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Character Creation and Optional Rules

Just follow Pathfinder 2e guidelines in creating a character.

The main source to use is this website: Pathfinder Guide to Eberron

New Class: Artificer


The following additional rules are in play:

-Start with a free trained Lore about your nation

-Moral Intentions: Instead of Alignment, list three beliefs, intentions, or loyalties for your character. Note that Cliffop Adventurer Guild hires and keep a good reputation, so unsavory characters would not be welcome.

-Hero Points: Work with the world of Eberron to be able to use Hero Points.

-Ancestry Paragon: This allows people with dragonmarks to keep getting dragonmarks feats and ancestry feats. Regular characters can benefit from channelling the archetype of their ancestry, perhaps as a champion of their people (such as a hero of the Valenar elves).

-Pervasive Magic: There is a lot of magic in Eberron, your characters are affected as well but the world is in general low level magic, so creatures won't be adjusted for magic. NPC like magewrights for example would have cantrips or 1st level spells that they can use.

-Free Archetype: As heroes of Eberron you stand out as special individuals.


When creating your Adventurer consider these questions:


What did you do during the Last War?


For the last century, there was a civil war that took over the continent of Galifar. As a Human you have never known a world without war and as a Warforged you were created to fight in it. The Last War has only ended 2 years ago. So try to think on how you were involved in the war? If you fought, how did your service end? How did the war affect you?

What is your Religion?

There are many faiths and traditions in Eberron, but here are the main ones:

The Sovereign Host’s pantheon of deities don’t manifest in the world, but their followers believe the Sovereigns are with them always, offering guidance. This is the most popular religion in the Five Nations, and it’s a casual faith that asks little of its followers.

The Silver Flame is a tangible spiritual force that holds demons at bay. Followers of the Flame seek to protect innocents from supernatural evil and to encourage compassionate behavior. It’s sort of like a cross between the Jedi and the Men in Black; the faithful don’t believe in an anthropomorphic deity, but they can draw on the power of the Flame to fight evil.

The Blood of Vol is a grim but practical faith that believes there’s no afterlife, the gods are cruel, and all we have is each other. Followers of this faith believe that all mortals have a spark of divinity within their blood, and Seeker clerics and paladins draw divine power from their own souls.

Primal faiths include druids and other cultures that are devoted to the natural world and animistic spirits.

Faithless people can be found throughout Eberron. After all, gods don’t physically manifest in the world, so many people either don’t believe the gods exist, or just don’t care whether they do. As a faithless character, did you lose your faith because of something terrible that happened, or have you just never been a believer?


What do you want? What are your character goals?

What's your background?

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