do not think it would be worth the cost or the panic in moving anyone..."
  21. "Military life is all I have really known, that and school. A somewhat norm education would be nice, but yes, I imagine I will look into other military options after." She hasn't actually thought about this too much. Between military, spy work and now fighting entities. Maybe once things settle down I should really start. "And as Paul mentioned I enlisted into and graduated from the Neo-Spartan program as early as I could." "Nerv is monitoring Turiel, just like it would other entities. They would not ignore a threat like that, but there are logistical and tactical things to think about with the Eva's." As soon as she says this she worries she came off a bit too cold. "We will deal with Gazardiel, and now that we are back up to a full team I know we can do better this time."
  22. It's interesting to watch the exchange between Silver and Rebecca, like a fencing match, but the journalist is different from the picture painted by the captain, she's not a demon, her questions are fair, the teen expected to see a lot more dirt thrown around. Simon's question remind Zelda once more that her time is limited, she'll turn 17 this November and doesnt really expect to still be a pilot at 18, but hopefully her mission wont last this long. "i dont know, i guess it will depend on the situation...what i'd like to do once i wont be able to pilot an eva anymore is to continue with my studies, i'd like to become an aviator" she will retire from nerv, thats what she's saying, she has a life outside Nerv, dreams, Zelda will continue chasing them. The other questions come quickly but she take her time to answer What did she do before coming here? "I was at the Devonport high school then moved to nerv's pilot academy and now i'm here"she keep it short, her(public) story isnt very interesting, no tragedies or heroic deeds, just your typical teenager life About Turiel "Nerv isnt ignoring Turiel, they are monitoring it as they do with all entities, as far as i know NERV doesnt produce money, it's a cost, to protect, like the police, sending an Eva squad to fight an entity 2 thousands kilometers away from the nearest base is not easy nor cheap, theres also Valoel which isnt that far away, i think the people of Nairobi wouldnt be happy to pay the expenses and risk their city to help someone unwilling to collaborate, but thats just my opinion, you should ask them" The question about Gazardiel, she was expecting it and the temptation to mention their plan is strong, but it would be an error, the higher ups wont share information with a pilot who cant keep a secret. "I am one of the people of the United Kingdom.... everything will be fine, i wouldnt tell you this if i didnt believe it" clearly she cant be certain they will win against Gazardiel, but given the location she is reasonably sure no civilians will get involved.
  23. i'm fine with having these two weeks pass off-screen, i'll simply write what Zelda do during this period in the last post of the interview One thing i'd like to ask is spy-work, now that Rebecca has mentioned Red Kite our characters can make more accurate questions, since inquiry take an hour and there are a lot of people at the base(more than enough for each of our characters to be busy ) i think it wouldnt be unreasonable to say the team can find an hour each day to do investigation, for Zelda that would mean a dozen inquiry rolls(maybe anya can do awareness, silver some tech, others i dont know) due to the sheer volume of rolls, we are going to pass some even with our low skills. How do you prefer to handle this off screen investigation? Also, after the first fight we have been awarded Pilot progression points, can these be used for fame/reputation (i'd like to have Zelda become a golden girl, an hero for great britain)?
  24. As a note, we will likely have a post or two more of questions from me. The thread will then be wrapped up with a few posts at the end for you guys to discuss/chat with NPCs etc if wanted. After that, you get (if I recall) about 2 weeks free before engaging in the next fight. These two weeks will be off screen (not a thread) unless anyone wants to do something dramatic, you can make that clear near the end of the current thread. As a note, you will get some XP again, prior to the Gaz fight and I will want everyones sheets made prior to the fight as loading the web pages is a nightmare my end.
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