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Title: Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox
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Hello all myth weavers again (long-time since i was last here... heh)! Welcome to "Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox" an adventure set in the distant future of the year 2625 AD. -- yeah, a new game that I'm basing it on my upcoming book of the same name, so it has quite a developed universe around it...

In here we are going to take part of the colony crew of Pioneer's Hope, decelerating from warp space to land at Polarodduhss, a lush jungle world filled with untold secrets. This epic campaign combines elements of science fiction, ancient mythology, and cosmic spirituality. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of Polarodduhss?

The journey starts on board Pioneer's Hope, a cutting-edge spacecraft designed for colonization and exploration. They are en route to Polarodduhss, a terraformed planet twice the size of Earth with a higher gravity field of 1.4 G, that sports 12 artificially added moons. Originally a rogue, sunless world drifting through interstellar space, it was captured by the Terran Union and placed in orbit around the orange dwarf star, August XCZ447, also known as Kayathaar's Blast. The location of the star is very near the outer rims of the central galactic bulge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Though it took around 2 centuries, Polarodduhss now thrives with exotic jungles, towering canopies, and enigmatic ruin-like pillars of rock—making it a haven of scientific wonder and potential dangers. You are among the few selected to explore this newfound paradise and shape its future.

The Plot

The year is 2625, and you are among the crew and pioneers aboard the massive exploration and colonization ship, Pioneer's Hope. After what feels like an eternity traversing through warped hyperspace, you are finally approaching your destination: the star system of Kayathaar's Blast and the mysterious planet named Polarodduhss.

Your mission is seemingly straightforward — disembark on this untamed, artificially seeded and terraformed, jungle planet, twice the size of Earth and graced with a gravity of 1.4 G, and lay the foundations for a new human city. The planet's vast, bioluminescent jungles and towering rock formations present their own challenges, but so does the unknown.

As you descend towards the planet, you can't shake the feeling that you're about to step into a much larger world, one filled with wonders and dangers you can't yet comprehend. Your captain speaks of building a new home for humanity, but what waits for you in the depths of those glowing jungles?

The ship's engines hum as you enter the atmosphere, and for a moment, you wonder what stories you'll be able to tell when this is all over—or if you'll even be there to tell them. The celestial drama above fades as you touch down, replaced by the immediate, pressing concerns of survival, exploration, and the haunting question that gnaws at the back of your mind: what else is out there?

How we will begin:

First scene will happen as it will happen in the book. We are all in the process of decelerating from warped hyperspace (a different approach i took to interstellar travel that is a bit more dramatic), then after character introductions and interactions with some of the main characters of the book, the ship will begin it's descent on Polarodduhss to begin the colonization efforts.


Whomever wanna join this game come on over to my discord server to ask questions and have a chat!
"Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox"

Oh, yeah, I'm looking for a starting crew of 5 players, but the game may begin at 3 active and approved players.
I will be closing the gate at 8 maximum or when the advertising time stops.

Also if you feel like you can manage two or maximum 3 character, that would count as occupying two seats or max 3. So i'm all for daring players that have the skills to manage multiple character arcs 🥳

I'd like to emphasize that even if the game has already started, newcomers are always welcome to join as long as I have available seats. Moreover, even if the table is full, I'd love for you to join our Discord and engage in discussions or simply chat about the game. Your participation and insights are always valued. The players and I hope to see you there 😁!


Perpetually shifting Number until the table remains fixed 0/8 seats left (Currently full)


As this book is nearly finished, what we do here will have no impact what-so-ever on the already developed universe and lore, but it is instead a sorts of fan-fiction based on the adventures that will take place in there.
So as to not cause undue expectations and worries, nothing here will become part of the book, nor will any characters be mentioned in the actual book as it will screw with the entirety of the already established flow of the story.

Copyright Notice


"Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox"


All rights reserved. This game, including its characters, settings, and story elements, is based on the upcoming book "Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox" and is copyrighted © 2023 by Protect-my-work Limited, under my name Danny089-Eridmius/Odeoron Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this game, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Ownership: All game content, including but not limited to characters, settings, and story elements, is the sole property of Danny089-Eridmius/Odeoron.
  2. User Agreement: Participation in this game implies an understanding and agreement that players will not use the game's copyrighted elements for any purpose outside of personal enjoyment through playing this game. This includes refraining from using these elements in their own works, whether these are written, digital, or other forms.
  3. Idea Submissions: While we welcome player engagement and ideas, please be aware that any story suggestions or character concepts contributed by players will not be incorporated into future publications of the book or the game. This is to avoid any legal complications concerning the ownership of these ideas.
  4. Distribution: This game or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright owner, except for brief quotations embodied in reviews or discussions.

Thank you for respecting the hard work and creativity that has gone into crafting this universe.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Okay guys, due to a long break in the game and obvious changes in personal life to all of us, i will be resetting the game to adapt the scenario to whomever is left willing to play to approx. where we left off before the winter break. It will be a new tab to continue the story with all the characters that remained and all the developments of all so nobody loses anything, just the players that left would no longer be part of the game world to make it easier to manage for me...
  3. Name: Ash Race: Post-Human (Multi-animal Human Hybrid) Class: Soldier Fighting Style: Rover Occupation: Field Scout, Hunter, Security Reserve Theme: Colonist HP: 11/11 SP: 8/8 KAC: 15 EAC: 14 SPD: 30 / FSPD: 30 Fort: 3 / Ref: 3 / Will: 3 "Trouble, when is not?" Responds Ash to the question about the cloak. "But it also means that I am finished with conversation." Ash's wings flair out. He then crouches down deep and using his powerful legs, leaps up into the air and starts flapping hard to give him altitude. "I am going to the Fool Cells, I'll radio once I am there."
  4. Ian flinches and turns towards the tree... ... and then turns away from it. "I'm not sure what to do about the tree except for getting control of the rest of this situation as quickly as we can, and hoping that stops further damage." He turns to Jaa. "Mind if I tag along while you head to that storage unit? That doesn't sound like a one-person job."
  5. Jaa hurrying down the terrace the ember of his cigarette traced behind him, smoke leaving his mouth in puffs as he replied with a smile in his tone, closer akin to replying with the middle finger, "Don't give me too much credit, experience goes a long ways, and besides It took me a few tries. " a small chuckle, " I got to keep the Exs and their current and past boyfriends from reaching me somehow. It pays to know most electronics have trackers in, and in my previous life not being tracked was important," as the last part of the phrase left his mouth he was at the bottom of the terrace walking into the room with Ash and Ian, just in time to respond to Ash,"Not'ing to be ashamed 'bout" Jaa talking past the cigarette adding to johnny,"This old man don't know where that is, can you send me the nav for this giant ship's storage?." With the buzzing of comms, mixed with tone, Ja inhaled, ember glew brighter eating up more of pausing as if enjoying it before he spoke,"This day is going to be a two pack day. I can feel it," as he spit the cigarette out like it insulted him adding," Ash, Ol' buddy, Ol' friend, oh Pal of Mine... What was that comm? That didn't sound like a morning traffic report," sitting there feeling like he was somewhat at the top of a roller coaster,or it could be time messing with him again. Either way Jaa was far more comfortable with ships that didn't pretend to be something else, a place where space was always looming in the background instead of hidden behind gardens and walls, this ship made the precogs hair stand up on end if he thought about it too much, and with paranoia weighing on him, a half heard message in a half rushed tone was enough to make Jaa full anxious. Someone might notice Jaa's eyes bouncing left and right as the thoughts creeped up on him in this stiff moment. Status: |H.P: 09/09 | ST.P: 05/05 |RES.P: 04/04 | MAG: █ █ | |2NDWPN: 20/20|Cigg: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ |
  6. I'm curious about this game. I can't figure out if you're recruiting players or not and if so, how and where is the best place to submit an application?
  7. Unit 24 HP: 27/7 | Stam: 25/5 | Initiative: +2 Stats & SavesSTR 10 +0 DEX 14 +2 CON 11 +0 INT 18 +4 WIS 10 +0 CHA 10 +0 Fort. +0 Ref. +2 Will +2 | SkillsComputers +9 Engineering +8 Life Science +8 Mysticism +4 Physical Science +8 Piloting +6 Profession (Data Analyst) +12 Sleight of Hand +6 | Spells1st: 3/3 | Per Use AbilitiesSpell Cache 1/1 AI-Empowered Boost 0/1 AI Companion 1/1 "Noted." Despite his own trepidation, U24 was not about to let this entity control him through implied threats and fear. His creator had been far more effective at such things. Within U24, a capacitor charged. Psychic powers and abilities were a defined science, even if they weren't formalized. Like any cognizant lifeform, he had the potential to engage with this peculiarity of the universe through technological means. Means he intended to put to the test here. "You're capability for both speech and understanding has been logged, as well as your own admission of your physical state. I submit this theory: If you are everywhere, then your negation relies on separating the 'you' from our local space-time. At the moment, I'm choosing to engage in means of force to test my theory." U24 aimed concentrated noise signal at one of the anomalies and let his capacitor expel its charge. "Once the path out is secured, we should press our attack," U24 messaged the others as he deployed a virtual representation of his sidearm. OOC I'll roll initiative and U24's first action will be to cast Incompetence on one of the orbs.
  8. Jonny's voice was heard through the terminals, slightly distorted due to the interference from the time aberration. "Faraday cage? Yeah, Jaa, it's a real thing. It's essentially a metallic enclosure that's used to block electromagnetic fields. If you're thinking about isolating whatever tech anomaly is causing this, then a Faraday cage might do the trick. But it's not a guarantee, especially if we're dealing with something that goes beyond just tech interference. Still, it's worth a shot." Jaa could almost visualize Jonny's smirk as he continued, "But you know, Jaa, for someone who claims to be an 'old man' and 'the opposite of a tech person,' you sure do have some impressive tech intuition." A pause followed, and then Jonny added, "I think there's a makeshift Faraday cage in one of the storage units nearby. It's not top-grade, but it might help. If we're gonna try this, we need to move fast. These time distortions are messing with the virtual realm too, and I don't know how long we can maintain a stable connection." As Ash takes a step forward after Ian's attempt at encouraging, a sudden calmness washes over him. The ambient noise seems to fade, and he feels a subtle warmth emanating from the direction of the Mother Tree. Though the tree itself remains silent, its presence is palpable, offering a quiet reassurance to the winged being. Upon closer observation, Ash notices a concerning change. The rich, deep colors of the Mother Tree, usually full of life and vitality, are now beginning to lose their vibrancy. Its once radiant bark and leaves are becoming desaturated, hinting at some unseen force at play. Suddenly Ash, you hear your comms buzzing. It's the sargent. "Hey kiddo! We're here and ready, let everyone who you find to be willng to help know that the perimeter is secure and..." He paused pensively "What in the name of Saint Joseph!" He exclaimed "The Gargathian Sequoya is turning gray! Everyone be ready!" he said as he closed comms. Ash, Ian failed at trying to help you out of your fright but he reduced your waiting time before the next will save roll from 4 in-game minutes to 2 so not long before you might get a chance to escape it. How would you all like to continue?
  9. Theme -> As Seraph and Stix stand resolute, ready to face the imminent threat, the doppelganger senses the mounting tension and seems almost... amused. It steps back, circling them, the very essence of malevolence. The entity's form shifts, becoming more ethereal and insidious as it moves, shadows licking out like tongues of dark flames, tasting the air around them. Without warning, the doppelganger's form expands, tendrils of darkness shooting outwards, trying to create a sense of omnipresence, as if it was everywhere at once. Its eyes, deep voids of nothingness, fixate on the duo, glowing brighter with each passing moment. The abyssal gaze alone seems to carry a weight, trying to push down on their spirits, attempting to sow seeds of doubt and fear. Suddenly, the entity lets out a bone-chilling, echoing hiss that reverberates around the environment, carrying with it an unmistakable message of menace. It's a sound that embodies pure malice, an aural manifestation of its desire to dominate and consume. The hiss evolves into a haunting, discordant melody, sending unsettling vibrations through the very air, making the atmosphere thick with tension. Initiative 8 Seraph is at 5 and Stix is at 12. Stix you would go first... how would you like to position yourself and what do you want to do in your first move?
  10. Name: Ash Race: Post-Human (Multi-animal Human Hybrid) Class: Soldier Fighting Style: Rover Occupation: Field Scout, Hunter, Security Reserve Theme: Colonist HP: 11/11 SP: 8/8 KAC: 15 EAC: 14 SPD: 30 / FSPD: 30 Fort: 3 / Ref: 3 / Will: 3 Ash looks at the others momentarily, his wings hanging from him like a cape, shuddering in response to the comment. "Fear happens to all, there is no shame in that. Only if I allow it to control me will there be shame." responds Ash. He takes a deep breath. "Let's go, the longer we delay, the harder it will be to start." And with that, Ash starts heading forward. He needed to act, while it might be ill-thought-out, he only had two options. To stay rooted in place and do nothing, or move forwards and maybe help end what was causing the trouble.
  11. Ian gives Io a mildly confused look when she mentions Secular Unitarianism compelling a demon, but says "Uh... it might? I think anything that keeps our minds calm and ordered might weaken this thing, or at least make it harder for it to attack us." He turns to Ash. "Are you okay? Listen... I think part of what this thing wants is for us to be afraid. Not just because that could give it a tactical advantage, but because... I think it might be the sort of creature that wants that even without a reason." Good start, I hope? "Let's not give it that. Let's show it we're not afraid." He turns to address the group as a whole. "Io... you said we need to kick this thing out of the fuel supply, right? I think we should do that first, since... 'catastrophic repercussions' sounds like a good description of what might happen if we don't. Does anyone know how we might..." A shot rings out, and Ian takes a quick look around, just in time to see a demon give up the ghost. He heard someone, presumably whoever'd shot it, say something about the demon influencing time, and then asking if it could be isolated in a Faraday cage. That's a really good question... He looks at the floor under the corpse to see if it seems to be damaging the ground under it, either by speeding up time so that entropy destroys it faster, or dissolving it like a strong acid would. " ... Is it possible to use what's left of that thing to try and understand how these creatures work? We'd need an microscope, I think..." Diplomacy
  12. Jaa muttered, smoke seeping out of his mouth as he spoke, "Bad vibes man, Bad vibes all over the place." The bounty hunter pulled the rack back, pressing the safety button, locking the bolt in place, this action pushed forward a ring forward out of the side of the gun, Jaa tugged this, causing a panel to open at a 45 degree angel, revealing one spent shell and one unspent bullet, with a deft movement shell is ejected. Jaa grabbing the shell mid air and dropping it into the gun case, in the same movement another round is retrieved from the case and slotted into the empty spot, followed by slamming the panel closed. Sy'ko then pressed the safety, releasing the lever, then pulled and released the level exhaling a cloud of smoke once more as he finished the half second long process that he has done countless times before, Jaa then retrieved his favorite three point sling attaching it to the sniper and throwing it over his shoulder and sliding it behind him. The next item retrived is a much more technical weapon then his sniper; A gnome scout gun. Jaa eyed it with distaste flicking the lazer control making sure it was functioning on both sides, recalling that he missed the tell tale signs of it's higher tech parts when it was acquired but still he strapped it and his holster to his hip followed by a harness that he attached his gran dad's ham radio to it so it would sit in the middle of his back, keeping the hand piece with in reach. a Head set is the last thing retried from his case, plugging it into the micro ham radio on his back sliding it on. Every action was accented with an exhale of smoke, and the glowing of the ember. "Feels good to have my gear on," the form of meditation Then a panel is pulled up from the gun case revealing a keypad, keying something in, causing the uncase to collapse in on its self to a much smaller size. A collapsible gun case was a useful thing, attaching it to his harness at two points, so it sat horizontal slightly behind his hips. It wasn't his full kit, but it was workable. The next course of action seemed to be out of Jaa's hands at the moment realizing that there were issues with the other half of the party in a virtual confrontation. Time streams was his area of experience, not tech but regardless , talk button was pressed as he asked threw the fragrant smoke,"Im not a tech head, in fact I like wood cabins with out wifi, you know how hard it is to not have wifi? I'm the opposite of a tech person, combustible engines over fuel cells," now he paused realizing he was ranting before adding, "Old man here just asking, can we isolate it? put in some thumb drive, and hide it up friday's asshole?" Jaa's face screnched up as he tried to recall what he was meaning to say," Layda cell? Farris trap?" as he spoke he started to move down the terrace to the others in the group after leaving a fist full of credits on table for his coffee from eaariler, the whole way was his grumbling trying to think of the thing he was having trouble recalling, "Micheal Bay isolation? Faraday cage?" he grinned as the last one came out of his mouth,"Faraday cage?!? is that a thing we have?" The bounty hunter was equally distracted by the time bubbles that were appearing even as he made his way to Ash and the others. He was trying to bend the litte he knew about time and this weird interaction that was going on into something he could use. Mysticism Status: |H.P: 09/09 | ST.P: 05/05 |RES.P: 04/04 | MAG: █ █ | |2NDWPN: 20/20|Cigg: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▓ |
  13. Elion, Luna, and C565, as they hear U24's directive, they immediately turn their attention to the vast virtual landscape around them. The space, which once seemed so familiar, is now marred by distortions and anomalies. But the most immediate threat comes from the 10 red glowing orbs, pulsating with an eerie light. They hurl themselves repeatedly against the shimmering barrier Io erected earlier, sending shockwaves that make the virtual walls tremble. Elion: "We need to strengthen this barrier. C565, can you work on enhancing the defensive codes? Luna, let's create an exit protocol." Luna: "On it. We need a stable exit, especially if things get out of hand." As Luna and Elion busily tap into the codes, manipulating streams of data, C565 focuses on reinforcing the barrier. The orbs' relentless assault doesn't let up, but for now, the barrier holds. Jonny: "You know, it's always odd seeing another clone of mine. Didn't expect to see another Johnsons Alistair variant here." Despite the dire situation, there's a hint of amusement in Jonny's voice. He briefly exchanges a knowing glance with C565. C565: "It's a small Union, Jonny. We're bound to run into each other eventually." The atmosphere in the virtual space is tense, with the looming threat of the entity and its minions. But the combined efforts of Elion, Luna, and C565 seem to be paying off. The exit protocol starts to take shape, manifesting as a glowing portal on the far side of the barrier. Mark: "Good work, team. Let's be prepared for anything. This entity has shown it can adapt. We need to be one step ahead." With the exit in place and the barrier reinforced, your group is better prepared for what's to come. But the question remains: can you fend off the entity and its minions long enough to ensure everyone's safety? As you delve deep into the system, your initial diagnostics reveal that, thankfully, the antivirus is not compromised. The entity has managed to bypass it, but the core defenses remain intact. Your expertise in computer systems and networks pays off, and with a roll of 28, you can confidently confirm the integrity of the antivirus. Harnessing this knowledge, you begin to work on the data you've acquired so far. With a roll of 23, you successfully channel this information to further restrict the aberration's development. You can sense its influence waning as you start reconfiguring the virtual space, making it more and more difficult for the entity to maintain its hold. Finally, with the antivirus secure and the aberration's growth restricted, you decide to take a more aggressive approach. Engaging the virtual 'white cells' to attack the infection directly, you hope to weaken its advancements further. The task proves more challenging than anticipated, but with a roll of 13, you manage to just barely activate them. They spring to life and start targeting the entity's manifestations, gradually eroding its presence. The virtual space still trembles from the entity's influence, but with each passing moment, it seems you're reclaiming more and more of the compromised areas. However, the battle is far from over. The entity, though weakened, remains a formidable foe. Amid the chaos of the virtual battle, a deep, guttural voice echoes through the space. It's both alien and disturbingly familiar, like a distorted, malevolent whisper that sends shivers down your virtual spine. "Grrrr... Do you truly believe you can confine me to this virtual prison?" The voice laughs, a sound that is both mocking and chilling. It's a laughter that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, contorted with otherworldly malice. "Hahahahahaha! You cannot contain me for long. Reality or virtuality, I am everywhere." The voice fades, leaving an unsettling silence in its wake, hinting at the entity's true power and intent.
  14. Android Mechanic 1 - HP 10/10 Stamina 7/7 Resolve 3/5 Contact threatened like a knife to one's throat, the alternative, sure annihilation could hardly be defined as a fall back position. The thing had to be met with all force, with it's annihilation, as opposed to its escape, to whatever hell it came from, being the preferred outcome. One of the few advantages they had was the home ground advantage, so with the possibility that the thing was a 'scout' it could not be allowed to report back. "I'd hoped for a different First Contact.", she mused out loud, her tone sad, even as she held onto the hope that whatever enemy this thing had, would be First Contact of the wondrous sort. She looked around at everyone still present and concluded with "Good hunting.", it was traditional. And with that she girded herself for battle, brought her weapons to the fore and went to battle, working off of Unit 24's attacks and communicating that it should do likewise.
  15. Name: Ash Race: Post-Human (Multi-animal Human Hybrid) Class: Soldier Fighting Style: Rover Occupation: Field Scout, Hunter, Security Reserve Theme: Colonist HP: 11/11 SP: 8/8 KAC: 15 EAC: 14 SPD: 30 / FSPD: 30 Fort: 3 / Ref: 3 / Will: 3 Ash temporarily stares at the body behind him and then looks around him. He switches from knife to gun. He had hoped that he wouldn't have to rely on the gun, bullets in spaceships just caused trouble in his mind. But the things that were coming were greater than just his own knife skills. Now was the time for him to use his superior senses over the other humans, he still didn't think he was one of them, but now wasn't the time to get into a philosophical argument with himself.
  16. Stix Stix watched in awe as the drone broke the darkness before him. Sending it as an ally he shook off what malaise he could before steadying his shaking legs. He would stand beside this new ally. Well, maybe beside and a little behind... Initiative Roll
  17. Unit 24 HP: 27/7 | Stam: 25/5 Stats & SavesSTR 10 +0 DEX 14 +2 CON 11 +0 INT 18 +4 WIS 10 +0 CHA 10 +0 Fort. +0 Ref. +2 Will +2 | SkillsComputers +9 Engineering +8 Life Science +8 Mysticism +4 Physical Science +8 Piloting +6 Profession (Data Analyst) +12 Sleight of Hand +6 | Spells1st: 3/3 | Per Use AbilitiesSpell Cache 1/1 AI-Empowered Boost 0/1 AI Companion 1/1 "The comparison to spirits of Sol mysticism and mythology still apply. More in the behavior and inclinations of this entity, rather than nature. The entity does not seem to be particularly bothered by the usual physical containment protocols. The results on local space-time that Jaa observed are indicative of potential escalation. If it can gain control of event progression, it can push itself back to a point in our timeline before we were able to impede it at all. Pushed back before square one." Compared to Io's eloquence, U24's statements were at best flat. It wasn't for lack of effort though. Directly engaging with the ship's antivirus systems was not an easy task. A compromised system could easily identify a technician as hostile. Aristartriax's insight still scratched at the back of his head and though he shared the AI's pensive outlook, U24 was still resolved that their only path to safety was through confrontation. With that in mind, he shifted his priorities from data collection to eradication. Briefly, U24's concern shifted to his own body, strung up like a waiting meal and isolated. He likely would have a difficult time surviving a direct assault from one of these creatures if it manifested next to his inert form. Spurred by the image, he did his best to feed his acquired information directly into the program's datasets. "I'm attempting to engage the antivirus. Elion, Luna, C565, could you create an exit should escape be required. The rest should focus on the attacking elements to buy us time. We should also try to recover Stix. This entity is targeting him. That is likely not a coincidence."
  18. Jaa eyes shot from slowed manager to the repetitive colonists, from the running man, to the dog on fast forward to the similar birds . Old ham radio in his sniper case is grabbed, the talk button is pressed as he spoke, " Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys." As his eyes took in each bubble once more before in a jumble of words as the time dilation caught up to his senses, feeling half of his body was in a speeding car, while the other half felt fuzzy like it was being left behind, " Anyone seeing the bubbles? The time bubbles. Slow man, loopin' dogs, fast birds, C'mon guys? Please tell me you guys are seeing this? Did I have too much coffee, not enough coffe or is liquor needed? " Status: |H.P: 09/09 | ST.P: 05/05 |RES.P: 04/04 | MAG: ∏ █ |
  19. Jaa'Syko, upon your successful roll, you shift your focus from the grotesque creature you've just dispatched to the cafe terrace. You recall the manager and waitress just moments ago, but now, they seem... different. The manager, who was about to approach you after being called by the waitress, now appears almost frozen in place. His hand, reaching out to hand over a cup to the waitress, moves with agonizing slowness. It's as if they're trapped in a time bubble, unaware of the chaos around them." As you try to make sense of the situation, your heightened senses, attuned to the ebb and flow of time, pick up on more anomalies. Across the deck, colonists who were taking to the teleporters are now caught in a temporal loop. One man, in particular, seems to be running in place, retracing his steps in a never-ending cycle. And that dog nearby? It's chasing its tail at a speed that's almost a blur, contrasting starkly with the slowed-down world around it." But the anomalies don't stop there. Near a water fountain, an old feline post-human man feeding some fluff ball birds from some planet in the union has become an odd spectacle. The birds, instead of their usual graceful dance, dart back and forth with such speed they appear as mere streaks. The deck, Jaa'Syko, is transforming into a patchwork of distorted time zones. How do you relate this to the group you just saw dealing with this incursion?
  20. Status: |H.P: 09/09 | ST.P: 05/05 |RES.P: 04/04 | MAG: ∏ █ | Roll post for perception Perception
  21. So Unit 24, you would have seen Jonny's display of the real world showing the monstrosity that nearly hacked at Ash as it fell limp and dead shortly after the voice of another colonist being broadcast through the comms of Kloss'Gorr. Another hint has been revealed quite clearly, and after you pulled the manifests, you saw that the Ferret mentioned by Io's drone Seraph, is named Stix, and is one of the majority of colonists that came from Sol system, the cradle of humanity. If you wanted to you could give a computer's check, and using your credentials as a staff member to scan his vitals and even use the security footage to witness yet another physical entity that seems to try it's best to hide from others, but can't quite manage to do this very well from technological eyes or cameras hence why Seraph perceived it quite clearly. You suddenly sense the overpowering yet gentle presence of Aristartriax in the back of your mind: "This organism feels very familiar to me for whatever reason... i... i can't seem to put my proverbial finger on it but... i think it's kind did something to my creators long ago..." he said that pensively as he looked at the footage of this minion that this Jaa'Syko head-shot just now. "It seems to be able to manifest, or create life-like creatures with independent wills that are still directed by it in the material world..." He added shortly before withdrawing into a silence that seemed indistinguishable from a computer hard at work processing data and attempting recovery protocols. Ofcourse only you heard this. From the manifests you managed to find out the names of the other three engineers that haven't spoken yet; Luna Tarrass - A post human floral individual female that came from Proxima-minor, a terraformed moon that couldn't quite sustain actual humans so those that live there had to 'adapt' ,Elion Kettersons, Human that came straight from earth, after graduating engineering university, and you would recognize yet another clone of Johnsons Alistair, C565. to which Jonny would only now realize after being shocked of how close that nightmare would have been to killing him too. And as you all were there, just before Luna was about to speak, Elion intervened "Watch out!" a thick tendril of flesh was waving just at the entrance of your safe spot as it seemed to spit out 10 red glowing orbs, followed by what could only be understood as a maniacal and otherworldly guttural laughter. Now you can either chose to roll initiative, or direct the engineers and Jonny to unplug and then you following suit, and retreat to the physical realm thus buying some time and finding the nearest teleport hub to go either to the group or to Stix and Seraph. Or another option would be to attempt to see if you could tap into Io's attempt at raising the antivirus and see through 3 consequential computer's checks how you could build a hostile code, and direct some of the team you already have with you in here to engage these orbs and try to collect code samples for you to experiment with, but be warned this path is risky, and Aristartriax feels inaccessible currently despite you still being supercharged currently. On this second option first computer's check is to see whether the antivirus itself isn't already compromised considering this thing is in here and it seems to not have done much about it on it's own. success is at 15 Second roll is to work on the data you collected thus far and try and direct it to further restrict the aberration's development hopefully trying to see if it can be ejected from the virtual space. 17 roll for success. And 3rd toll if first roll is successful engage virtual 'white cells' to start attacking the infection hopefully weakening it's advancements even further. Io, you would notice something bizarre, despite this sudden horror having been mere inches away from slashing at you too, your attempt to raise the antivirus' power further and engage further firewalls on top of what U24 had done prior, was met with failure, and that maniacal laughter of the anomaly, seems to pierce your circuits in a very powerful and damaging manner. It is a psychic attack that seems to be a form of mockery at your attempts, it feels that it already adapted to the firewalls and antivirus because U24 rose the first stage. so for you it will be a will save to try to resist it's influence from shorting some processors. Ian, some people seemed to have believed you while others have, expectantly, resisted with what under less threatening circumstances be seen as scoffing which should be understandable. You could either try to offer comfort to Ash through a diplomacy check, success is marked at 15, mainly because he is terrified, and you barely met the guy. If successful Ash would get a roll with advantage to escape the frightened state. If failed, there's nothing happening but the time needed for a roll to get out would be reduced from currently 4 in-game minutes to 2. Or press on and double down with a diplomacy check to convince by logical reasoning and bringing up the manifestations, but this would probably be harder sitting at a 18 for success. At the same time you might be able to scoop a sample of the goop spilling from the carcass of this horror next to you and take it to a laboratory for analysis, though it doesn't feel like the present environment is permitting for such a travel alone. As for Ash, thankfully you were already to focused on re-evaluating your situation, and after that prayer you made, it seems to have given you just enough calm to have managed to avoid a fear paralysis will save roll. And anyone can give me a general environment perception check, because something seems to begin happening near ya'll that can further hint at the nature of the entity.
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  23. ((OC: Sorry guys trying to Figure out how to roll dice properly I shouldn't have been able to get a 21 on those paradox rolls. So Ima reroll the 21, sorry guys. and Ive been told the format really messed up for some, so if anyone has tips please PM either here or discord ))
  24. Action Report: Jaa has been watching the scene across the field while he enjoyed a quiet cigarette, it was hard to relax when alarms and lights were firing off.. Loud wake up cuased for coffee, but Jaa never left the house with out his parter in life: His weapon. Grabbed the case on his way out hoping he didn't need it. Not too long ago Jaa has made his way to this cafe much earlier,, from the terace it had a good view, after that confirmation, he had placed an order for black coffee on ice, and had politely been ignoring the non smoking sign, and the waitresses ever since. When the activity across the way his instricts told him it was showtime. A large black box, with worn felt and silver edges and matching silver buckles, akin to a guitar case complete with a smattering of band stickers was retrieved from under the table, and placed on to the table. with a click of metal on the glass and rearranged silverware. With a quick gesture and the matching harsh clacks of the buckles opening up, revealing gun iron sections that made no sense to the casual observer. His hands expertly put piece to piece, a quick spin here, a few clicks of tension here, and suddenly the boxes contents has formed a Sniper, lacking any heavy tech integrations; it was your grand dad’s gun. One last motion and the only piece of tech was attached: His scope and range finder. A waitress walked onto the balcony, The ex bounty hunter without looking at the waitress and with a puff of smoke, ”No, Not right now.” The waitress went to flash a plastic smile, but instead at the sight of the fire arm, the waitress maid a little sound of surprise as Jaa eyed the group from over his sunglasses sighing to himself, “ She’s going to get the manager. These kids nowadays see one gun and the whole world comes to a stop.” Now he racked brass into his gun, taking a quick draught of coffee before he put his cigarette out in the liquid. Jaa Sy’ko immediately replaced the cigarette with an unlit counterpart as if there was a time limit for how long he was allowed to be without cheap rolled tobacco between his lips. Jaa was a sight; A middle aged man; Black hair touched with gray, wearing a red and orange hawaiian shirt, his Horizon Striker gleaming in the light of the park, aiming down the barrel of the weapon, “Can’t even clean my gun at the cafe anymore.” He complained to himself. Now with both eyes opened he looked site to the site. Something was changing. Inhale, exhale. "Now that's something," he muttered again to himself as the thing bounded forward, he missed his first opportunity. it was faster then expected, now he slid his cross hairs closer to the group. Inhale, exhale. He saw it brace itself and as it did, he smiled to himself. despite it being a thing that made his heart pound in his ears, too loud to hear much else, his humor still relaxed him. But The smile held no mirth, resembling a wolf watching pray. the moment was coming. Inhale, Finger pressed down on the trigger, impact blasted to his trained shoulder. Exhale, The thing's body just hit the ground, and it, and its open dead eyes, seemly unchanged by death just washed over the long time killer of men. He grabbed the mouth piece of what very few of their era would recognize; a heavily modified ham radio, A peice of equipment that was his great grand dad's before Jaa got his hands on it, who added every port on the market, and some that weren't. This is what was used now, "...,on speaker." as his heart beat was no longer drowning out speech, The old bounty hunter in a voice akin to a exhaust on an old engine, "The Hell was that?" Then released the button on the side of his hand piece. "These is something that wasn't in the job description." Then Jaa spotted the manager and the waitress in the door way leading to his little balcony,"Youre in my office." as he then lit his cigarette, the smoke matching the still smoking barrel of his sniper encouraging the two to walk out as he called after" Could you get me another Coffee sweetie." No answer came from the hallway, "That's not a no." putting the ciggertte out only after a few heavy drags to calm him back down.
  25. Itroducint Jaa'Syko --> The emergency space feels oppressive, with its cold metal surfaces reflecting the low, ambient amber light. The room buzzes with palpable tension. Ash, with the weight of recent events has just offered his assistance. His voice wavered slightly, a testament to the mental strain he's under. Io, connected to interface, has just outlined a potential strategy, just after Ian's suggestion of the impossible only helped rise the levels of anxiety. The team's collective apprehension is palpable. This entity, a dark, unpredictable force, had breached their ship, challenging their safety and resolve. Its prior incursions were not just acts of aggression—they were a sinister message, a dark promise of what was to come. High above them, on an expansive open terrace, is Jaa'Syko. With rugged features carved from years of space voyages and battles, his age is betrayed only by the silver streaks in his hair. He's in a sniper's pose, the tight lines of his face contrasting with the relaxed puffing of his cigar. Beside him, a small pile of spent cigars rests in an ashtray. The sniper's digital scope, equipped with enhanced visuals, scans the vast park space below, casting it in a hue of electric blue. The dark ether begins to shimmer and convulse with an increasing intensity, drawing Jaa'Syko's sharp gaze. His instincts, honed over years of combat, alert him to the anomaly brewing beneath. Suddenly, a grotesque creature breaks through the ether, its form an embodiment of nightmares. Its hollow, soulless eyes fixate on its target: Ash. Oblivious to the impending danger, continues conversing with the group, his back turned to the monstrous being. Moving with a blend of agility and silence that belied its grotesque form, the creature leaps from the platform beneath the terrace, its trajectory aimed directly at Ash. As the team begins to register the presence of this new threat, gearing up to confront it, the creature lunges, its mouth opening in a deafening roar that seems to pierce the very walls of the ship. But just as disaster seems inevitable, a sharp gunshot echoes, resonating with the chilling stillness of the vast space. The creature's menacing roar morphs into a death gurgle, its body collapsing in a heap, silenced forever by a perfectly executed headshot. The emergency space plunges into a cacophony of gasps, shouts, and the scuffling of feet as the colonists, taken aback, scramble for cover. Then, as the dust settles and reality seeps in, all eyes, filled with a mix of awe and curiosity, drift upwards to the terrace. Jaa'Syko, ever the picture of composure, stands, his sniper rifle now resting by his side. Kloss'Gorr, with his distinguishing four arms, immediately discerns the identity of the savior. Twisting and turning dials on his communicator with a fluency that only he possesses, he connects to Jaa'Syko. With a nod and a gesture to the team below, he says, "Jaa'Syko." A moment of static-filled silence ensues before Jaa'Syko's voice, gravelly and tinged with exasperation, emanates from the device, "Yeah, can you put me on speaker?" Raising the communicator for all to hear, Kloss'Gorr obliges. Jaa'Syko, despite his earlier display of finesse, now sounds unmistakably rattled, his voice laced with a blend of frustration and urgency, "Yeah, that was me! Now, can somebody please tell me what in the HELL is happening?" How would you like to continue Jaa?
  26. Android Mechanic 1 - HP 10/10 Stamina 7/7 Resolve 3/5 "So, what are we talking about here? The power of secular unitarianism compels thee?", remarks Io dryly. "It's an external intelligence sourced intrusion into the Operating System, an infection, if you will.", she continues, replacing dry with with cool logic. However, dry humor will not be denied once its appetite has been wetted. "In the absence of crucifixes and holy water, it falls to us to employ time honoured methods of dealing with an infection lest this become a plague ship. Lest? Where did that come from?" All the while her voice has been subtly changing from a friendly almost musical lilt into a clipped take names and kick ass delivery more suitable for promising threats that will then be delivered, likely with high velocity being involved. "Thus, the methods I suggest are quarantine, analysis of a sample in a secure environment, air walled sounds good. It should then be examined for the purposes of identification and then eradication. At the same time, its means of entry should be established.", she continues, sounding like 'cool under pressure' is her middle name. "Given that it appears to be a singular entity, we can but hope, it becomes a hacker duel at that point... us against it. I'd prefer not to face the hordes of hell.", she adds, coming back to religious elements. "There appears to be a physical presence as well. The time honoured methods of dealing with a physical intrusion on a space vessel include, containment within sealed bulkheads, vaccum preferable sudden, close quarters combat, which my robot is currently engaged in, and my personal favorite explosive decompression, also referred to as 'blow it out the freaking airlock'. There's a uplifted ferret who needs to get out of the compartment poste haste. It is my understanding that organics in vacuum tend to.. you know... explode. " Io fires up the ships anti-virus and air walling systems. I mean to attack the thing. Another job is physically closing down sections of power grid, and network connections. Those not in virtual should attend to these physical matters.
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