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Brinestump Marsh LPF Game Forum

GM: Paro

Judge: FrancisJohn

Players: Sandstar, Starhawk, Rakle, LordBlackBlade



Adventure Rules

Liberally adapted and/or stolen from the great LPF GMs who came before:

* If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a private message right away. I value the collaborative element of roleplaying games and I want everyone to enjoy Living Pathfinder to the fullest extent. If you have a problem with me and don't feel comfortable speaking to me directly, you can talk to our judge, FrancisJohn.

* My preference is for everyone to post every other day but I expect two posts per week at minimum. If you can't meet this expectation or can't post for an extended period of time (beyond a couple of days) let us know! It sucks to be waiting on someone for a long time with no idea of what is going on. I will be more strict on posting frequency during combat. If I post that it is your turn, I expect everyone to post within 48 hours (but prefer combat posts to occur within 24 hours to keep things moving). If you don't/can't then your character might delay and by extension things may not go as well for your party.

* If you do not post for a week or more without having informed me, I reserve the right to remove you from the adventure. I will give you your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time-based rewards up to the date of your last post.

* Use only the Myth-Weavers built-in dice roller.

* We'll use group initiative. Individual initiative takes too long in an already slow medium. I will roll initiative for every participant and post which side goes first. If someone has a superb roll and their team loses initiative, they may receive a free round of actions before regular combat. In the same interest of time, I may roll your Perception or Saving Throws for you.

* You will not be permitted to level up during this adventure.

* All characters need an appropriate picture--preferably a head-shot--for a token on the tactical grids. The picture should also be present in every IC post. Game mechanics should always be placed in a spoiler block, leaving only IC content and a character avatar in the meat of a post. Do not quote another post. Work the information into your narrative if you need. Finally, every IC post should include a mini-stat spoiler block.

Barlo Hawkins (Bard-3 LPF) :: Pathfinder :: Myth-Weavers Online Character Sheets

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